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Part 6: The Tournament Has Arrived! Who's The Strongest In The World!?

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, Tien had his day in the limelight, learning the Multi-Form Attack and the Evil Containment Wave. Today, we'll be starting the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, so let's head out.

I've been trying to get my update titles to roughly match what an actual Dragon Ball episode title would sound like. What do you guys think? Am I succeeding?

Oh, yeah, three years have passed since we did those things with Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien. Gameplay-wise, they haven't gotten any stronger, which is to be expected, I suppose.

But they do feel confident enough to try their hands at the Tournament again, so they must have grown in some way.

Roshi is curious to see how his students have fared. He helped them become the fighters they are today.

As for Launch, I'm pretty sure she has nothing else going on, so she came with Roshi. He probably asked her and blue-haired Launch is too nice to say no. Blonde-haired Launch would probably have agreed, too, but only on the chance she would be able to jump Tien's bones at the Tournament.

Bulma! It's good to see her again!

: So where is everyone? They still aren't here yet?

I missed his little portrait when he first spoke, as I rushed through that textbook on accident, but Roshi is looking pimptastic today.

And also apparently trying to feel up Bulma.

Don't know if this is the best place to mention it, but Bulma once flashed her privates to Roshi to get the Dragon Ball he had. Not that she meant to; she only wanted to flash her panties to him, but Goku had stolen those during the night and Bulma wasn't aware of that fact.

There's plenty of oddball shit in Dragon Ball and I'd like to mention as much of it as I can, so sometimes, I've got to find places to bring it up.

Have we met Oolong yet? In case we haven't, he's a little pigman, who also has some limited shape-shifting abilities. Befitting his status as a pig, he has some...interests that align with Roshi's, and he made the first wish we ever saw in Dragon Ball, where he wished for some panties. It was to prevent Emperor Pilaf from taking over the world.

There's a lot of damned words coming in this update and the next.

: Ho ho ho...Yamcha too, eh? Krillin went off saying the same thing, y'know...Goku had a major influence on them three years ago, there's no doubt about that.

...Who the hell is this loser?

: Do you know this man?

: No...

: Hey, old man! Glad to see you're alive again! You're all lookin' great, too! So where are Krillin, and Yamcha, and Tien, huh? They already go off to fight their preliminary matches?

: Wait...

: ...No way...


Then again, the last time they saw him, he looked like this. In the last few years, he's grown quite a lot.

Some random dude that Roshi might have needed to beat up, truthfully.

I'm not making a portrait for Oolong. He doesn't come up enough to warrant one.

: Here, lemme take it off. See?

Aye, that hair is what we needed to tell you were Goku. Can't go by the face; you look just like Chrono and probably some shnook from a Dragon Quest game.

Oh, yeah, one of Goku's defining traits is that he's a moron.

Did you know that Bulma, aside from Goku, is the character that appears the most in Dragon Ball? She's one of the most important female characters and has been a major character from the first chapter of the manga all the way until the final chapter of it, as well as making appearances up until the end of GT.

Oh, yeah, that's all the more mention of GT I want. Seriously. GT was a huge shitpile and it's best not to focus on it.

Goku was raised in the wild by Grandpa Gohan for a while, but Grandpa Gohan was killed by him when he was raging in his Oozaru form. Bulma found him when searching for the Dragon Balls, as he had the 4-Star Ball as a memento of his grandfather, and took him on the adventure of a lifetime.

So while he is a moron, it's not entirely unjustified. Not to mention, he's also spent the last few years training with Kami. Up until this point, he's spent pretty much his entire life kicking ass and taking names.

BAM! Another shock to the ticker, what with the rain stopping and the sun coming out and these three (and Chiaotzu) showing up out of nowhere!

Here's a clean shot of that, if you'd like it.

So, in the last three years, Tien picked up a Raiden hat and became the Grand Marshall of a parade somewhere. Good for him.

Yamcha, on the other hand, is just dressing like a dumbass for no reason.

Krillin, however, still looks fashionable and fly.

Oh, Krillin.

Those three don't recognize Goku just yet.

Krillin and Goku are best friends, so Krillin is happier than a pig in shit to see his buddy again.

: Yep!

: Gokuuuu! You bum! I've been dying to see you! I didn't even get a chance to thank you! Sheesh!

Seriously, what the hell is he wearing?

Anyways, here we are! Back in action! For a little bit, at least.

But first, more

: I'll see you later, okay?

: Certainly. Make me proud!

Goku has officially joined the party!

His stats are nothing stellar, but he's also only level four.

For comparison's sake, here's everyone else. Goku has some matching numbers there, but remember, he's also a few levels lower than these guys. Goku, seeing as how he is the main fighter in Dragon Ball is appropriately powerful. As for attacks go, he currently has his Combination, which hits a ton of times, and the Kamehameha, which hits more than Krillin and Yamcha's do. He also has the After Image Technique, which raises his Evasion for a bit.

Before we move on, we can talk to everyone here, if we'd like. Remember, Goku did a large portion of his training with Master Roshi, and even learned his signature attack. Roshi and his symbol, his training, is very important to Goku.

However, Roshi feels his students have advanced enough they no longer need to wear the student colors they did while he trained them.

Which he sums up there. You'd think I'd actually read ahead in the dialog before slapping down a shot and commenting.

Launch wishes us well, as she is wont to do when blue-haired.

And Puar has cheers for Yamcha.

I believe Bulma is talking about Chi Chi here, the woman who would go on to become Goku's wife.

But nothing I've seen Chi Chi do has ever made me consider she's a flirt. It's mostly anger and yelling and telling Gohan to study so he doesn't grow up to have his father's brand of retard.

Well, let's get a move on, shall we?

It's going to be a surprise, mate.

In short, this chick smashed that guy with an attack, he creamed his jeans, and now he can't wait for it to happen again.

There's a bit of exploration to be done around here, starting with this house.

We discover a horrifying truth within; neglect of the cat. Surely, their lives will belong to him before dawn.

This is simply to throw us off his trail. I'm watching you, motherfucker.

But there are express orders not to feed the cat and they bribed us with a Speed Fruit. Kitty, had you offered me a Power Fruit, I may just have fed you.

AP is definitely meant to be spent, and I haven't spent a bit of it yet. It's mostly because I don't have as much as I'd like to start grabbing the skills I want.

I was hoarding those earlier fruits for Goku; he's our main character and already strongest fighter, so why not make him stronger? He's basically always around, and as long as the other characters have been leveled adequately, they're going to do fine without him.

Plus, Goku is the crux of my plan to defeat the bonus boss, so I'd like him as strong as possible for that point. The bonus boss is a bad motherfucker. In the five LPs I've done, I'd say this guy is the hardest bonus boss I'll have faced.

But, that's enough chatter about him. We'll come to that barrier when we do and I'd like all of those not in the know to stay that way.

In that door, we come to the medical office.

I'm now wondering how much HP a character would be restoring at the end of a round if you pumped the two bonus points into his Recovery.

There very well should be; it's not simply humans at this tournament. We'll meet manimals, wolfmen, and who-knows what else.

Or maybe this guy is just trying to catch up on the recent volume of Futari Ecchi or something.

He also implores us not to get hurt; not out of concern for our well-being, like some douche, but because he has plans when this is over, and this is the only night she can come over and he bought that $80 bottle of marshmallow flavored vodka that she likes.

We exit to this little walkway, to move onto the main building here.

Everyone is readying for the tournament in their own way. Our method involves running around, nosing into everyone's business.

I believe I can guarantee this year, it's going to be a smashing success.

Chappa is a former tournament winner who fought with his eight-arm ability, to deliver powerful attacks that most opponents couldn't block. He's utterly minor, but has enough of a presence to be mentioned now and again.

I'm sure there's a copy of this chart online that I could look up and post, but I can't seem to muster the gumption to actually do something like that.

Well, if nothing else, I believe Chi Chi is entering this tournament, too.

Alright, enough dawdling about. Let's get this show on the road.

“It usually takes far longer for the randomly selected challenger to talk to me so we can actually start!”

We're about to see a series of splash screens with some text not exactly relating to them.

Chi Chi is a fierce shouter, capable of cowing even the mightiest of men beneath the power of her awesome aural artillery.

King Chappa falls in a single attack, and he can chalk up another loss to Goku.

The group fought with all their might in hopes of nabbing the world championship.

That older man is named Hero, and he's doing quite well for himself.

As are Yamcha and Tien.

The tournament's main bracket was filled out with the names of the strongest in the land.

I'm not sure what Krillin did to that guy, but I certainly hope they have advanced dental surgeries to fix him.

Chiaotzu, however, is nowhere close to one of those “strongest in the land” guys. Maybe in a nursing home.


This is Piccolo Jr., who is the evil King Piccolo reborn, hell-bent on world domination and on murdering Goku. He's pretty much evil with a capital “E V I L”

Chi Chi and Goku face off, too. And to think, soon they'll be married!

Tien smashes Mercenary Tao, the younger brother of Master Shen, who originally taught Tien how to fight. Tao here was the one who had laid such a complete beatdown on Chiaotzu earlier, and Tien repays that with interest.

Krillin has a match against Piccolo where Krillin proves himself about as effective as a fart in a windstorm.

The mysterious Hero takes Yamcha out.

While Goku defeats Tien and his Multi-Form Attack.

Not sure why this text goes with this shot, but hey, whatever. It's a cool shot.

[i]Kami himself joined to put a stop to Piccolo Jr., but even he was no match for Piccolo Jr.'s might.

So, yeah, Hero was Kami possessing his body to attempt to seal Piccolo Jr away with the Evil Containment Wave. Piccolo reversed the move on him, and sealed Kami instead, inside of a jar, which Piccolo Jr then swallows whole.

Now, we're simply level 4. We're not strong enough to help save the planet from a guy who just ganked Kami.

To that end, there are three fights in this room, each of which can be done an unlimited amount of times. I'm not going to go full-out training here. I'm going to get Goku to level 7, which still puts him below the others, but his natural leveling stats will even that out.

Not quite sure how he got the drop on us, but whatever.

This is pretty much a summary of the entire fight. I think I did two physical attacks and he took a dirtnap.

There are other challengers here, so let's go check them out. Goku won't be satisfied with such a simple fight.

Let's dance, asshat.

The Wolfman is the toughest enemy here, which also means he gives the best EXP for beating him.

This will wear off after a few turns, but for now, his Evasion has sky-rocketed and it'll be hard to land many hits on him.

To combat that, I choose our move that has the most hits to it.

It starts with a flurry of punches.

A ground smash to a series of heavy kicks.

That usually ends with a flood of damage, but I think Goku only hit him three or four times.

So let's try another tactic; only five hits here, but each one is going to make sure that fucker knows he just got his ass kicked.

Goku's Kamehameha has the most hits of all the Kamehameha users, and is usually the strongest of them, mostly by virtue of hitting more. His better stats also aid that greatly.

Wolfy here has his own Ki blast, where he makes some fancy arm movements before launching it off.

However, it's not enough to drop, or even dent, Goku.

Finally, at the end, we have the Pupil.

He's got a simple one-two punch combo followed by a kick for moderate damage.

Goku, however, has a combo capable of reducing his lower jaw to a mushy paste with the occasional hard bits scattered about in it.

Nothing too good, but this guy is also good if you're still not comfortable with the combat system and want some easier, but slightly rewarding, fights.

For his levels, Goku is getting the standard +1 to Power and Technique.

For training up here, I recommend going with the Wolfman. He gives the most, but he's also the toughest, but as long as you're good with your Guards and are hammering him with your strongest attacks, you'll be good as gold. Don't be afraid to pop a Bean if you have to; you'll get plenty more in the future and they're also relatively cheap to buy.

However, to end this update, have a shot of Goku's stats at Level 7. I could easily get him to Level 10, so his level matches that of our highest character's, but that would completely trivialize the final bout in the World Tournament.

Speaking of that Tournament, we'll see the exciting conclusion to it next time, on Attack Of The Saiyans! Stay tuned!