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Part 33: The Yunzabit Heights!! Is The Ice Truly Impenetrable?!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we beat the shit out of Colonel White and Eighter, before recovering the Dragon Ball Eighter had found. Today, in a rather short update, we're traveling to a frigid wasteland, so let's head out.

This is an interesting place, for a few different reasons. One of which we'll see this update. And one hell of an assholish enemy.

Being in the north, it's naturally very cold, so there are ice damage floors scattered about the place. The Silver Fur is on Standby at all times, as there are some ice attacks to look out for, and for when I need to swap it in to get across a damage floor without getting killed.

Goku, what are you doing? You're not in the party!

But Gohan is, so he gets to lead us around for a while. If you weren't aware, our party is Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan, which isn't a bad party to have. It's not too hot right now, mostly because of Gohan's low levels, as well as Piccolo's. I don't have the damage output I've had for the last little while with Goku around, but that's not surprising. These guys could use their strongest attacks and I'm pretty sure Goku could outdo them with a single Kamehameha.

Also, holy shit, we just entered an area and didn't have a novella's worth of dialog to fucking read!

So, there are some new enemies around here (only one of which I encounter while I'm here; I guess the others were just shy), but this fight is to show off something else.

Technically, these guys are new, but they have the same amount of HP as a Red Ribbon Survivor (650), but they drop slightly higher amounts of EXP, AP, and Zeni.

Anywho, Gohan picked up an all-enemy attack, which functions just like Goku's, but with a different name. It's expensive, as these attacks tend to be, costing 40 Ki, and does about as much damage as a wet cough, but it's getting there. Gohan will soon be an engine of destruction; this should surprise no one, since it's fucking Gohan. That's kind of his shtick.

I've been boosting Abilities and Skills off-screen; I'll have to show what I've done in one of these updates. It's nothing special yet, but some folks have been getting their Abilities up, but Goku has been steadily raising his Skills. Meteor Combination is at Level 4, for reference.

I have no idea who I want to give this to. Yamcha springs to mind, as I'm building him to be able to punch souls to the next plane, but Goku does, too, as does Gohan. I'll figure it out sooner or later.

There's a bit to explore around here, so let's do that.

What do you mean I'm being quiet? Christ, it's a friggin' tundra; what do you want from me?

This is kind of an interesting bit of equipment; equipping it will raise your damage by a fair margin, but in return, you take damage when attacking. And it's the kind of damage that even Tien would find a little excessive; it won't kill anyone in a single turn, but it'll take a fair chunk of the character's health. However, I'm now wondering if I can slap it on Tien, Tri-Beam some poor fool, and just blast him into oblivion.

I'll figure it out later. Maybe. If I don't forget.

I'll probably forget.

Oh, did everyone notice the snowflakes falling around here? It's a very minor detail, but I think it really helps to capture the desolate feel of this place.

Speaking of desolation...

Generally speaking, when you're wandering around the field, if you encounter a giant enemy, that's some sort of overgrown varmint, it's going to be a bad motherfucker.

This guy can try and bite your face off, and there are two bites here. Over 300 damage, even through a Guard; thank goodness Gohan's health has been pumped up or he would have been fighting a Rival he'd not have dropped like a sack of potatoes.

He also has not one, but two full party attacks, both of which are assholish in their effects. In this one, it's just a ton of damage.

And then this attack, which not only does Ice damage, but can inflict Freeze; you can reduce the chances of being Frozen with a Guard, but you can only Guard with one character at a time. I tend to be a little overprotective of Gohan, which leads to Piccolo and Krillin getting their asses kicked.

You know what enemies I miss?

I miss the panda enemies. Those guys had style.

Naturally, these guys are weak to Fire and resist Ice. 2,600 HP is a fair chunk to take out, especially considering his love of the ice breath attack. Or maybe the RNG just hates me and he used it all the time because of that. Not to mention, it seemed about every other fight in this place was with one of these shitlords.

But, enough talking about that asshat.

This is an item that jacks up the EXP gained from a single fight, so it's best saved for a boss fight or something. I'll probably use it to try and help these three gain some power.

We head north and go to the right, as there is more treasure around here.

There is just a ton of treasure around here. It's astounding.

The best part is, most of it is shit that I actually want! Game, you're spoiling me!

Muscle Tower was a good starting point, and I think Yunzabit Heights is a fair place to go next. Sure, the enemies are tough, but nothing that we can't handle. There's only one place that I like to save for last, and we'll see why when we get there.

Oh, holy shit. Holy shit, this motherfucking thing. Based on the name alone, it's a badass thing; Bushido is associated with samurais, and who doesn't think the samurai is cool? And a Dragon Ball samurai? That's just a license to be badass.

Before any of you start talking shit about Yajirobe, lemme preempt you with a "shut the fuck up."

Oh, by the way, the Bushido Spirit increases AP gained by 20%. This will come in very handy later on.

On this screen, we pick up a MAX Bean, which restores 1,500 HP to a single character.

Additionally, what in the fuck is that thing?

Eh, I'm sure we'll figure it out later.

Well, it's got a memo on it for something Piccolo is involved in.

...Oh, right! My spoiler policy isn't as harsh in this LP! I can actually talk about this right now, instead of letting things get explained later.

Anywho, this is a ship from the Planet Namek. Our green bald headed buddies, Piccolo and Kami, are Namekian; the original Namekian who came to Earth is known as the Nameless Namekian, and he is the one who split himself into Kami and King Piccolo. The big details are here.

You might be thinking this is the end of the area. I don't blame you, since CC Points tend to signify that sort of thing.

But, let's scoot on forward.

...Well, I don't like the looks of this.

Just bring Roshi on over; he once blew up a mountain with a Kamehameha wave. I'm pretty sure that could take care of this problem.

...Can't you make a Ki disc that can cut through anything?

Well, I believe Piccolo is the smartest person here, so we've gotta think about how to get through this. But, what the hell can we do to get past this that our Ki powers can't?

Yamcha, do you care to elaborate on that idea?

...You might be a genius.

Who knows where we're going next?

Goku's figured it out! Have you?

Audience, what's your diagnosis?

Alright, I'm out of jokes. Goku, what's your plan?

How many of you thought we would never see Annin again?

I don't blame you if you thought we'd never see her again. I mean, she was anime filler, made into video game filler.

But, that sums up this update. Not much happened, no, but I've not had much sleep lately, so I'm a little tired.

Anywho, next time, we'll hit Mount Five Element and then come back to Yunzabit Heights. Stay tuned!