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Part 1: The Story Begins With The End Of Their Training!!

Howdy, folks! Welcome to the first update of Attack Of The Saiyans! In this update, we'll start our adventure, so let's head out.

This game is an RPG, and it kicks a lot of ass. It's probably the best DBZ RPG ever made. If I can find a poor schmuck someone looking to run a small side feature, we'll also see an example of a fucking terrible DBZ RPG.

We have no other options, so we start a new game, and we immediately come to this shot of Shenron.

He's summoned with the seven Dragonballs, and can grant one wish to who has summoned him. His power is nearly limitless.

I don't know if I've ever written a sentence that has that many a's in it. Holy crap.

King Piccolo is an evil being, one of the biggest bad guys in the original Dragon Ball series, as well as a demon. Kami is the guardian of Earth (his name actually means "God"), and created the Dragon Balls.

King Piccolo had gathered the Dragon Balls, wished for eternal youth, then murdered the shit out of Shenron. He was a bad dude. But Kami revived Shenron, rewarding Goku for his defeat of King Piccolo. At first, Kami wasn't cool with bringing the balls back, as he had originally created them to inspire people to acts of heroics and bravery, but people are stupid assholes and wished for selfish shit. However, Goku was so nice and loved his friends enough, Kami decided to bring them back.

King Piccolo had killed Master Roshi, Shenron, and Chiaotzu at that point. Krillin had been killed by Tambourine, one of Piccolo's henchmen.

And so ends the info dump there. Holy crap. I know a fair bit about DBZ, but some of the events of DB elude me (as I haven't seen the entire show), so the Dragonball Wiki helped with a lot of that info. And then I got sidetracked looking at the different Shenrons. It's like regular goddamned Wikipedia, but featuring anime and energy beams.

Expect a lot of these title cards. And a lot of different locations; there are plenty of places to visit in this game.

Not every location has these three shnooks sleeping like a bunch of bums, though. The guy on the bed is Yamcha, a former bandit, the bald guy in orange is Krillin, who is the butt of many jokes, and the other guy is Tien, who has another eye in the middle of his forehead. The blue haired lady walking into the room is Launch, and she's a sweetie.

Expect to see a lot of those little emotion bubbles, as they come up pretty often.

When a character is speaking, we get a big ol' portrait of them.

Launch is pretty soft-spoken, so she's not getting through to these guys.

Krillin and Goku are pretty much best friends.

You'll probably get your ass beat, Krillin. While you may go on to be the strongest human fighter in the series, that's still about as effective as being the biggest hummingbird in a group of hawks.

Krillin gets up and we get the ellipses above his head. Those come up a lot. Don't expect to see all of them, since I'll do what I can to cut out most of them.

As they are occasionally redundant.

This exclamation point is also fairly common. I've never played a Metal Gear game, but I can't see a ! without associating it with the alert noise.

Jesus. Until taking shots of this, I didn't realize how often these came up.

By the way, Krillin is only about as tall as your average eight year old. He's just a little fella.

And he just sneezed.

Leading to the sweatdrop.

It's...Cold? Which leads to sneezing, I guess.

...Oh, no. You don't want Launch to sneeze.

Yeah, she sneezed and changed hair colors.

Whenever Launch sneezes, her personality swaps. Blue-haired Launch is a sweetie, friend to everything. Blonde Launch?

She's kind of a badass, who doesn't care for your shit.

To put some more perspective on that, she once tried to blast Goku in the crotch with a laser gun.

I'm not 100% on the context there, but in case you thought I was bullshitting, here's a shot of it.

Anyone in their right mind listens to blonde Launch.

And so ends the cutscene.

We're now in control of our character; we can swap between our leader with the push of a button, but we'll roll as Krillin for a while. I'll explain that bar at the bottom of the screen in the next update, when it becomes relevant.

On the map, that exclamation point marks people and objects you can interact with. There's a ton of goddamned incidental dialog in this game, so expect to see plenty of it.

Master Roshi is a martial arts master, who is currently training these three, and had trained Goku. He's the one who invented the Kamehameha technique and taught it to Krillin, Goku, and Yamcha. We'll be meeting him in a minute.

As there are things to examine in this room!

Oh, yeah, Master Roshi loves porn, by the way. Guy's over 300, so cut him a break.

Just loves his porn. He's the kind of guy, that when he dies, one of his last requests will be to clear his browser history.

There are also items hidden about these spots, such as this Luck Fruit. When used on a character, this permanently raises their Luck stat.

Downstairs is the other level, and room, of Roshi's house. Hell, Roshi himself is right there.

And he is happier than a pig in mud to see us.

At one point, Roshi was pretty much the strongest fighter on Earth, but his age is catching up to him; his students are stronger than he is, but don't let that fool you. He'd still kick any of our asses.

As far as I remember, that does it for the different bubble emotions that we'll see. There might be one or two I've forgotten.

Krillin raises a fair point; Roshi isn't the most active himself, and loves take-out pizza, porn, the internet, video games, and long naps.

Tien actually used to be an antagonist, but with the help of Goku, he sees the error of his ways, and of the teachings from his former Master, Shen. Tien used to be a huge dick, but he's okay now.

Yamcha there used to be a bandit, and fought Goku before, but they quickly became friends. He also used to be afraid of women, but got over that. He also has the hots for Bulma, who we'll meet later on. He also has the hair of a hippie.

I'm going to need to make character portraits. There's a good bit of dialog and cutscenes between dungeons and what-not.

That isn't to say that Roshi is weak, per se; he's got a good bit of power to him, but these fighters are just outpacing him.

Oh, for an amusing anecdote about Roshi, he agreed to train Goku on the condition that the kid would bring him a foxy young lady.

Calm down, Yamcha. It was funny.

"It's your training dungeon for the new players!"

Goku and Krillin did a lot of shit when training with Roshi.

He's also the younger brother of Fortuneteller Baba. I don't know if that's relevant right now, but it's something to mention.

Everyone shits their britches over this. Wait, does a karate gi have britches?

Well, if you say so, Krillin.

It's a little early for that, I agree.

He does give us a few items to start with, and they're pretty useful.

Small Beans restore 150 HP to a character. Roshi also gives us 5 Poison Recoveries, which heal Poisoning, and 5 Bind Recoveries, which heal Paralysis. That also ends the scene with Roshi, so we're free to move around again!

And to immediately talk to Roshi again.

Roshi is also known as the Turtle Hermit, and he also lives with a talking Turtle.

Man, now I just realized I'm starving. I wonder if there are chicken fingers in the freezer.

At no point in the game will we need to use a toilet. But it is good to know there's one available if such a need comes up.

There's nothing else to do here, so let's head outside.

Whenever we're in a new location, we get a nice view of it, as well as the name showing up in the lower left corner. The Kame House is in the middle of the ocean, so it amuses me to no end that Roshi loves delivery pizza.

This is Turtle, who is named Turtle, and lives with the Turtle Hermit.

He's also going to explain the save points to us.

They're apparently a creation of the Capsule Corporation, the biggest corporation on the planet, which makes just about anything and everything you'd need, and also pioneered the tech to fit basically anything in a capsule. And I mean anything.

No reason not to follow his advice.

The save point will create a little house or rest area for us to save at, which also fully restores our HP and Ki points (our MP for this game).

There are two slots for saving, if you were curious.

Hey, Turtle, don't be repeating what I already told them!

Really, any time you encounter one of these, there's no reason not to use it. They appear fairly frequently, too, and there's at least one in every dungeon.

But that sums up our first update. Next time, we'll get to some gameplay, do our first dungeon, and punch a lot of snakes!

Stay tuned!