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Part 10: Post game content part 1

Post game content part 1

Welcome back! Last time we finished the main game by beating the bosses early and winning every race. This time we will do the opposite!

First, here is the background music for Porunga:

And we make a wish to travel back in time!

The good old days...

Guess who will reach the village first?

And the winner is Vegeta!

When a computer controlled unit reaches the village, that unit gets into a battle against a young Namekian.

We controls the Namekian and he has only one ki attack. This is a one-sided fight but we can always hope...

...or not.

And so Vegeta has the dragonball!

Then we controls Goku and this time Goku trains without leaving to heal up so he doesn't gain as much BP as our last run. Other than that, this section has nothing new to show so we skip directly to the next Namek stage.

Our team members gain a few hundred BP in the last stage.

Once again Vegeta wins the race.

We have another improvement of a few hundreds BP in this stage.

Don't you think that village elder looks like Kami?

Another fight against Vegeta.

This time, our fighter live long enough to use a ki attack but the result is still the same.

Vegeta takes the second dragonball!

We switch over to Goku as before and this is his BP at the beginning of the stage.

Once again, we skip to the next race.

This stage introduces the tier 2 goons and we are stalling on purpose so we are rewarded with much bigger BP gain.

The reason for stalling is that we want Zarbon to take the dragonball for a change.

Another fight for the dragonball! This time it is against Zarbon.

Zarbon naturally kills every one. Come to think about it, even if we manage to get the dragonball, the others will not know about it and still come to the village. So every one will die anyway.

Zarbon gets the dragonball.

But there is an extra scene for this stage.

We get to move around the map freely without Zarbon or Vegeta! So this is the best grinding place as this is the only stage with the Z fighters before Guru and without time limit. And this stage has tier 2 enemies too so it doesn't take too long to grind.

We fight a few times quickly to get another 1000 BP.

We get an extra scene and a good place to grind at the cost of one dragonball. I think it is a pretty good trade.

We switch over to Goku and as before, Goku finishes the training game without leaving once. This is his BP at the beginning of his third stage.

Then we have Krillin's solo stage

Krillin is much weaker than our previous run, so fighting enemy can be difficult.

And this time, Freeza's henchmen trio are roaming on the map too. Krillin will be doomed if he encounter any of them. Luckily they are easy to avoid. Other than that, the rest is the same as before.

After this, we have the second journey to meet Guru. Once again, we have the henchmen trio on the map too.

So this is Krillin's BP after the power up. This is much lower than our first run.

Than there is an entirely new stage with Vegeta with us. The goons we fight here are tier 3 enemies.

Our target is to beat the henchmen trio and grab the dragonballs.

This is more than enough to beat them.

But not him.

We tackle them from starting with the weakest. We gain a few thousand BP by fighting our way to him.

We don't get to see Vegeta fighting the trio in the last run, we do now.

The reward from the fight is still big, but not as significant.

Freeza moves in a fixed path around the ship, so we can get inside the ship easily. Let's see what is inside.

We find a dragonball! Then we decide to explore a bit more.

And Vegeta introduces the others to the healing tank. We can choose who we want to send in. But each time there is a chance that Freeza will find us.

When that happens, we have to endure fighting Freeza for one round.

Can't even hurt him!

It hurts! A LOT!

It will undo all the healing we get from the healing tank and more! Definitely not worth it!

If Freeza uses Explosion Wave then we will get a game over.

We have a lot of healing to do after that fight. We escape from all fights until all are fully healed and then we move on to fight the next one.

With his BP much higher than the others in the team, he gets to kill the other bosses.

We now have all the dragonballs!

Then the Ginyu Force arrives as usual, but this time we hand over the dragonballs.

Goku arrives too soon after.

But this time we don't need to wait for him.

He immediately joins our team.

This time we can move on the map.

And this is our team. The BP of the whole team is much lower than the previous run.

But we are not fighting the whole team in one battle. We have to chase them like the henchmen trio.

Each of the Ginyu Force now has a few goons with him.

Leave no survivors!

This fight doesn't give much BP.

Here is our next patient.

He suffers from Blue Energy Deficiency.

And here is the payment for the treatment.


The treatment for this patient is acupuncture applied to the face with a fist instead of needles.

Pay up!


He suffers from an extreme case of bad breath.

We punch the bad tooth out of his mouth.

Another job well done!

Our BP before the last fight in this update!

The goons with him are stronger than the others.

We don't have the frog this time.

The one who gets hit by body change will be left with 29 HP.

We can use his Ki attack too.

But he change again before we can do anything fun with his Ki attack. We heals Krillin with Bulma card but after the second change, he is back to 29 HP again.

We do better in the next round.

And he keeps changing body...

Then he changes with Chaozu again and get his body back.

However we are not fast enough to beat him before he changes with someone else. This attack is pretty powerful as it always leave the character with 29 HP. Bulma card can't keep up.

The worst case scenario!

Can we beat him? We better keep track of his HP with a scouter.

Captain Ginyu can use Goku's Ki moves too.

It takes awhile to finish the battle.

And the Ginyu Force is down!

Here, Vegeta only kills Captain Ginyu since the others are gone already. After this the rest of the game is the same as the previous run so I'll stop here. Thank you for reading, we have 1 more update to go. Bye for now!