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Part 28: Princess Snake's Hospitality!! Can Goku Survive Her Kindness?!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we escaped from Hell and made it to what Goku believes is King Kai's place. Today, we're going to find out if it is King Kai's place or not, so let's head out.

Ladies, what's the haps?

Oh, okay. Just one place to go, then.

There are still encounters in this room, by the way. Nothing new.

But enough to get Goku to level 21, where he finally breaks 1,000 HP. Meteor Combination, by the way, has been upgraded to Level 3.

Oooh, what a nice chair!

Mistress? I'm guessing this isn't King Kai.

You may have heard the kung-fu action, noticed part of your entryway snake destroyed, or possibly heard the explosions from the many Kamehameha's I've fired off.

Well, Goku, guess we gotta take--

...Dammit, Goku.

: How chivalrous...Why, my heart won't stop pounding...

Damn, can we go one place that King Yemma hasn't been?

Well, probably not. He's kind of big boss down here, so it makes sense he's been all around.

He's also about fifty times your size. I can't imagine you'd say anything bad about him.

...Five hundred years? Holy balls.

: Ha!

: Well, anyway! King Kai, I'm ready to start training!

: This isn't King Kai! This is the Princess Snake! She was the crowned winner of the afterlife beauty contest!

: ...What? You're not King Kai?!

: I'm leaving!

Sorry, lady, we've got shit to get done.

Kami only knows how long we have left to get to King Kai's place. And to actually train.

We don't have much of a choice, Princess.

Look, lady, you're not going to stop us. We're going to scoot on outta here.


Does that mean Princess Snake is actually a cougar?

: You're not going anywhere, you hear me?!

No video for this fight, since it doesn't really warrant one.

Princess Snake and her Guards aren't anything to write home about.

The Princess doesn't have many attacks, but she can summon more Guards. Not that it works at the moment, since maximum capacity for this enemy party is three.

The Guards are...Certainly there, with 320 HP.

They've got a few different attacks, including one that can potentially poison you.

As well as blasting blue fire for low damage.

And a basic melee strike.

She's actually got 2200 HP, which isn't as much as it used to be.

This is to soften up the Guards, where a physical attack will take them out. Goku is hitting for about 230 damage with his regular physical.

The Princess has an extended combo attack that hits for a decent bit of damage.

However, we do, too.

And our combo attacks do a lot more damage than hers ever will.

And since she had two Guards, we get a couple of carrots out of it. Had she summoned more, we would have gotten more.

Quick, Goku, cheese it!

Princess Snake and her Guards start after Goku.

And the screen fades out...

Which really only means that Princess Snake and her Guards have disappeared.

We can snag a Recovery Fruit up here.

And there are new random encounters around here.

With some of the Princess' Servants.

They're basically low-rent versions of the Guards we just fought, with attacks that are weaker versions of theirs.

These Servants aren't too much to worry about, but there is one very good reason to keep fighting them.

Look at that goddamned EXP! For a piss-easy fight! And that AP is good, too! And with that save point out there, this isn't a bad spot to do some grinding if you're so inclined.

I don't do any here, despite wanting to. I do pick this up and throw it on Goku. I haven't used this very much, as I've never been big on counters in games (I've always belonged to the school of thought that I should try and crush their skulls before they can hit me), but I'm testing it out here. This provides a low chance to counter when attacked, and you'll counter with a regular attack. An extra 230 damage isn't anything I'm going to complain about, except that it could come about a little more often.

Alright, let's scoot--

Oh, what the hell is this.

For those of you who played Devil May Cry 3, do you remember going through the Leviathan?

This is kind of like that, complete with pools of acid serving as damage floors.

However, by equipping our Gas Mask, the damage is no longer an issue.

We're still fighting Servants as we traverse through the guts of...Hey, where the hell are we?

I didn't look very hard, but we're in some sort of snake guts. I guess.

You'd think for wandering around the innards of some creature, I'd have more to say.

At the end of it, we meet Princess Snake.

Look, Princess, I don't want to beat you up again. You probably don't deserve that.

Oh, holy Christ, she's transforming!

Alright, let's dance, Princess!

So, we're fighting a bigass snake.

3500 HP in this fight, which means we just get to beat her up a little longer this time.

She's got a good variety of attacks, including a powerful bite.

But our bite is quite powerful, too. Meteor Combination is one of my favorite attacks, because of its power, but it's cost is kind of high. It currently costs 44 Ki to use. For comparison, our Combination costs 22, and the Kamehameha costs 24. The Energy Wave Combo costs 42 Ki at Level 1, but it hits all enemies with energy blasts. The After-Image Technique costs 22 Ki, but I hardly use it, and usually forget about it, in favor of trying to smash spines out through peckers.

She can also hock a massive loogie on us, which can inflict Poison, as well as a good bit of damage.

And the damage per turn is nothing to sneeze at, either. It's not FFX levels of bad, but that's around 10% of Goku's health per turn. And it kills the natural regen all characters possess.

Thankfully, the Snake enemies around here drop Poison Recoveries, so you should have a healthy stock of them around. If you're playing along.

She also has the classic big enemy rush attack. Not a ton of damage, though.

And she can also try to burn you to death with fire breath. Since I guess Otherworld snakes can breathe fire.

Let's end this fight.

I'll admit, I think my favorite hit of the Meteor Combination is this elbow strike. It just looks so brutal, I can't help but love it. It really adds an extra bit of "oomph" to the attack.

And I can't turn down a good Kamehameha wave.

These two are just for style purposes. I try and keep my attacks varied in the single character boss fights, just so that it's not a few minutes of Meteor Combination. I don't know if any of you are actually watching the videos or not, but I'm trying to keep them exciting for you.

We get a nice amount of EXP and a good bit of cash out of this, too.

Goku leaps over the defeated Princess Snake, ready to move on.

I don't think you have the right to still be upset, Princess.

However, Goku has won the right to get the hell outta Dodge.

Alright, back down Snake Way. We can't have much time left to reach King Kai's planet.

Hey, this is a new bit of terrain! Maybe we're close to the end!

Breathe, Goku, we're almost there! Just a little bit longer, buddy.

Keep going, Goku! Earth is depending on you!

The end is in sight! Really, it is; if you look on the left side, you can see the tail of the snake.

Though, I guess Goku can't see that from where he's standing.

Eh? Goku, you see something?

Awww, yeah, it's right there!

Alright, and King Kai's planet should be just a little bit beyond that.

...Shit. I don't see King Kai's planet.

Oh, goddammit, where is it!?

Okay, maybe the training there is just reaching King Kai's planet. Or the end, and the planet is a myth.

What's that now, Goku?

Alright, let's crane our necks up...

...Well, hell, it's right there.

I'll admit, I expected something more from a planet.

Holy balls, we made it. We fucking made it!

Let's go get fucking trained!

But, we'll start it next update. For now, let's take a break.

Stay tuned!