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Part 24: Kami's Training Begins!! But Has Gohan Survived His Half-Year Alone?!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back to Attack of the Saiyans! Last time, we recovered the special water Korin needed to keep his Senzu plants alive (after he forgot to water them). Today, we'll deliver that water, then we're going to check up on Gohan, so let's head out.

I suppose I could have fit this into the last update.

But I'm wary of how long dialog can go on, and I'm not always super pumped to transcribe a bunch of it.

Thankfully, this update is pretty light on dialog. And images. It's not going to be a very long ride today, people. I almost feel I should do a longer update since it's been four days since my last one.

But I've been busy lately; I'm part time at my job, but still got nearly forty hours this week, I pumped out my part of the group project, have started figuring out wedding details--Oh, yeah, by the way, I asked my girlfriend to marry me.

I suppose I should change my name to "Leavemyfiancee" now.

In other news, we're back, Korin!

Korin, you've underestimated us for the last time!

Well, mostly because he doesn't really take an estimation of us again, but it's still for the last time!

Don't worry; this isn't going to be a Space Jam situation where it's just regular, plain-ass water. It's actually some sort of special water.

: Hm?

: Would you go to the bottom and give my Senzu plants this water for me?

: Huh?! I suppose I've got no say in the matter...

And he scoots off, to serve as Korin's gardener.

: What is it?

: We met some weird thing down at Hermit's Spring...

: Oh! I forgot to tell you! That's the spirit of the water. It protects the water for me down there while I'm up in the tower!

: A...Spirit?

: Hah hah. He's got a good sense of humor. He give you all a warm welcome?

Before we beat him and his buddy to death, yeah, it was alright. I guess.

And Tien with the saving subject change!

: ...But to get there, you're gonna need a power pole!

: ...A power pole? The pole that Goku carried around? So, we won't be able to get there without it?

For those not in the know, the Power Pole was something Korin originally had, then gave it to Master Roshi, and he gave it to Grandpa Gohan, who gave it to Goku at some point before Dragon Ball started. It's a magical red pole that can extend to incredible lengths; Goku used to use it to fight with a lot, but it kind of fell out of style when he figured out he could punch stuff and Kamehameha things.

It's meant to be used as a sort of bridge between Korin's place and to Kami's Lookout. As for why we need it when we can fucking fly, I don't know, but whatever.

I don't know if this means that Korin created the original Power Pole or if he's just capable of making something that's close enough for government work, but hey, we've got a way up to Kami's place now.

Also, note that Korin doesn't actually give us anything here. It'd be kind of neat to have a faux-pole capsule, but I'd have no idea what it would do.

Man, most of that is going to happen off-screen. I ain't worried about shit with that.

And then Krillin gives the angriest thank you ever given.

We fade out...

...Only to come right back, with Yajirobe's return.

He scrambles around for a minute.

And thus, everyone left his ass behind.

Pictured: Toriyama's reaction to every character he hasn't drawn in two chapters.

Yajirobe runs off to join the others in training (even though he'll spend the time sitting around, beating his pud and eating enough food to feed a third-world country for three years.

Look at this shot. This shot is amazing.

Yamcha blew Chiaotzu's shit out, much to the delight of the others. Kami gave him an ice cream cake for his noble deed.

But never mind that shit, here comes Mongo Gohan!

wastes, as part of Piccolo's training!

He seems to be doing well for a four year old dropped into the wilderness for half a year.

That we're all staring at you, or that you can hear what I'm saying?

...Dial it back a bit, kid. You're freaking us out.

Whew. The masquerade is upheld.

Yeah, whatever, just give me control and--

Quick question; if Goku learned to sense Ki after training with Kami, and Piccolo is part of Kami and already able to do it, how the hell did Gohan learn to do it?

Oh, whatever, we're in control now.

Gohan actually has skills now, so we can start making him a proper warrior. His level ups are still absolute ass, but those will improve.

These abilities are pretty much the same as Goku's. If not exactly the same; I think they may very well be.

I could have learned the Masenko, but I drop some AP into leveling up Rush. Anger is an interesting skill that I'll show off at the end of the update, while the Masenko is kind of Gohan's signature Ki attack. The third skill is like Goku's Energy Wave Combo, where it blasts all enemies with a series of Ki attacks, and requires the Masenko at level 2.

It doesn't take long to get into a fight.

It's just a basic Wolf, so nothing special here. This is Rush, though, and holy balls, does it have a lot of hits. Gohan isn't very strong just yet, but Rush is great at pumping the Rage Gauge up.

In those six months, Gohan didn't gain a single level, but it's okay. We'll get him plenty.

He uses the Masenko as his on-field Ki-Blast to destroy objects.

I'll have a better shot of it later, but it shoots a yellow energy ball.

Gohan has a skosh over 300 HP right now, so this is fantastic. Plus he has access to all of our other items and stuff, so Gohan is pretty well set for not getting murderized.

Speaking of which, I throw him a Power and Full Ring, so he's a little tougher and does some better damage.

When we have a full party around, Gohan will get the HP and Defense boosting stuff. Oh, yeah, spoilers; Gohan will eventually be in a full party with everyone else.

There's a poison field there, so I slap on my Gas Mask and send Gohan through.

That reminds me, I have around 150 Carrots. I need to hit up West City at some point.

I scoot around this area, collecting up the treasures.

Except for that one, since we don't have the third level Ki-Blast yet.

As the name might imply, this fires a big-ass missile at some poor sumbitch.

It's lucky that Piccolo didn't notice these save points scattered about this area.

Moving forward, Gohan notices something.

Oh, hey, it's our old dinopal!

It seems he remembers Gohan.

Or maybe they've been battling on and off for the last six months, neither gaining ground in defeating their opponent.

Heaven or Hell!?

Let's Rock!

He's actually got 500 HP, so this will be a decent little challenge for Gohan.

Being a dinosaur, his attacks aren't too different from what you'd expect; in this one, he chomps on Gohan twice.

He can also charge down on Gohan, which looks impressive as hell, even if the damage doesn't match up.

Anger will boost Gohan's Rage Gauge, as well as boosting his Attack.

Since this is our best method of attack, Rush is our primary skill for this fight.

Oh, yes, our Rival won't be lasting much longer.

This is his last trick, which inflicts a small bit of damage as well as the potential of Stun. This could end poorly for Gohan if it hits.

But that pretty well sums up the fight. Plus, the temptation of ending on the image of Gohan kicking a dinosaur's jaw in is too great to resist.

Oh-ho, very nice!

We could continue on, but this seems like a good enough ending point.

So, Gohan is going to Capsule up himself a house and rest until we call on him again.

Which will be next update, so stay tuned!