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Part 22: The Sacred Land of Korin!! Their Training Begins!!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back to Attack of the Saiyans! Last time, we got Yamcha back in our party with a minimum of fuss and...Is that it? Hell. I thought more happened. Eh, oh well; today, we'll actually be going to Korin's Tower and seeing how our training with Kami will start, so let's head out.

Alright, so that's Korin Tower. It's absolutely gigantic; back in Dragon Ball, Goku climbed it, but it took him three friggin' days to do it. At one point, Yajirobe climbed it, carrying Goku, and did it way faster than him.

In case you weren't sure Yajirobe is actually a badass, there's a little more evidence for you.

Also, there's an Indian Native American tribe that lives at the base of the tower.

They live here as guardians for the tower, even though Korin himself is a badass, too.

The Demon Cannon is an S-Combo between Gohan and Piccolo, using the Evil Assault and the Masenko. Whenever the hell Gohan learns that skill.

This update is mostly wandering around the village and talking to people. The next update is the next dungeon, but that's going to take pretty much the entire update, so we'll just be chill and relaxing in this update.

Also, these tents are pretty damned spacious.

Bora is a pretty important feller around here, but we'll meet him later, so I'll keep quiet about him for now.

There's also a couple of Fruits around here.

And a familiar face! It's good to see she's not getting beat up in forests anymore.

There absolutely is.

This cat is a master martial artist, too. Really, I think it's safe to assume most anyone with a name in Dragon Ball is a martial artist of some sort, barring a couple of exceptions, like Bulma or Dr. Briefs.

This is a man who underestimates the ability of cats to balance.

There's also a shop in this village, so let's check that out.

Aww, so looks so hopeful, doesn't she?

Nothing too new or exciting; she also sells the ailment healing items that most, if not all shops, do.

Instead of buying anything, we're going to sell about 25,000z worth of stuff to her. While I'm not gaining money from fights, it balances out by me selling the stuff I'm never going to use, plus random bits of Scrap Metal and things like this Amethyst.

Alright, so, apparently Korin Tower isn't actually a tower at all. It is, according to the Dragon Ball Wiki, "... a tree that still remains alive; thanks to the Karinga tribe inlaying stone plates onto the tree, which grows every 10 years, it has become the Korin Tower known today." It was also built to honor a great hero, but nobody seems sure who that hero actually was. It very well could be Korin himself, or an anime filler character known as Olibu, but who knows?

Personally, since I remember who Korin is and not Olibu, I'm going to say it's Korin. Plus he's a cat who is also a martial artist (with a power level of 190, if you're curious about that).

Yeah, even this far into it, we still get occasional NPCs chattering about our stats.

There is a ton of shit to say about the Red Ribbon Army, including that Goku beat their collective asses when he was a child. If you want to know more, this page has you covered.

And we know all about Earthling Strike, so I won't mention that.

Bora is chief around these parts, and was the first known character in the series that was revived with the Dragon Balls.

Yeah, it was Goku. Also, Bora can tank a barrage of bullets like it ain't shit.

Bora also has a son named Upa, who we'll meet in a bit. As well as Bora himself.


This ups your resistance to all status ailments, which could come in handy. If I remember to equip it. I probably won't.

I don't even know how tall Korin Tower is. I would have never thought about vacationing there.

We'll be going there soon enough. It's our next dungeon.

We're going to go in there and shit on the floor.

Is it just me, or does this not look any nicer than any of the other tents we've seen?

I think you're pretty much required to be a hermit if you live nineteen miles above the clouds. Or else you're dead from being too high in the atmosphere. I don't know, I'm not a scientist.

So, this sounds like the Ultra Divine Water, which Korin has in his possession. If you survive the incredible pain it gives you, you grow much stronger. Naturally, Goku has drank it.

Thinking about it, this might be the only Fruit around here. Hmm.

Up here, at the base of the Tower, we find a pissed off kid.

: If you've no business here, then off with you!!

Quick reaction times around here. Didn't even have time to punch this kid in the mouth for his impudence.

And a large man approaches.

And Krillin immediately lies to him.

: Umm...I've climbed Korin Tower before... But no one was here then...

Goddamn, Bora is a big dude.

: Sorry...

: Please pardon my son's rudeness...

: Oh, no...Don't worry about it...Are you by any chance...Bora...?

: ...? Yeah...That's right...

: ...So that would make you Upa?

: How do you know my name?

: Well...It's me! I was with Goku!

: Krillin?!

: Yeah! Man, it sure has been a long time! You look like you've grown up! I couldn't even tell who you were!

Krillin has not changed that much; he's still a bald little twerp without a nose.

Which Upa calls him out for. Atta boy.

Bora knows the score concerning Goku.

It's a little late for that, since he's currently deader than shit, and we already have a method to find the Dragon Balls, so...

: Up ahead is Korin Tower. Now off with you...

Yeah, to help us, they let us go where we were going to begin with.

And so, this time, we jump up the tower in about two seconds.

We remember Senzu Beans from the World Tournament, right? They heal all wounds, remember? Plus, they also make you feel as full as you would if you'd eaten ten days worth of food.

And here we are with Korin and Yajirobe!

At least to get Tien, we had to do some shit. For the most part, we didn't do much since we last saw you, Yajirobe.

And this is Korin. He's pretty awesome. Like I said, master martial artist, cat, carries a staff, grows Senzu Beans--Korin is a very handy person to have around.

: I was starting to think they wouldn't be able to take the training!

: Korin! It's good to see you again!

: So, you finally made it! I was watching what went on below, so I guess there was nothing you could do...

: So, I suppose we are off to see Kami then...?

: Hmm...Before that...There's a little favor I have to ask!

: A...Favor?

: Yeah, that's right. It has to do with Senzu beans...

: Senzu beans?

: Yeah...I grow them down at the bottom of the tower and I forgot to give them water...The seedlings all dried up.

...They dried up because you forgot to water them? Dammit, Korin...

...Some bullshit I don't want to do because I don't like the next dungeon.

But, whatever, we've got our next mission.

: After we climb all the way up here we have to go back down again?!

: Don't get so worked, Krillin...This is part of training. Korin! We'd be glad to carry out the task!

: I'm counting on you! But just so you know, the water I use for Senzu plants isn't just any normal water...

: Where can we find it?

: There's a cave in the sacred land...The water comes up from a spring deep inside the cave called Hermit's Spring. Will you do it?

That, and we already agreed to do it. Or Tien volunteered us. I don't remember which.

And that ends this conversation. For now, let's collect some flavor text and finish off this update.

Which includes Yajirobe continuing to be a lazy fucker. Also, we could talk to Korin again, but he just restates us needing to go collect the water for the Senzu plants.

And that polishes off this update.

Next time, we'll go collect that water for the Senzu plants, so stay tuned!