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Part 11: Grandma Hakkake In Trouble!! Can Her Honey Be Recovered!?

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we went through a volcano and beat up a ninja dog in a robot suit, which allowed us to cover part of the eggshell of the Fire-Eater Bird, one of the ingredients we need to plug the hole in the bottom of the magical furnace. Today, we're going to get some of the honey from the eight sided honeycomb, so let's head out.

Mt. Frappe is where we're hanging out today. It's an ice dungeon, but without any annoying slick floor gimmick or anything. Shit, there's not much of a gimmick at all, really, except for one part, but it's a fairly common thing to see in the game, so maybe it just counts as a game mechanic.

Don't ask me why it looks goddamned terrifying at the top of the mountain. I have no idea.

Ah, it's Grandma Hakkake, an anime only character.

She lives around here, Goku. In the anime, when Chi-Chi and Goku were looking for the Bansho Fan, she helped them out with that. She also helped teach Chi-Chi how to be a good wife by making Chi-Chi clean her house and yard up. No, I'm not kidding.

Chi-Chi found the Bansho Fan in the process, so it's okay. Hakkake had been using it as a dustpan, too, by the by.

She's also a beekeeper, and had given Chi-Chi a jar of her honey, which is what we're going to find here.

Eh, not really. Ox-King is going to be burned to death if we don't plug up the magical furnace.

No questions about how others are looking for her honey, Goku?

Well, shit.

: I love eating shaved ice with honey on top...I get the ice right here on Mt. Frappe. But these three weirdos came earlier and stole all of my honey!

: Three of 'em, you say...? Hey, how about we do this, lady? If we can get your honey back, would you mind giving us just a little?

: Get my honey back...? Well, I'd be happy to, if you can find it.

: Great! Thanks a lot, lady! We'll have it back here in a flash! So where did those three guys go?

: They were climbing up Mt. Frappe last I saw them!

And with that, we rush off to go find out who these three troublemakers are.

There's a fair bit of treasure scattered about here, as well as a few different save points.

These walls are blastable.

Instead of blowing them up, our Ki attacks just melt them. I like that effect better than these just simply exploding.

But before we can snag our treasure chest, we get into a fight.

I'm fairly certain the developers meant for you to come here after Mt. Kiwi, since these enemies are a fair bit tougher than the ones roaming around there.

Snow Bandit Girls have some strong attacks, and two really annoying ones.

For this first attack, they simply smash their ball and chain into someone's face for a high amount of damage. The other two attacks will pop up in a later fight.

Krillin instantly killed the front Bandit Girl, which I was pleasantly surprised by.

Fights around here yield a good amount of EXP, too.

I'll use this in the boss fight here, but for now, this goes in the inventory.

Another melted wall, another random encounter.

Where Snow Bandit Girls display their other two annoying attacks. This first one doesn't do any direct damage, thankfully.

However, it can Confuse a party member, which is no bueno.

This gives the afflicted character the chance to attack either the enemy or their own party, which can be a very bad thing. Thankfully they won't use any of their Ki attacks (at least, I've never seen them do it), so this isn't nearly as bad as it could be.

This attack starts with what looks like the normal ball-and-chain smash, but they drop their ball on the ground in front of someone.

And then they launch ass first at someone.

Which not only does a bunch of damage, but also drops the Rage Gauge.

Yeah, sometimes this game is weird.

That chest holds a treasure that I heavily advise you pick up.

This is the Ice version of the Cold Boots or Gas Mask, raising our Ice resistance and making freezing floors safe to walk across.

These giant piles of ice block ladders, so melting them is a good idea. It'll be a while before we come back here, but this makes the return trip just that much easier.

Now, maybe this seems like its on purpose, but I've been getting into a fight after each obstacle I've taken out. It's just really kind of odd, since that typically doesn't happen.

Only the front White Wolf is going to be hit with this Destructo Disk, despite the hitbox looking like it could have hit all three of them.

These guys can attempt to summon more White Wolves.

And have the same gnaw your face off attack the other wolves Krillin fought did.

Nice bit of EXP, though. Goku and Yamcha grow ever stronger.

Moving to the south, we find a save point, a treasure chest, and there's a wall we can melt up top.

50% Ki recovery to the whole party; not bad.

And another fight!

The Snow Bandit has a fair amount of HP and hits like a son of a bitch.

He also has an icy shockwave attack that hits the entire party, and can smash you in the face with the hilt of his sword to try and stun someone. He only used this attack, though, and I encountered about two of them, so I didn't get shots of the other attacks.

Moving along, we melt that ice wall.

And come up here to another ice pile, which is promptly melted.

We're actually most of the way through this place now. Mt. Frappe isn't a very large dungeon.

Those floors up there are Ice damage floors, which we need our Silver Fur capsule equipped to avoid the damage from.

This is an attack item; when used, it deals a large amount of Ice damage to an enemy. There's a fight coming in a couple of updates that I'm saving this for.

Two treasures to grab here before we move on.

The Sleep Card is the (obviously) Sleep version of the Darkness Card we have. Having it equipped at the start of battle gives us the chance to put all enemies to sleep when a fight starts.

And it's around here that we meet our last new enemy of the update.

Palette swaps are kind of common in this game.

For the second time this LP, Krillin is punching the shit out of a tiger.

They have one extremely badass attack, that starts by them creating this circle of flame with their tail.

They then dive through it to claw at someone's jugular.

Going back and forth to light them on fire in the process.

Tell me that's not fucking metal.

...Of course it's these three assholes.

Pilaf doesn't seem to recognize Goku, despite pissing his pants in terror the last time he saw us. In fact, everyone here seems to have forgotten we just encountered each other a little bit ago.

'course, I s'pose so that it's you can visit these places in whatever order you want, but it's still kind of friggin' weird.

Shu doesn't even bring up the beating we gave him last update.

: We can forget about selling it for the cash we need to conquer the world!

: Wha...? Well, that's no good! Ha hah! You want that honey? Well, come on up here and get it! Thpbbt!

And then they run off, deeper into Mt. Frappe.

We give chase, as we need that honey.

That red ice requires us to have a Level 3 Ki-Blast in order to break it, so we won't be back here for the chests inside it for a long time.

However, those two chests are fair game.

The other holds a Recovery Fruit.

That ice there requires the Level 2 Ki-Blast, which we also won't get for a while.

But, hey, dialog time!

I think that's part of the job description, guys.

Yeah, despite all the wordiness last update, there's not much of it going on here.

And, despite Pilaf ordering Shu to join Mai, he's not around for this fight. Boss fight video is here!

Well, she is a bit tougher than Shu, but not by very much.

In all fairness to him, Shu is probably still recovering from the fight he had with us.

Truly, a question that deserves a thoughtful answer.

Hopefully not get killed?

Mai here has 4,000 HP, and that's just about the biggest difference between her and Shu.

Her attacks are different, but the same basic strategy applies. I'm currently building Rage Gauges for some Kamehame Fever action.

In addition to knocking off a good bit of her HP.

Mai's Machine has a ton of power behind her attacks, so be sure you're hitting your Advance Guards here.

I missed a lot of my Guarding during this fight, but nobody bites the dust, thankfully.

Yapping Eevee got to see the boss video before this update went up, and he summed it up well.

"Second verse, same as the first."

However, our higher levels and strength are showing themselves already.

This attack hits the entire party, and I fucked up the Guard for it every time.

Yamcha didn't deserve that critical, Mai!

Krillin puts his good Speed to use by chucking an HP Capsule here.

While Yamcha and Goku do their part in dropping mad damage on her.

I popped this just before a Kamehame Fever.

Seeing as how he's Goku, he's our strongest party member for the game (there's one other who's arguably stronger, but we'll get to him later), and the best with Ki attacks, so he's the natural choice for stat-boosting items and what-not. He's currently my #1 candidate for all of the stat-boosting Fruits we have.

Not a bad little boost, is it? A little over an extra 100 damage, but doing nearly a quarter of the boss' health in one go is certainly nothing to scoff at.

But, that sums up the fight, and I'm skipping to the end. Goku gets the glory here, which should surprise nobody.

Everyone but Tien levels up from this fight; he gained a level here, putting him at level 10.

I'll need to put him in my active party soon, just so he doesn't fall too far behind.

Anywho, after the fight, Pilaf and his gang are just gone. They didn't even stick around for any post-battle banter!

Where's the fun in that, Goku?

Ah, Grandma Hakkake!

: We got the honey back for you, ma'am!

: Really? Oh, my! Thank you so much! I made you a promise. Here's a bit of honey for you!

Yeah, getting the honey isn't a very long task. The enemies are a bit tougher than when we got the eggshell, though, but that's not a huge deal. You could come here first and be A-OK.

As does Ox-King, I'm sure. I can't imagine being roasted like a Thanksgiving turkey is on his list of things to do in life.

And just like that, we're teleported back to the beginning of the area, next to the save point.

Eh, that can wait, Goku.

As we're done with this update. Next time--Actually, I'm not sure. So, I'll let you guys vote.

BOLD a vote for whether or not we go finish up our business with Annin, or if I should visit East and West City to show those off for you guys. The cities won't take too long to do, in case that was something you would factor into your decision. You have until Monday night, 8:00 PM, EST, to cast your vote!

Whatever happens, stay tuned!