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Part 18: Gohan's True Power!? Can Piccolo Contain It!?

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, Piccolo snatched Gohan up to train him for when the other two Saiyans arrive, but Gohan first has to survive six months in the wild on his own. Today, we're going to finish off this chapter in a short update, so let's head out.

Though, there's still going to be some . In fact, after you hit the next area, the rest of this chapter is just a cutscene.

...Well, that doesn't seem good. But, how bad could it--



Oh, yeah, dinosaurs are a thing in the Dragon Ball world. They're not even extraordinary or anything. They're just around and people are apparently okay with that.

Except in, y'know, situations like these. Ain't nobody okay with this.

Maybe you could run around the pillar and try to hide? C'mon, put that scholarly potential to use and think of a plan!

Or just get fucking eaten. That works, too, I guess.

Well played, Gohan. Well played.

Though, I think I see the flaw in your plan. Audience, can you see the problem here?

'course, I can't fault him for that. I might not fully think a plan through were I being chased by a dinosaur.

When night time comes, Gohan is still up there.

Probably thirsty, too. But, nobody wants to think about a child dying of dehydration, so let's keep this scene rolling.

However, not all hope is lost...

For a bundle of apples has fallen from the sky! How fortunate!

Thinking about it, it's gotta be cold up there, too. Especially wearing that tank-top.

Chow down and enjoy, kid. Let's hope you can find the tree these came from. If not, you'll be eating Tumble Bugs.

Oh, Piccolo! You little rascal, helping out Gohan and watching him sleep in the wilderness.

: If you can't survive after this, then you just aren't strong enough to cut it, period.

And with that, we fade out...

...Only to come back in, I assume, twenty minutes or so.

: But if I stay here, I'm just gonna starve to death... *Sniff* Why is this happening to me...?

Future scholar, ladies and gentlemen! all the way!

You're aware that the moon exists, Gohan, but you don't know it can shine and is out at night?

...Oh shit.

Oh shit shit shit shit oh shit

Well, I guess he doesn't have to worry about getting down anymore...

But there's a bigger issue at hand! Gohan has transformed into his Oozaru form, which all Saiyans can do when exposed to a full moon (as long as they have their tail still, that is). When in this form, their power is increased tenfold. If Goku had been able to do this when fighting Raditz, his power level would have been a touch over 4,000. If Gohan had done it when good and pissed at Raditz, with his 1307 power level, he would have gone to 13,070. It's a fairly sizable boost, all in all.

You also become a rampaging beast when in this form, attacking with impunity, destroying all around you, and generally not giving two shits about what you destroy.

As of this moment, I'm not sure what Gohan's power level is, but he's fairly powerful right now. Piccolo isn't feeling too good about this situation.

However, his little 32k cache memory brings up a little video.

And Piccolo forms an idea! Not a good one, but the consequences can be handled later.

It begins with talking shit to the moon.

And ends with it being blown to goddamned smithereens. Never mind all the issues this would cause; the moon has been destroyed before, but was restored by Kami later on.

And just like that, the giant monkey threat has been neutralized.

I'm not even sure you knew he could transform like that, or at all, Piccolo, so you get a mulligan on that one.

It probably doesn't hurt.

I'm...I'm not even going to point out anything here. Instead, I'll just transcribe the next line. Sound good? Good.

: It scares me to even think about what'd happen if the Saiyans pulled that stunt. I remember how much Raditz kept going on about tails...I guess you need both a tail and a full moon to transform. I better cut his tail off. He can't transform anymore, but the tail's still a weak point for Saiyans like him.

And so, Piccolo tears out Gohan's tail. I'm sure that's going to hurt like a son of a bitch when Gohan wakes up.

See, Piccolo agrees. I must be right.

And then breaks his no more helping Gohan rule by giving him some clothes and a fucking sword. The clothes I get, but why a sword? Weren't you hoping he'd survive on his own? By punching things? I'm pretty sure there's only room for one sword-using douche in Dragon Ball, and Gohan isn't it.

This is actually part of Piccolo and Kami's abilities, as well as some other Namekians and various other characters in Dragon Ball. I'm not sure the limit on what they can create here, but clothing and weaponry seem to have just about unlimited potential, and according to the DB Wiki, houses and other objects can be made, too. This is also apparently a Dragon Clan thing, and if you're good enough, you can use this ability to create Dragon Balls.

: If you can survive in this place for six months...Then I'm gonna put you through the sort of hellish training only Piccolo can give you. You'll wish you were dead, believe me... I hope you'll be ready.

Including this shot because I like this line. I'm not sure why I do, but it's kind of neat. Plus, to me, it makes Piccolo seem like a bit of a goober.

Anyways, that finishes off this update. Sorry it was so short, but this seemed like a good breaking point.

Next time, maybe someone will tell Chi-Chi about her husband being dead and her only child being stuck with Piccolo! Stay tuned!