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Part 31: The Search For The Dragon Balls Begins!! But Where To Start Looking?!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! It's been a little while, but last time on Attack of the Saiyans, we kicked the ass of Raditz's Soul and Goku discovered Baba was going to bring him back to help look for the Dragon Balls. Today, we'll start that search, so let's head out.

Another chapter begins. Now that I think of it, we're coming close to the end of the game. That's kind of weird.

Up on Kami's Lookout, everyone has been training hard. They've gotten a ton stronger!

But Kami has gathered them all up to speak with them. We know why, but they're clueless.

: Since all of you seem to be at the end of your training here...

: Kami! Our training will never be over. How could we even be near the end of it...

: I"m sure you've started to become bored, haven't you?

This is what the next bit of the game is about. We'll be running around the world, collecting the Dragon Balls, just to wish Goku back in time for the final battle.

Though, it's not a short section. There's a good bit to be done here, which...Hell, I guess it's filler. I suppose it's fitting for one of the best DBZ RPG's to be made up of (mostly) filler.

You'd all be horrifically killed.

Well, that'll probably still happen, but at least with Goku on the way, you know someone is getting their ass kicked in return.

: Return to the Earth below and find the Dragon Balls!

Oh, yeah, there's no Dragon Ball finding this update. We'll just be getting ready to find them.

Before we can go too far, though, we've gotta meet up with Master Roshi, as he's Master Roshi and that's what you do in Dragon Ball. Plus, he has something to tell the crew.

Tien, nobody was talking to you.

The thing is, in the series, Tien is actually pretty powerful. He's second only to Krillin in terms of strength for the Earthlings, and his Tri-Beam has a ton of oomph behind it. In this game, though, he's a tad underwhelming; the Tri-Beam is probably his best skill, and while there are ways to mitigate it, it still does damage to him every time he uses it. Not to mention, the Multi-Form Attack, while powerful, is so expensive, it's prohibitive in its use.

It's far easier to use Yamcha or Krillin, who have good stats, good abilities, and aren't going to kill themselves trying to kill something else. Plus, Wolf Fang Fist and Destructo Disk are both skills that can't be beat.

: But we heard you had something to tell us.

: Oh, I have some news! I have a message from Baba. She says she's bringing someone to help you search for the Dragon Balls!

: ...Someone to help?

: right. I don't know who it is, but I hear he's strong! You should stop by Baba's place before you start searching...

Suddenly, the conversation is interrupted by Yamcha sensing something wicked this way coming.

And then Piccolo comes crashing through the roof. I'm not even kidding. Look at him; he's just popping on in, like he owns the place.

And he still takes the time to land with style.

He's brought Gohan along, too. Poor little Gohan.

Everyone is pretty much surprised to see them; can't say as I blame them, since last they knew, Piccolo had kidnapped Gohan for whatever nefarious reason. Or to train him to fight the Saiyans. Or both; I don't know what these people think about Piccolo's motivations.

Piccolo, however, is still a dick.

: We've been busy!

Yamcha isn't up for Piccolo's shit at the moment, but it's not like Piccolo gives a fuck. He's Piccolo.

: ...Hmph!

: What did you come here for?

: Well, I didn't come here to get involved with idiots like you...I came to find the Dragon Balls.

: ...You're gonna help us find them?

: I told you, I'm not getting involved with you blockheads...I came to find them for myself. Even if that means having to pick up your pieces...

: Well, whatever the reason, we're glad to have help...First stop, Baba's palace!

: Puar and Bulma are on their way ahead of you. Get the Dragon Radar from them once you get to the palace...

And just like that, we have nearly a full party. We're still missing a character, but we'll get Goku in a little bit. For now, let's see how everyone stacks up against each other, shall we?

Yamcha is my physical powerhouse, and nearly the fastest in the party. He's pretty good for Wolf Fang Fisting and punching things really hard.

Gohan is a four-year old in a group with a bunch of adult, fully trained, martial artists. He's as impressive as you'd expect him to be. However, I still like the little guy.

Piccolo is a few levels under the other guys, so he's not as strong, but he'll shape up into a pretty strong fighter later on. He's got some decent skills, but he'll need a few levels under his belt before he's going to be as useful as everyone else.

I said my piece about Tien earlier, and I stick by it. I don't really like him in this game, which is unfortunate, since I think he's pretty cool in the series.

Krillin is balanced as fuck, in addition to being the fastest character, as well as the second strongest in the party. I like him as an item chucker, but the Destructo Disk and Kamehameha he has are both powerful. He also gets a skill later that allows him to increase the effectiveness of items that he uses, so he's handy in any party.

Oolong keeps his shop up to date, and he has a new item for sale. A MAX Bean restores a ton of HP, enough to be a full-heal for anyone right now.

All the accessories that Gregory had to sell are for sale here, but I'm too poor to afford anything.

He has no new Capsules for sale, so let's boogie on out.

Peace out, Turtle, and keep an eye on Roshi for us. We'll be back later.

Baba's Palace is just across the world.

Thank you, Friendly Pink Ghost.

Puar and Bulma, as advertised, as here before us.

Hey, don't you talk shit about Yajirobe. He's cool.

I'm just going to ignore Puar and talk to Baba.

Krillin, you already know her name.

: Master Roshi said you brought someone strong to help us find the Dragon Balls...

: Uh huh, that's right! Come on out, everyone's here now!

And the camera pans up to reveal what we already know, but is a surprise to everyone else!

Well, Gohan was trapped in the middle of nowhere for six months while Piccolo was off doing fuck knows what, and the other three were with Kami, doing chill (and Netflix) stuff.

Y'know, I don't think we ever go visit Chi-Chi to let her know things are okay. I might have to make a special point to do that.

Tien? Not going to chime in, buddy?

Guess not. Oh, well. He'd probably just mutter about training or something.

Piccolo is quiet, too, but that's more understandable; it's Piccolo. He doesn't really give a shit.

Oh, there you go, Tien. 'bout time.

And we get a new Capsule here, to help us search for the Dragon Balls.

Which is almost true. They're all set, but we have something to do first.

Okay, now we have a full party.

Since we covered everyone else earlier, here's Goku. He's the best around, no doubt about it, and will pretty much continue to be that way. Yamcha is closest to him in strength, but that's only because I've been dumping every bonus point into Yamcha's Power.

The areas we have to go to for the Dragon Balls are highlighted on the map, but once inside the dungeon, the Dragon Rader will point us in the right direction to actually find the Balls.

Puar is here for support, but not much else. Thanks, Puar.

If they could, that would really take the impact out of death.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're going.

After we rest up, that is. This is the end of the update, but the beginning of audience participation!


Alright, folks, so we've gotta go find the Dragon Balls. However, it's not exactly a linear journey. We've got some choices to make here.

The Devil's Toilet is just south of Baba's Palace and holds a Dragon Ball. It's the closest location by far.

The Yunzabit Heights are in the frigid north, cold as shit, and a place at the end of the Earth.

Next is this mysterious cave in the ocean; what wonders could it hold?

There's also this barren desert, marked by the gigantic skull of some long-dead beast.

And finally is Muscle Tower, the headquarters of the Red Ribbon Army, located not too far from Jingle Village. But didn't Goku wipe out the RR Army?


These are the places available to us to start our search, so BOLD a vote for where we go to begin our search for the Dragon Balls. And while you're at it, you can even BOLD a vote for who I take in my party; anyone is available to take, and you have until Tuesday, 8:00 PM, EST, to get your votes in. Whichever place has the most votes is where I'll start, and the three characters with the most votes are who I'll be taking along.