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Part 36: Ol' Scratch's Shitter Has Been Flushed!! But Can The Dragon Ball Be Repaired?!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we went through the first half of Lucifer's Latrine and recovered part of a broken Dragon Ball. Today, we're going to traverse the other half of the Crapper of the King of the Bottomless Pit, so let's head out.

The other side doesn't look much different from the side we've already explored. For a place called the Devil's Toilet, you'd think it'd be a bit more interesting, visually.

Though, on this side, we encounter something even more banal than the teleporter section we did before.

I mean, not just yet, but we'll get there. It also has worse treasure.

Thankfully, the path is pretty linear; it kind of looks like a mess in screenshots, but we're just moving across the path.

There's an interesting bit of treasure down here.

This is a piece of equipment, and whoever has it equipped gets the first turn in battle, but I keep it unequipped for now. My party doesn't have much use for it; Goku and Yamcha are fast enough that they often trade who goes first, and Goku is set up to dish out tons of damage, while Yamcha is set up to never miss and hit like a son of a bitch. Gohan is kitted out to survive and gain the extra EXP he needs to hit level 35. Thinking about it, I'm not sure who I'd give it to. Possibly Krillin, since he serves as item chucker when he's in my party, and it'd be good for him to be going first if shit hits the fan.

Alright, here we are.

The banality here comes from the transport time of these platforms.

Here, see it in action. At least the teleporters were basically instantaneous travel.

So, uh, yeah. That's what this room is like.

Oh, screw it, I'm going to cut a lot of this out.

If this is the active Capsule, it has a chance to Freeze enemies at the start of battle. Otherwise, it has no effect.

Alright, that's the end of this room, where we snag this treasure.

Holy hell, when am I ever going to use this thing?

Not in this dungeon, I'll guarantee you that.

I work at a grocery store.

Today, I watched a child put a security tag on her brother, in hopes that when the security beeper went off, we'd take him back to the shelf.

That little girl was very disappointed when she left the store.

And that story helped me kill enough time to get to this. The Full Bracelet adds +4 to all stats; I give it to Goku, replacing his Power Bracelet. Granted, the Power Bracelet adds +5 to his Power, but I'll take the loss of one Power for +4 to all other stats.

Ooh, hey, the boss! Neat!

But first, to satisfy Glazius, we chill out and have a mimosa before fighting the boss.

Alright, let's get this fight out of the way.

Don't worry, Krillin. This take is one where I don't get wiped out.

Alright, asshole, let's dance!

Let's get it on!

So, this boss fight is just an asshole.

With 12,300 HP, you'll be here for a little while, and you can't really just blitz this boss into submission.

It's important to lay on a ton of damage, but you've gotta take care to keep yourself healed.

As this son of a bitch loves to use this attack and poison your party members. Not only does it do a ton of damage, but Poison? C'mon, dammit, that just sucks.

However, Gohan is shaping up nicely.

And Yamcha has gotten his Spirit Ball attack. I need this at Level 2 and his other skill, which I haven't unlocked yet, at Level 2 to get his other Ultimate attack.

The Spirit Ball just zooms around an enemy, hitting them a whole bunch.

And it does a nice amount of damage. It's only Level 1 right now. And we haven't gotten Yamcha's best accessory yet, either, so the power can go up even more.

It's important to do as much damage as you can; the Ladies' is no slouch in the "attempt to murder you so hard your family also dies" department.

Thankfully, I have a nice party for dropping tons of damage.

Right there is about a quarter of this thing's health in a single round.

However...Things can go wrong. I died to this boss twice when I shouldn't have; I got cocky. Much like in Dark Souls II, which Eevee is slowly but surely taking me through, play it safe. The boss will fall sooner or later, but you can't let yourself get cocky.

Also, this boss has eyebeams.

And they do a lot of damage. Unguarded, Goku would have taken over 500 damage, probably. Out of his 1,400-some odd total, that's quite a lot.

This kind of looks like the other boss' instant-kill attack.

However, the Ladies', instead of murderizing someone, grinds around on them, possibly inflicting Stun and doing a bunch of damage. Yamcha has less than 1,000 health at max, so you know.

I just realized I have this shot with no context before or after it, but this is what the eyebeams will do to your full party. On average, that'd be 540 damage to each person. Goku was blocking here as he was closest to death; in addition to being my strongest party member, he's also the fastest, which is very nice for emergency item throwing.

And then there's this asshole of an attack.

No thunder or anything, just some rain. But considering this is the Prince of Darkness' Porcelain Throne, perhaps it's not just rain.

Yeah, Defense Down on everyone. That's not something I particularly want to have happen, considering this boss hits like a son of a bitch to begin with.

Oh, yes, this boss can increase his (her?) Attack. Combined with Defense Down, this could be very, very nasty.

Thankfully, she (he?) was just a few kicks from a small child away from biting the dust.

Look at all that delicious EXP!

Would it have been a solid twist if we had gotten a solid, undamaged, Dragon Ball here?

But, yes, we do have both halves of the Dragon Ball.

Piccolo knows what Goku had planned. He is some part of Kami, after all. If Goku hadn't had the idea, Piccolo probably would have spoken up.

Piccolo is just about the smartest guy in this room, Goku. Are you really surprised that he knew what to do?

Then again, this is before anybody really had a chance to get to know Piccolo. 'course, they probably knew how smart he is from Dragon Ball, so--Y'know what, forget it.

I know I should just be quiet when I'm debating whether or not Dragon Ball characters know how smart Piccolo is.

Anywho, yes, going to visit Mr. Popo!

Krillin, stop being so pissed off!

There's no other bullshit to get the Ball repaired. We've just gotta take it to Kami and Popo.

But first, we're going to stop off to talk with Korin. He's got a pretty kick ass Capsule for us.

I may have hammered through this first bit of dialog.

Okay, so I know what you're thinking; he gave us a stick. Fantastic.

It's a pretty nice Capsule and is almost always on Standby for me. Until I get 1,000 Carrots, pretty well every other useful Capsule is on Standby.

Swapping to Krillin real quick, for one important reason.

To holler at Yajirobe over here.

Not sure why Yajirobe is so friendly with Krillin, but whatever, Krillin has his first Ultimate!

And he gets a point in it for free! I've not used this much, so I might to play around with it a bit, see how good it really is.

Anywho, Popo time.

Did nobody tell Popo that Goku was coming back?

Nobody told Kami, that's for damn sure.

It's also worth noting that Piccolo, during this entire conversation, faces this way. He has no interest in speaking to Kami, much less seeing him.

Well, more like he ordered you to get your dead ass back to Earth and to do it, but semantics, I suppose.

I guess it's going okay; we've gotten a couple of Balls already.

A little problem, Goku? Aren't the Dragon Balls supposed to be unbreakable? That seems like it would qualify as a pretty fucking big problem.

Then again, Piccolo killed Shenron at one point, and he's known as the Eternal Dragon, and that kind of implies he wouldn't be killable.

When Shenron was killed, Kami revived him. I'm pretty sure; wouldn't it stand that Kami could fix the Dragon Ball?

Oh, hell, someone in the thread explain it and I'll edit your quote into this update.

Thanks, Popo. We're one step closer to bringing Goku back to life!

I love Goku's next line. It tickles my funny bone.

I can't even tell you why. Maybe it's Goku being so casual with God, but it makes me laugh.

But, that does it for this update! Which means----


Next is this mysterious cave in the ocean; what wonders could it hold?

There's also this barren desert, marked by the gigantic skull of some long-dead beast.

These are the places available to us to continue our search, so BOLD a vote for where we go to begin our search for the Dragon Balls. And while you're at it, you can even BOLD a vote for who I take in my party; anyone is available to take, and you have until Thursday, 8:00 PM, EST, to get your votes in. Whichever place has the most votes is where I'll go next, and the three characters with the most votes are who I'll be taking along.

But, before you vote, let's take a look at our character's stats, see how they all stack up against each other.

Goku has the best stats of anyone around; he's strongest, fastest, the most skilled, and can lay down the most damage.

Yamcha is the second fastest and the second strongest; he's got some very solid skills at his disposal. His Defense may seem shitty, but it's about the same as anyone else's. Except for Goku's.

Gohan is shaping up pretty well, and he's nearly level 35. Just a few more levels and his stat gains will start to go through the roof. Shit, some of his stats are better than the others', which is kind of funny to me.

Tien's main strength lies in his Ki attacks; Tri-Beam is super powerful, if not a little painful to use. The Multi-Form Attack is, too, but it's pretty costly. He's not a bad character, but I've got others I like having in my party more.

Piccolo's story is pretty similar to Tien's; he's good with Ki attacks, and his two (Destructive Wave and Light Grenade) are single hitting attacks. They're not bad, but I like multi-hitting Ki attacks better, as there's more room for error. If Piccolo misses with one of his Ki attacks, that's pretty much all she wrote for him doing damage that turn. He has the Super Explosive Wave, which hits all enemies, but is pretty expensive.

Finally, there's Krillin. He's pretty average in everything, but the Kamehameha he has is pretty strong, as is the Destructo Disk; the Disk has a chance of instantly killing an enemy, in addition to doing a bunch of damage. He also has the Scatter Shot, which hits all enemies, but has the high Ki cost that the all-enemy attacks do. He now has a healing Ultimate, as well as being quick enough to be an effective item thrower, in addition to his Skill that raises Item effectiveness when he uses them. He's not a bad choice for any party.

Alright, folks, you know the drill from here: BOLD some votes for who I'm taking and where we're going! There's just two more locations to go search!