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Part 11: Post game content part 2

Post game content part 2

Welcome back!

With the main game beaten, we now move on to the Tourney mode.

There are two types of matches. 8 competitors knockout tournament or a single 4 competitors battle royal match.

There are 4 options of setting participants.

The top 2 options involve selecting a character from save file 1 or save file 2.

The third option is to enter a password.

The last option is to let the computer fill all empty slots. The participant will be controlled by AI.

The strength of the player controlled characters will affect which characters are picked by the computer.

Since we pick the characters from our final save file, the computer picks the most powerful character to match.

Unlike the first game where the player has the same item cards as when the password is given, the player controlled characters in this game are given nine item cards each: Senzu bean, Porunga, Mr. Popo, Enma, Baba, Kaio, Chi-chi, Puar and scouter. These item cards do not replenish after the match. Like the first game, the player controlled character can not see his own deck of battle cards and must use the scouter card.

Only Goku can match the final form Freeza.

The final match is Goku vs Gohan. A word of warning, matches between characters at max level take forever to finish.

And Goku is the winner!

Now let's try the other one.

The four participants can attack any of the other three and a multi-target attack will hit all of them.

Once again the winner is Goku.

With that done, let have a look at an interesting glitch in this game.

First we go to the save file management.

What we want is to delete a save file to make a new one.

We choose the second save file for deletion. The first save file is our final save.

The save file backed up so it is not a problem even if we mess up.

Now we start a new game.

And save to the empty save file.

Then we reset the game and this time we load the final save file.

We save to the second save file but exit the game or press reset button of the real machine after 2 to 3 seconds. A warning to those with a real machine, cutting power while saving is risky. It may mess up the save file. (Never happen to me though)

Then we load the second save file. The name of the save file is unchanged.

Now we can play the game with max level characters like new game+!

How does this works? Well, the game writes to the save file very slowly and writes the character's BP first. So if we stop the process at the right moment, then only the BP is overwritten and the stage data is unchanged. This way, we can transfer the BP of the final save to the beginning of the game.

And with this glitch, I made a short video to celebrate the end of this LP. Enjoy!