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Part 13: One In A Million!? Can Goku Overcome The Odds!?

Howdy, folks, and welcome back to Attack of the Saiyans! Last time, instead of going straight forward in saving Ox-King's life, we went and dicked around in the city for a little bit, and became enablers to a man's carrot addiction. Today, we're going to actually go and plug that hole in the magical furnace, so let's head out.

We're back at Mount Five Element this update.

Nothing has changed on the way, so let's just skip over to Annin and the furnace.

And then we go back to the Kame House. I haven't tested this, but I'm pretty sure if you gather these two things and go to the Kame House yourself, nothing happens.

We're bringing Chi-Chi with us here, even though she won't be doing anything.

We would have been back sooner, but a group of influential individuals voted that I go to the city first.

Also, this game has the ol' RPG schtick of people with you just disappearing inside the lead character. I'm sure there's a term for it.

: Not so fast, kid! There's only a one-in-a-million chance that it'll even work, I'm afraid...

: One in a million!?

: ...And if you mess up, you'll be dead for sure!

: Well, I'm still giving it a shot! What do I have to do?

: Hmm...If anyone can do it, it's got to be you, Goku. I'll lift up the pot a little bit, so you'll go into the furnace and plug the hole in the meantime.

Annin did specify it was a hole in the bottom of the furnace. I'm pretty sure everyone else knew we'd be hopping in there.

Not that I'd be jumping for joy to do that or anything, mind you.

No, I didn't miss any dialog. Chi-Chi doesn't say shit about that line.

Oh, and the other Z-Fighters are with us, too, even if they're not shown. None of them have anything to say about this. It's...Kind of weird.

But, this is our gimmick for the next area. There will be occasional fiery barriers that we need to extinguish with the Bansho Fan.

Granted, the area is only about three screens long and there's just a few fires to put out, it's not much of a gimmick, but it's still there.

If nothing else, we're ready to tr--

Why do characters keep stealing my lines?

I'm thinking about how much spaghetti you could make in a pot like that, and I'm suddenly starving.

: There are flames raging all across the furnace... The hole's probably deep inside, too!

: ...Got it! I'll dive in as far as I can go!

: Go then, Goku! There isn't a moment to lose!

Goku creates a path through the flames and...

Dives into the magical furnace to save Ox-King's life.

Holy crap, that is a lot of fire.

There are no random encounters in here, nor treasure, so you can just follow the path to the boss.

These are the bits of flame blocking our path; we just interact with them to wave the Bansho Fan and dispel them.

There are lava paths in Kiwi Volcano leading to treasure, but this is the main reason for picking up the Cold Boots.

Fighting the boss here after walking through that damage floor, and the ones beyond it, will drain a lot of your item reserves and make it more difficult than it needs to be.

Down here leads to a bonus boss, of sorts, and only available to fight this one time.

This guy, by far, is the toughest boss we've seen so far, and makes the actual boss here look like a punk.

So let's kick the shit out of him.

This guy has 4,000 HP to tear through, so let's bust out the best we got.

Goku learned this after the last update, thanks to the Finisher Bean. You learn this skill by leveling the Combination to Level 3 and the Kamehameha to Level 2.

Goku pops into a football stance and then

Bam! Elbow in the stomach!

To a series of kicks!

A fuck-off punch!

To an airborne Kamehameha!

This is my favorite Ki attack of Goku's; it's powerful, doesn't cost all that much Ki to use, and will fill up the Rage Gauge really well. Plus, it looks cool as hell.

Destructo Disk is my go-to attack for Krillin, as it's strong, can hit multiple enemies, doesn't cost that much, and can instantly kill an enemy. And it's the Destructo Disk; who doesn't like this attack?

Yamcha keeps up with the Wolf Fang Fisting. I've mentioned before why I like it, so I'll spare you the explanation again. Never you mind that I probably just repeated why I like the Destructo Disk.

The Demon Flame has some powerful attacks at his disposal, including this one where he slices into someone with his claws. That are made of fire, as is his entire body. That damage is through an Advance Guard, by the way. This son of a bitch is strong.

That's not his only attack, though.

This one hits multiple times and can deal a lot of damage; I have the Cold Boots as my active Capsule, so we're resisting a good bit of Fire damage, plus Yamcha hit the Guard on this.

Bust out the big guns for this guy. In general, that's not a bad idea with any boss fight. Pretty much every boss fight is going to drop enough EXP that you'll level up afterward, and since leveling up fully restores your HP and Ki, it's not like you can shaft yourself by pissing your Ki away. That, and replenishing items are easy to find and inexpensive.

Unless you're wearing the Carrot Glove and trying to get 1,000 carrots. That takes a while.

But, I should be okay. I'll find plenty of accessories I won't use, which sell nicely, and I can probably pawn off items here and there to make the cash I'd need.

I should have done that in the reverse order, but too late now. Not that this was a disappointing attack, but Yamcha would have been better off punching the shit out of him, since Goku is far better at beam attacks than he is.

For the final attack, he launches a huge, fuck-off ball of flame at someone. In this fight, he seemed to hate Yamcha, so I'm assuming he's jealous of his haircut.

This is through a Guard and with increased Fire resistance, so, holy shit, that could have been really bad for Yamcha if I wasn't prepared.

Still, the Demon Flame, while powerful, will fall eventually. Just don't get cocky about the fight, and you'll be okay.

We get enough EXP that Yamcha and Krillin level up twice, while Goku earns just one level, but most of another.

We also make a thousand bucks and get another Finisher Bean.

And we're going to make Yamcha stronger!

Yamcha gets our first Ultimate Skill, the Neo Wolf Fang Fist.

I throw two levels into it.

And he gets an HP and Ki boost along with it.

Heading east down the path, we scoot through some more lava.

There was a flame here to extinguish, but I'd first wandered over here before remembering the Demon Flame.

There's the actual boss right there.

While the Bansho Fan isn't really used for anything but pissant obstacles, I'm glad they actually put it to some use in here. They could have just as easily made it so we never had to use it. It's a small detail that I really like.

Plus, it looks pretty cool when we use it.

I guess we will.

So, here's our boss to finish out this section of the story. He's got 3800 HP, and isn't nearly as strong as the Demon Flame.

And within our first turn, we knock off a nice portion of his health. Those levels we gained from the Demon Flame are helping already!

He's got the ability to boost his Attack, but even with this active, he still doesn't hit as hard as the Demon Flame.

This also contributed to the ass-beating I laid on this fella.

Yamcha starts with a flurry of punches.

Segueing into trying to snap the Furnace Flame's ankles.

Before hauling out and kicking him right in the goddamned face.

And then slams him into the wall with a palm strike.

Which leads to an aerial Kamehameha.

Yamcha isn't much for beam attacks, but the brunt of the damage here comes from all the physical strikes he throws down before the Kamehameha.

And now, let's use that Freeze Capsule we got on Mount Frappe.

Being a big ol' living flame, he doesn't cotton to ice spikes blasting him from the floor.

The ice exploding doesn't do any more damage, but it looks cool.

This hits the entire party, and once again, the Cold Boots being our active Capsule really help out. Goku hit the Guard on this one. For those of you comparing that to the Demon Flame, remember that the Furnace Flame had boosted his Attack prior to this. The Demon Flame is much stronger than this guy, but it's definitely worth taking him out, as his EXP drop is nice, and who doesn't want an extra 1500 AP for someone?

Alright, let's end this fight. Yamcha has the honors and beats him to death.

Well, he got two levels from the last fight, so I guess it's fair Yamcha doesn't level up here. And Krillin has caught up to him in terms of levels, so that's nice. Goku is still ahead though. As he will be, since he's friggin' Goku.

The Concentration Charm is an advanced version of the Attack Water. Hopefully when I use this, the boss won't shaft me with a status effect.

I can't help but hear this line done in the voice of the boss from the first level of Star Fox 64.

Alright, let's go finish this up.

...It's right there, Goku.

I'd try and do one a getting warmer joke, but I'm pretty sure Goku is sweating in places he didn't know could sweat, so let's move forward.

I'm really curious how they put that plug together. And how a hole that small is fucking shit up so badly.

And with that, we've plugged the magical furnace!

...Hey, shouldn't Annin be holding the pot?

: This ought to make the fire go away in the castle, right?

: It should!

: Thank you, Goku! Sorry for the trouble, Chi-Chi...As overseer of the furnace, I formally apologize!

With that, Goku and Chi-Chi were able to hold their marriage ceremony.

Oh, hey, Chi-Chi in a wedding dress. And here I was thinking we never saw her in one.

...Wait a second.

Someone, answer me this.

What the fuck is wrong with Fortuneteller Baba

It's just...

sums it up the best for me, I feel.

See, this line is funny, because Chi-Chi and Goku don't go out and get jobs. They just sponge off Ox-King when they need cash.

Then again, with all the world-saving that Goku does, maybe it's okay he didn't go for that third-shift Burger King position.

: Hoihoihoi!! Let's see...Ahhh!

Baba, what is it!? Is something--

...Oh. Well, we're about to move five years ahead, okay.

But not this update. For now, we'll stop here.

Next time, we'll see what's cooking half a decade from now. Stay tuned!