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Dragon Ball Z: Attack Of The Saiyans

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Part 45: The Saiyan Attack Begins!! The First Confrontation!!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, our titular villains finally arrived. Today, we're going to start our showdown against them, so let's head out.

We start with Gohan and Piccolo, who have noticed the Saiyans arrival.

And their power is massive.

Yamcha, near his hideout, has noticed their arrival.

Krillin is...Somewhere, but he has also noticed the arrival of the Saiyans.

Yajirobe, lost on his way to the pizza place, has also noticed their arrival.

Tien and Chiaotzu have also noticed their arrival, but they're the only other ones to say something about it. Maybe the developers thought it would be weird for a manga character to talk with nobody else around.

Alright, East City, let's see how you handle this arrival.

Well, how do you--



I guarantee you, Tien, it was nothing nice.

Am I the only one who is hearing that laughter as Wario?

Now I'm picturing Super Saiyan Wario.

Ah! One of our Saiyans has been named! Nappa is the bigger, bald guy, with the purple Scouter.

The other fella, with the red Scouter, is Vegeta. Saiyans travel around, depopulating planets, and then selling them for profit.


: The Dragon Balls. First we need to find the one that killed Raditz and ask him about them...If the Dragon Balls were close by, that greeting of yours would have destroyed our chances at wishing for eternal life.

: Sorry, Vegeta. I forgot about that.

: Now let's see...The one with the highest power level should be the one who killed Raditz. Or maybe Kakarot's son...

: Hey, Vegeta! This is strange! There's a bunch of power levels over 1000! How could that be...?

: Don't get shaken up. They're no match for us anyway. Just find the one with the highest power level...Found them! Two high power levels are together...All right! Nappa! Let's go have some fun!

: Heh heh heh. This is great! The gravity is so low on this planet! It's really easy to move!

Spritz on your Perfume and get over there, Yamcha!

Well, they're looking for the two strongest on the planet.

...Goddammit, Krillin, Chiaotzu? Really?

Right for you?!

Please do. I'm not even sure what your level is, much less your stat spread.

Not even a guest member appearance, but then again, we only had Bubbles and Gregory for that, despite having plenty of other opportunities to use it.

So at this point, you're at your computer, looking at screenshots of another person playing a game, where they're currently watching TV.

Well, at least nobody is panicking over the aliens' arrival and them blowing up a city. An earthquake is much easier to wrap your mind around.

: which is believed to be the epicenter of the earthquake, as communications are completely cut off at this time...

Bulma is referring to the Scouter, and she's right.

I don't think anyone wants you there, Oolong.

: Even I would just be in the way. All we can do is hope for their victory from here.

Way to go, Puar, just dooming Yamcha like that. You furry little dick.

I wonder, could Bulma have slipped a Capsule jet or something into Goku's pocket before Kami took him over to Otherworld? I don't know if it would help him get back any faster, but that just occurred to me.

Speaking of Goku...

Don't be dead by the time he gets there!

Lookit that, half an hour has passed since the Saiyans arrived.

And the animals are shitting themselves over getting the hell away from the Saiyans.

Hey, Piccolo changed his clothes! And his field sprite reflects that.

Which is true; look at all the levels you've gained!


Well, we didn't get to go far.

Well, maybe--

Oh, it's just Krillin.

Y-You don't recognize him, Gohan? It's Krillin?

Well, it's been a few months, and Piccolo is a bit stronger than last time you met, but at least acknowledge Gohan.

Don't talk shit, Piccolo; I like having a full party and Krillin is valuable.

Well, I did upgrade your skills and abilities.

: So, I guess more fools will try to show up?

: Yeah, everyone will be here. I was the closest.

: Krillin! I knew you'd come fight with us!

: ...Yeah, of course!

: All right. Time to cut the chatter. Let's go!

And off we go. To the next screen.

Where we'll go hop into a Capsule house.

So this is a little pre-dungeon area, which means new enemies and some treasures.

Red Wolves have 1,200 HP and are the toughest wolves we'll be encountering in the game.

Not that Piccolo gives a frog's fat ass about these things.

They've got the dashing bite combo other wolves do, but for more damage than any of the others. Outside of being top-tier wolves, they're not super interesting.


There's treasure on either side, but we hit the right first? Why?

Because that's the way I went first.

A Megalixir by another name, and the chances of it being used are just as slim.

But we're not getting this baby without a fight!

Okay, it's just a random encounter, but it does introduce us to a new enemy type.

They have 1,100 HP and are the first of the Saibaman type enemies.

They can be pretty dangerous, including having the classic suicide attack that we've come to know and love.

I don't know what this red goo is, but it does some damage.

Not a lot of it, but some. It also comes out pretty quickly.

We'll see more out of this enemy type later, but for now, you've got the gist of them.

Now over to the left. Oh, the treasure over here...

Oh, it's a bigass bird.

3,500 HP on these fellows, and they're the strongest birds we'll be fighting. We'll be encountering a lot of top-tier enemies soon.

Still, 350 damage to Gohan through a Guard; these guys have some power behind their attacks and it's best to take them out quickly.

They also drop a nice amount of EXP.

We had to blow up another rock to get here, but I'll spare you the shot.

This item raises your chance of getting a chain attack by 8%.

But this fuckin' thing...

I need to find another accessory to get the full use out of it, but it's essentially a Perfume for either Gohan or Goku. You know what that means.

We're rapidly approaching levels here.

But that'll have to wait.

Because Piccolo is yelling again.

And these two are just floating along over there.

: Looks like another strong one joined them...

: It seems they're well informed about us...

: I can feel their Ki. It's so strong...It's overwhelming!

Well, actually, we just got here. Unless you count the time we had to prepare, then yeah, we've definitely been waiting.

: Let me ask just in case...What did you come here for?

: That voice...You must be the one that defeated Raditz...

: Voice...?!

: Didn't Raditz tell you? This machine is also a communications device.

A whozawhats it now?

Anyone want to explain that?

Oh, if you only knew...We only had to kill our strongest guy to get it done.

: Piccolo. Is it true...?! Are you an alien, too?!

: ........

: Are you, Piccolo?

: Now I get it! As well as having above average power levels, they say the Nameks also have special skills! I've heard that some of them even have magical abilities...You made the Dragon Balls, didn't you!

: They know about the Dragon Balls!

: Those Dragon Balls are our main goal. So hand 'em over! Even if you are a Namek, you're just one. You're like a fly to us!

I, uh, I don't think that's the proper response, Piccolo.

: Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't make the Dragon Balls. Fighting is my specialty! Come see if I'm really the fly you say I am!

But, before that, what's going on up here on the Lookout?

Oh, yeah, Kami is from Namek, too.

Of all the goofy shit on this planet, were I Kami, I don't think I'd have gone straight to the alien thing, either.

There are two different kinds of Namekians; Dragon Clan and Warrior Namekians. Kami is of the Dragon Clan, like Guru or Dende, and they can create objects, including clothing and stuff; the best of them, like Kami, can make Dragon Balls.

The Warriors are good at kicking the shit out of you. Nail, from the Frieza Saga, is one of these, and they're usually pretty powerful. For instance, Nail has a power level of 42,000. Piccolo fits into this class.

I didn't know any of those things until starting this LP; Dragon Ball Online sounded like a ton of fun and I wish I could play it.

Did anyone here play Dragon Ball Online? Was it fun? It looks like fun, but I think all the servers for it are shut down.

Anywho, we're back with the Saiyans and our fighters.

...Oh. This might not end well.

Those power levels are Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin, in that order.

Damn! Vegeta knows our secret! At this point, the actual power levels are much higher; Gohan is still 981, but Krillin is 1,770, and Piccolo is 3,500.

Though, Nappa's power level is 4,000...

Vegeta's is 18,000.

We're going to die.

Don't forget the fuck-off energy cannon. That certainly helped.

C'mon, Krillin, you remember him. He kidnapped your best friend's son, helped kill him, and also kicked the shit out of you in a single hit.

: A weakling, huh...Hah hah...

: That's right. So let's see just how strong these fools really are. I'm sure that will help them in telling us where the Dragon Balls are. Hey, Nappa. There should be about six Saibamen left. Take them out.

Don't worry; you'll become well acquainted with them soon enough.

: You're right, there are six! This soil should raise some good Saibamen. There we go...

: What're they doing?!

Oh, dear Christ, Nappa planted little green men!

Ugly little bastards, aren't they?

is right, Krillin.

: Those three are the target. Make them suffer!

: Th-These guys seem pretty tough!

: Yeah...

: Huh?!

Oh, good, it's just Tien.

Why wasn't it just Tien

Oh, thank you, Jesus, it's Yamcha.

Runts? Yeah, well, you're bald!

: There's been some changes...They've multiplied...

There's, uh, only five humans there, Vegeta. Shit, you're the one that taught us that.

Don't change the subject, Vegeta. I was just saiyan, is all.

Well, that doesn't seem like a bad id--

Goddammit, Piccolo, calm your tits down!

Piccolo, I'm pretty sure we need Goku along.

Oh, thank God, Krillin's not a fucking moron.

Oddly enough, Piccolo is probably the smartest guy around here. I'm not sure why he didn't think this one up.

: Gah hah hah hah! He's gonna be surprised to find out just how strong the Saibamen really are!

: You go! And don't hold back anything. Got it?


So, we've got our first fight against the Saibamen.

Thankfully, they're not difficult fights. We don't get a chance to throw equipment on Tien before the fight, which is unfortunate.

They've got 1,200 HP to their name, and the same set of attacks as the C. Sai.

Including a hefty punch in the face.

As well as their heads blasting out a large splotch of goo.

Which kinda hurts.

Even so, this fight ends pretty quickly.

That looks like a lot of EXP, and it only is because it's just Tien getting it; were this spread across a full party, 500 EXP isn't shit at this point.

Wow, look at him go. Nappa can hardly believe this shit.

Glad I could be of service; throw another one out and I'll kick the shit out of it.

Well, it is 1,200, but Tien's power level is 1,830.

The only people here who don't have a power level higher than Raditz's are Gohan and Chiaotzu (610).

I guess Nappa is kind of a moron.

Was it combat data? Tell me, did you gather enough of it to satisfy Umbrella?

The fuck out of here with that.

Chiaotzu, stay back. Anyone else, just fart in its general direction and it'll die.

Hey, whatcha doin', Vegeta?


: There was no use in letting him continue. He would have lost. That Saibaman didn't take his enemy seriously. I told them not to hold back.

: I can't believe it...

: (That Saiyan...He reduced that green monster to pieces in a matter of seconds...What power!)

: So, who's next?

: You guys better not hold back this time!

: Well, here we go!

Yamcha's power level is 1,480, so he'll be okay. It's unfortunate that I can't throw his Perfume on, but he'll still be enough to crush this shit.

: Yamcha, let me go...

: You've already been wished back by the Dragon Balls, Krillin. If something happened, you won't be able to come back. Now, bring it on!

: Heh. What confidence.

: Show him what you Saibamen are really made of!

Let's get it on!

No Perfume, but still, half its HP in a Wolf Fang Fist. Wolf Hurricane is probably stronger, but Wolf Fang Fist hits a lot, and Yamcha's Accuracy isn't as good as it would be with the Perfume.

Let's finish this fight with some style.

Not quite how it happened in the show, but hey, I like the Spirit Ball.

No .gif of it this time, but this Saibaman goes shooting back.

I think a Saibaman's strength depends on the soil he's planted in. Earth has pretty good soil, according to Nappa, which seems like the soil could have some kind of effect on the Saibaman grown, but maybe not. I don't know.

Let me get to an equip screen and I'm on board for that, Yamcha.

Yeah, what?


Yamcha, no...

Why don't you blow yourself up, then? I mean, you will much later on, but it would save us a lot of trouble right now.

: That's why he went in my place...This can't be happening...What are we gonna tell Puar and Bulma...?

And this sounds kind of like that the Saibamen can vary in strength, but, ultimately, I don't know. I'm not sure if anyone does.

Well, they did see two of them get the shit kicked out of them with a very low amount of effort. I'm going to bet it was either suicide bomb or shit himself, and the Saibaman wanted to retain some level of dignity.

...You son of a bitching bastard.

Oh, shit, it's Krillin time!

Piccolo and Tien join him for this, but they're not needed.

However, they do help me destroy these guys a little quicker.

And the final one is beaten to death by a bigger, scarier, green man.

Hey, now, that's not bad. 2,000 EXP for a low amount of effort.

Yamcha's corpse can stop smoking any time now. It's kind of weirding me out.

But first!

Nobody has any special dialog for checking out Yamcha's body. Kind of disappointing, since you'd think Krillin, at least, would have something.

Alright, there's the save point.

We'll take a break here for now. Next time, we'll do some more Saiyan attacking stuff, so stay tuned!