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Part 25: Piccolo Returns!! Will Gohan Finally Begin His Training?!

Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we delivered the fancy water to Korin and then switched back to Gohan, where he beat up the dinosaur that first terrorized him when he was dumped off in the wilderness. Today, we're going to finish off our current chapter, so let's head out.

For all that you missed behind the scenes, I dropped 150 AP so that Gohan could learn the Masenko, which is his first energy blast attack.

We could go south here, but it just leads to a dead end. It'll be important later on, but for now, it's completely useless, so we're not heading there.

But, hey, up here is Piccolo!

Dawg, we beat up a fuckin' dinosaur. I think we qualify as tough as shit.

Gohan is also excited to see Piccolo, despite his abandoning him in the wilderness.

Also, uh, Gohan didn't know his name, I guess.

I mean, really, Gohan. He dumped you in the wilderness and said he'd be back in six months. He didn't mention shit about saving you.

: Got something to say? I didn't think so...Now we'll see just how strong you've really become! You know the giant flower near here?

: Y-yes...

: There's a dragon that eats that flower for food. He's the probably the meanest thing in these parts...If you can take him down, then I'll let you start the training...

: Hmph...

: Got it?!

: Y-yes sir!

And now we're back in control.

It isn't exactly made clear, but Piccolo joins Gohan at the moment. I give him a Power Ring and the Fighter's Mark to increase his damage output, since Piccolo is now our hardest hitter.

He's eight levels ahead of Gohan, and an actual trained fighter.

Which is, well, kind of obvious.

So let's scoot. The enemies have changed around here, to the ones that Piccolo and Goku fought when they were going to confront Raditz and rescue Gohan.

Over this way is where we started off in this area. We can head south to go to the beginning of it, but we've gotta go back to the flower to finish this section off, so let's do that instead.

This update isn't going to be very long. It's mostly just chatting with Piccolo and the boss fight.

I take this opportunity to heal up and save, since shit could go horribly wrong if Piccolo gets fucked over. Gohan isn't exactly fast at the moment, so he could very well be killed before reviving Piccolo.

That doesn't happen, but I do switch Piccolo over to the party leader. It seems like the right move.

Plus, for party leader, I usually pick whoever my favorite character is. If we were doing FF6, Sabin would constantly be the party leader.

Those chests are taunting me. I don't even remember what's in them, but I friggin' want them.

It just occurred to me that I could have gotten Scouter data for the old enemies here.

But, I didn't, and I probably won't. I forget these things.

Gohan searches around for the dragon, like he's supposed to be here, waiting for his asskicking.

Doesn't he want to rock?

With that look on Piccolo's face, I'm imagining he's hoping the thing just swoops down and snatches Gohan up.

Gohan senses something coming.

And here he is!

Let's do this thing!

This is our boss fight for the day; he's got 2500 HP, and is susceptible to Blind (not that I blinded him, mind you).

Piccolo is our main damage dealer, but thankfully, Gohan has a tool to help bridge the gap between the two.

His accuracy is still a touch poor, but he'll hit more often than not.

Midgiras has a few different attacks at his disposal, including this goofy looking one. It can possibly Stun a character, but it doesn't deal any damage, thankfully.

As with most boss fights in this game, we're here to just smash as hard and as fast as we can. In this fight, we've gotta keep a little more of an eye on Gohan, since he's pretty fragile.

Piccolo has a power-up move, too, but his (Regeneration) affects the end of round regeneration, which is probably more useful by the situation, such as a boss fight, than in random encounters.

This is probably his hardest hitting attack, and the one I'm most worried about (and the one I fuck up the Guard for the most).

That's nearly half of Gohan's HP!

This would have been in a .gif, but I'm padding out the image count in this update.

Fuck it, here's the .gif.

Piccolo and Gohan have a S-Combo together, using Piccolo's Evil Assault and Gohan's Masenko.

Demon Cannon sounds extremely fucking metal.

Piccolo kicks things off with an Evil Assault, smashing Midgiras into a rock for some good damage.

Then Gohan shows up and powers up the Masenko, one of his signature attacks.

Which drops some good damage on the boss. Masenko is also a multi-hitting Ki blast.

Like other dragons of his type, Midgiras has the punch and tail smash combo strike.

But, that sums up the fight, so let's finish him off with a Destructive Wave.

Noice. Piccolo picks up a single level here, while Gohan gains two.

We also make 900z, but we've got a fair bit of moolah to begin with, so I'm not worried about money. Though, I do need to go drop off carrots.

After the fight, Piccolo admits that Gohan isn't a completely shitty fighter.

But goes on to mention that he needs some actual training; natural skill and talent are great, but those need some actual direction to be truly useful.

Oh, for fuck's sake, Piccolo, train the kid! He did everything you wanted!

: ...If we don't find them all, we won't be able to bring back my dad...

: That's right...If this keeps up, we'll have to face the Saiyans without him. That's why before we start the training, we need to help with the search!

: So, are we going to where my dad's friends are?

: Yeah...We're gonna fly there so hold on to me tight!

: ...I have to hold on to you??

: If you don't want to, fine...I'll just leave you here then...

: No, wait! I'll die if you leave me here!

: Then grab on! And one more thing...

Not that it's a bad title, mind you, Gohan, but it might be good to know his name.

And Gohan swings in to fuck it right up.

Oddly enough, Piccolo gives up rather quickly.

He takes Gohan off on the next leg of his journey to become strong enough to fight off the Saiyans.

Which is where this chapter ends, and also where the update ends.

Next time, we'll go see what Goku is up to in the Otherworld, so stay tuned!