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Part 3: Orin Temple's Fighters Defeated! Can Krillin Restore Honor To The Temple!?

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha graduated from Master Roshi's training by defeating Jackie Chun. Who is Roshi, so they really graduated by defeating Roshi. In this update, Krillin is going solo to revisit his old stomping grounds, so let's head out.

We'll be in East City today, where Orin Temple is located.

Orin Temple is where Krillin was originally training, before he met Goku and went to train under Master Roshi.

: I guess we were kind of rough on my old training partners at the last tournament, huh? Oh, well...I'm sure they've forgiven me by now! Let's see what they're up to!

We'll have to wait a minute for that, Krillin. There are NPCs to chat with!

There's a lot of NPC chatter in this game, and a lot of it changes after certain events and milestones in the story. I don't think I'll be showing it all off, since that is a lot of checking up on little shit, and I'm not crazy about the idea of hunting down some random old man to see if he says anything different (that doesn't relate to what happened at all) when Goku appears.

Can someone tell me what chop-socky Chinese is? I'm afraid to Google it.

This is part of the reason why I'm afraid to.

These raise the TC stat. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be named Skill, and may have been in the Japanese version, so I'm not sure why it was changed for the stat, but not on the fruits that affect it.

Everyone training at Orin Temple is bald. It's bizarre to see someone with hair there.

This is the little shop directly to the right of the meat bun stand. I didn't take very good shots to show that off, but I can't imagine any of you are particularly concerned about that.

Every now and again, we'll encounter areas that have these arrows, which indicate we can go up or down.

Climbing ladders is too mundane for our characters, though. They just jump that shit.

That's two separate jumps, by the way. Not sure why you couldn't just jump to the top of the building, considering we can friggin' fly, but who am I to question these decisions?

I'm pretty sure that was the one heavily featured in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

...Shouldn't you be in school?

That shop right there is one we can visit; it's our first visit to a shop, and they sell a wide variety of items.

We can't just pass by it, though. It's our first shop and all, so the game makes sure you know they're around.

It's pretty standard fare in here; healing items and ailment curing items.

As well as revival items.

And items to boost your Rage Gauge. The Resist Seal at the bottom raises your ailment resistance for a few turns during battle.

In the second tab, we have the equipment of the game. Each character can equip two accessories and they have a wide variety of effects. The Fighter's Scheme raises the chance of chain attacks by 3%. We haven't seen a chain attack yet, as they're pretty rare, but they're an extra, high-powered attack, at the end of a regular physical. When I say high-powered, I mean high-powered; if a regular physical is doing 10, a chain will do around 25 in a single hit.

And a wide variety of rings to raise ailment resistances, as well as the stone highlighted in this shot. Instant-kill attacks aren't too common, but they do exist. However, if you're good with your Advance Guards, you'll probably not fall to any of those.

And, finally, she has a capsule for sale that raises enemy encounter rates. It's pretty expensive, but it can work well if you're trying to grind out some levels or AP. It also changes the sound you make when you walk around on the map.

Outside of the shop, this woman notices Krillin is so bald that not even a hat covers it.

Shops may not have an interior you can wander around, but there are random houses you can just walk into.

Which people are pretty cool with, I guess. I'm not sure if I would be.

And, yes, there is an assload of flavor text all around this place.

This game is pretty generous, but unobtrusive, about making sure you know about the various systems in play.

It won't ram a tutorial down your throat, which is fantastic. For Advance Guarding and things like that, it'll tell you about the existence of them and leave it up to you to figure out how they work and to master the systems. It's a good way to teach you how to play, since it leaves the learning up to you.

NPCs are good about these bits of information, and if they don't teach you something, they're usually going to tell you something interesting or amusing.

Case in point, this little doggy.


But what about that other door?

It must be a horrible stench if fruits that make you faster spawn here.

Either this cat got into it, or it's just tweaking on catnip.

It also runs around the map at super-speed.

Earthling Strike, which we used against Jackie Chun, is one such example of these moves. There are a ton of them in the game.

It makes sense for a boy who lives this close to the Orin Temple to have a fascination with training. Especially when you considering the abilities that martial arts can give you in this setting.

Things are amiss at the temple, so we should probably check into that.

Well, maybe this is a little more than "amiss."

At least this guy is alive.

In his defense, it has been a few years since Krillin was around, and he's both taller and stronger since the last time he was here. I'm sure plenty of young men come through here, too.

: But what happened, Master?

: A warrior appeared out of nowhere...I heard a voice say "I'm taking your dojo down!", and the next thing I knew, this happened!

: ...T-take your dojo down!?

: Y-yes...As you know, our temple has a distaste for needless battle...Your fellow students refused to fight him without any good reason, at first...

: Oof! This is terrible! Master! Where did the fighter run off to?

: Y-you aren't actually thinking about pursuing the fighter, are you?

With that line, we fade to black...

...As Krillin readies himself for battle.

: And you're a far bigger puss than any of them! If you faced that fiend all by yourself...Koff koff koff!

: I'm not the fighter I used to be, Master!

: No...? Well, if you insist upon it, I'm not going to stop you...But please be careful! Don't let the fighter's appearance fool you!

: Master...You have nothing to worry about.

Just wait until you see some of the shit in that forest. It's a wonder it hasn't taken over the city.

With that cutscene over, we can go and chat with the other downed monks.

You got your shit pushed in, bro.

So, we're looking for a fighter that doesn't look like a fighter.

If we see this guy in there, we'll have to kick his ass.

Ah, that must be our mysterious fighter!

However, the fighter doesn't stick around. But we're on the case!

Let's avenge Orin Temple!


One thing I've found here that's frustrating is the lack of a bestiary online. Some enemies have their HP values out there, but none that we've encountered.

The Tiger isn't too tough of an opponent, but his attacks have a fair bit of power behind them.

He also doesn't have a ton of attacks. This one, however, is the stronger of his two; it did around 70 damage to Krillin, through his Advance Guard.

They drop a fair bit of EXP, too. This isn't a bad place to pump some levels into Krillin, if you'd like.

There's also a couple of treasures scattered about here, hidden in the trees.

Rather than using a machete, Krillin uses his Destructo Disc to cut through plant barriers.

I'm saving all of these fruits for a specific character.

On our way forward, we encounter another of the forest's inhabitants.

Yeah, a giant goddamned panda.

Who will shoot you in the goddamned face.

This attack pops up really quick, so if you're not on top of things, you'll miss the guard and eat a ton of damage.

He can also slash you with his claws for moderate damage.

At first, I wasn't going to use this shot, but then I realized I have very few occasions where I can say, "And then I posted the picture of a bear being Kamehameha'd." I can't turn that opportunity down.

Krillin gained himself a level here, and got the basic Power and Skill boosts.

There are some obstacles here that don't have a point to destroying them. This area is short, but it helps teach you about destructible objects in dungeons, as the Training Island did, but this also shows you that, sometimes, you have paths to follow to find your loot.

The game is pretty generous with healing items, which is very nice. Krillin only has around 400 HP at this point in time, so finding a 75% heal is nothing to sneeze at.

And our final new enemy of the day shows up.

I don't know where this guy is from, but it's not Orin, since he has his hair.

He's got some strong attacks, too. Like most things in the Bump Forest.

Including a fuck-off energy blast.

In both long-range and point-blank flavors.

Other than that, he doesn't have much going for him. He's easy to take down and his reward isn't too shabby.

We can also encounter Ghosts in here, like at the Training Island, but none appeared for me while I was in here.

By the way, this screen comprises half of this dungeon. Well, more like three-quarters, since the next screen is just some dialog and a boss fight.

Ah, there's our mysterious fighter!

Yeah, most of the time, those little emotion bubbles are superfluous.

This is not a surprise, Krillin. I mean, viewers, you and I are seeing tiny little sprites, and we all knew it was a woman. Krillin, presumably, has a better view than we do, and how the hell did you miss that?

: Maybe I did, maybe I didn't! What you do if I did, huh?

: ...Well, what do you think? I'll uphold the honor of Orin...And defeat you where you stand!

: I bet you would! If people find out I destroyed Orin, you never live down the shame...You fighters are not as good as you say you are...

: Why, you...!

Krillin rushes Paopao, ready to fight!

Well, that put a banana in his tailpipe.

Oh, God, it was a trick!

Yeah, she actually gets a sneak attack on us here. :To see the fight in motion, click here!

She's got a few different attacks to use against us here. She's got a bunch of HP, too, and her attacks have some power behind them.

She can also create a shockwave with her sword.

Unguarded, that shit hurts.

However, as long as you're careful, keep your health high and Guard as attacks come, you should come out find.

Her final attack is an elemental based on, also using her sword.

Utilizing that card, she uses it to blast us with energy.

It also lights Krillin on fuck-fire.

My strategy for this fight was to blast her with my strongest attacks; I only have Rengeki and the Kamehameha, so I didn't have a ton of options.

Chances are, you won't squeak through this entire fight without having to heal, but that Medium Bean we found earlier does an admirable job of keeping Krillin in fighting shape.

There isn't much to this fight, so let's skip to the end.

Krillin gained two levels from this fight, which gave us 4 points to spend after the fight.

We also made 400z.

: I...I sorry! I surrender...

: All right...get up.

: ...You a kind man. You going easy on me, too.

: …..

: Why you do that?

: Well, if you don't wanna say why, you don't have to, but...

: ...I want people to recognize me. I have sister... She beautiful, and a talented fighter, too. She not have my accent, either. Ever since I young, people always compare me to her...I hate it. My father only care about her...She so much better than me. So I run away from home, because I show her one day. I thought my dad would recognize me if I polish my skills and beat my sister's strength. But no good...There so many people out there stronger than me.

The accent thing worked better in Japanese, I'm sure. Having an accent in the US, barring those from Georgia and Arkansas, doesn't make you sound like you're mentally feeble.

Oh, Paopao, he hangs out with Goku. He knows exactly how you feel. As does everyone else around Goku.

: I wound up leaving Orin Temple because I couldn't stand it anymore.

: ...Really?

: Uh-huh. I poured that shame into my training, and that's what made me grow. Of course, I've still got a while to go, but...So I think I understand where you're coming from, okay?

I dunno, Krillin. She did wander in off the street and beat the asses of a temple full of monks. That's mighty impressive.

Well, considering you're an original character made for this game and that these events didn't happen in the manga or anime, it probably doesn't really matter what Krillin does here.

Holy crap, that was a lot of dialog. No wonder I didn't do much transcription before.

Note: the next time we see here, it is unknown if she's stronger than ever.

I'm not sure where home would be for you, Krillin. You're out on a journey to test the skills Roshi taught you. I guess, if anywhere, the Kame House is your home.

“I heard all about how you got beat up by a girl!”

I like to think Krillin is just laughing at the master.

: So you really did it...You used to be such a wimp, but look how you've grown. Master Roshi's training has been a tremendous experience for you, no doubt...I guess Orin Temple wasn't good enough to take advantage of your talents...

: I couldn't have handled Master Roshi's training without the time I spent here in Orin!

:...Ho ho ho! What a splendid fighter you've become.

“Surely, you can take the time to call an ambulance!”

Oh, yeah, hadn't mentioned why Krillin left the temple. I knew I forgot something.

He was bullied out of it. I know high school kids can be dicks, so I don't want to imagine what a temple full of dick monks could do. Especially since Krillin was four when he first came to the temple.

And we fade to black, as Krillin stays the night.

By the morning, these guys think Krillin is the best thing since sliced bread.

Keep dreamin', champ.

: There are countless people out there stronger than myself. If I can challenge them to battle, I'm sure it will help me grow as a fighter.

We can come back here later, but there's no real special reason to.

Krillin, like a lot of folks at this point in the game, has the ultimate goal of beating up Goku.

And since that's a neat image, if you wanted a clean version of it, I made sure to grab a shot of that.

But that finishes off this chapter. Next time, we'll join Yamcha to see what he's up to!

Stay tuned!