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Part 39: Pilaf's Castle Infiltrated! But Can Our Heroes Survive His Deadly Games?!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we recovered the last Dragon Ball from the Mysterious Cave, and then all of our Dragon Balls were stolen by Pilaf. Nobody is quite sure how he did it, but he has all seven, so we've gotta head to his castle and stop him before he can summon Shenron. With that said, let's head out.

You all are lucky I'm writing this update; I had a new graphics card installed yesterday, and Dying Light is such a nice looking game.

Huh, Pilaf has satellite cable. No wonder he's such an asshole; Shu and Mai probably installed the dish wrong, so Pilaf is constantly grumpy because he's missing the latest on Honey Boo Boo.

It's a fucking castle, Krillin. You knew we were coming here.

Oh. Yeah, that is weird. Would it surprise anyone if Pilaf and his crew didn't know how to use the Dragon Balls?

I wouldn't be.

Piccolo, ain't nobody knows how they took the Dragon Balls. But I know you should just be goddamned ashamed of yourself.

So, we're inside, and we'll be running around as Tien for the next little bit. Some folks have wanted him to get some more love, so I hope you enjoy. He currently has the Targeting Ring and a Skill Bracelet equipped, while Yamcha is rocking a Striker's Crest (+20% Accuracy) and a Fighter's Crest (Attack +15%). Gohan still has his +500 HP Necklace, and will soon have the Fighter's Emblem equipped; now that he's of a proper level, he doesn't really need the Turban anymore.

Anywho, there are some new enemies around here, so let's take a look at them.

It feels like it's been a long time since we fought some snakes.

They have 820 HP to their name and some potentially nasty attacks.

Tien isn't doing too bad in the damage department, but the Tri-Beam is taking a pretty significant chunk of health from him, and the Absorb Bracelet would only give back about 35 HP. His other Ki attack, the Multi-Form Attack, is basically too expensive to use on random mooks.

I'm sure you're thinking that Gohan resisted the Poison status effect here; it's not a bad thought, considering they're friggin' snakes and have "poisonous" in their name. But this bite can actually inflict the Defense Down ailment.

This is their Poison attack. It can deal a fair amount of damage when it hits, and it hits everyone, so chances are, at least person is being poisoned when this attack comes out.

Not a bad bit of EXP, though.

I can't imagine anyone could make a portrait of that mug flattering.

These next guys are kind of a pain.

They have 2,900 HP, and no weaknesses.

In this attack, that guy up there actually blasts at you with his rifle.

Yamcha doesn't have the greatest defense, but that's still a fair amount of damage through a Guard.

After this fight is when I took the Turban off of Gohan.

It remains unequipped, but it's possible I could find a use for it later on.

Alright, there's a bottomless pit, a button, and some arrows.

We can't do much beyond follow the arrows. But, if nothing else, there is a save point. There's area beyond it, but nothing we can go through yet, so let's keep moving.

We'll get that chest in a later update, so forget about it for now.

Swinging around to hit that button extends the bridge, which lets us head to the next part of the Castle.

These are basically Remedies, from the Final Fantasy games. I don't recall finding many of them in dungeons, but they are available for purchase.

In trying to cross the bridge, we find a new enemy encounter!

Well, kind of new.

890 HP on these upgraded canines, and that's about all that's different. Their attacks are the same, except for hitting harder, and they give more EXP.

Yes, that is another save point. Pilaf's Castle is actually a pretty long dungeon, and it loops around, so they're fairly generous with being able to save and heal up.

North is where we want to go to continue, so let's head south first.

It leads us to this small area and a chest.

This raises Luck by 8 points.

What else do you want me to say?

Heading back in and going north, there's a series of electrical arcs popping from the walls.

Our Rubber Boots render them harmless. I said earlier that the Rubber Boots aren't required, and none of the damage floor Capsules really are, but they make things so much simpler.

Hey, alright, I can dig it.

Hitting this switch creates another bridge, so that we can traverse this area much quicker than before.

And there's a full Ki heal in here. Excellent.

Alright, let's head into the meat of this update.

Well, what in the wide wide world of sports is going on here?

I'm suddenly reminded of Murderworld, from Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Man, I fuckin' love that game.

In the upper left corner of the room, there's a chest with this Luck Fruit inside.

On the right side of the room, there's a MAX Bean. In case you've forgotten, a MAX Bean will restore 1,500 HP to whoever its used on.

Excellent question, Krillin.

For some reason, I imagine that Gohan only knows that playgrounds exist through the various books that his mother has gotten him.

It seems we're fortunate enough to activate the Luckyball.

Well, ain't that something.

Let's see who has more balls; us, or Pilaf?

The video up there includes all three of the boss fights. Oh, yeah, spoilers, there are two more bosses after this.

With a mere 6,000 HP, this fight doesn't last long.

Considering that these two just did around 1,500 damage to the Bronze Pinball.

It does have some attacks, but nothing too special.

It'll bounce on your part a couple of times.

Then it spins around like when your dog is trying to chase his tail, so he can catch it and gnaw on his own ass, for a bit more damage.

Since it went and busted out a special attack, let's show off Tien's newest.

Tien begins by booting the Ball across the room and then sails into the air.

He then fires off five Tri-Beams in a row, in a low-rent version of the attack he used to delay Imperfect Cell, but without the handicap of basically killing him. It goes a ways toward it, but he'll pretty much be fine after using it.

It also does a bunch of damage, too. And it's only level 1!

Gohan picked up his second Ultimate, and it is pretty badass.

Beginning with a Shoryuken that Gouken would approve of,

Gohan then boots that fucker back to the planet,

which throws down a bunch more damage as it smashes into the wall,

and then Gohan supercharges himself.

He then flings his overcharged body at the enemy.

Lookit that damage...

Oh, yeah, that also finishes the fight. The poor Bronze bastard never stood a chance.

But, without so much as a chance to heal up or catch our breath, the second Pinball emerges.

7,000 HP on this guy.

What we're not seeing here is the blind, deaf and dumb kid pulling the plunger, using his sense of smell to detect where it should go.

From what I hear, he plays a mean pinball.

The Silver Pinball bounces all over the room after this, dealing a bunch of damage.

If you're low on HP after the last fight and this guy manages to get the first turn, it could easily wipe your party. Though, if you have Yamcha or Krillin around, they should be able to easily outspeed it.

In this attack, it moves into someone's row and bounces up and down twice.

Which drops a bunch of smaller, silver pin balls on the unlucky member. They hit three times, so be sure to Guard it.

With this fight summed up, Gohan finishes the Silver Ball off.

Mmm...Tasty, tasty, EXP.

For once, I can't talk shit to Tien about him doing nothing, since he's actually in the party for this part.

The final ball is the Gold Pinball.

8,500 HP on this one, but it's a little more dangerous than the other two.

It also tends to fight like a fucking Looney Tune.

That can also inflict Stun, in addition to the high damage. I missed the Guard on that one, which is why the damage is this high, but it still hurts pretty good even with the Guard.

It also has the low-rent version of Peach's Psyche Bomb attack.

Yowch, that stings. Especially to Tien, who was stunned and unable to Guard from being blown the fuck up.

But, Yamcha gets the honors of ending this fight; it's more of the same for these fights, really, but keep your health high and you'll be fine.

We also net a pretty good amount of EXP from the fights. When you consider the general simplicity of these fights, it almost feels unfair for them to drop all that in your lap.

Bigass, golden pinball, Yamcha. Haven't you been paying attention to what you've been Wolf Fang Fisting?

Or that. That's probably closer to the true answer.

If any of you fucks had done something back at Roshi's, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Alright, another save point!

I'm going to end this update here, so go ahead and take a break.

Next time, we'll probably finish off Pilaf's Castle, so stay tuned!