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Part 46: Nappa Steps Up!! His Power Is Monstrous!!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we fought against the Saibamen and Yamcha was killed. Today, we're going to fight Nappa, so let's head out.

Oh, you're just pissy that we killed all your little green men.

Oh, c'mon, you already killed my favorite party member. What more do you want?

Let's see, Nappa's power level is 4,000; Piccolo's is 3,500, and the others more than make up the 500 difference there, so I'm thinking that, with some teamwork, we could take you, Nappa. Even without Chiaotzu.

We need more guys to take on Vegeta, though. Oh, Goku, get here quickly!

It is, indeed, shaking. However, I didn't make a .gif of it, because those .gifs are kind of stupid. We can all imagine what it would look like shaking.

So the one potential thing you could have done, Chiaotzu, you can't even do that.

A combination of training and natural ability, more'n likely, Krillin.

And our resident planet-killer is crying now. Fantastic.

Maybe if you had trained harder, this wouldn't be an issue...

Alright, let's get it on!

So, Nappa is a tough customer.

He's got 8,000 HP and can deal some good damage with his attacks.

Also, Gohan is unavailable for this fight, which is just terrible. If he was around, I could probably solo Nappa with him.

I've got a bit of a surprise concerning him.

I'd much rather have him around than Tien.

Nappa has only one attack he won't use in this fight, but that's okay.

This attack indicates the end of this fight.

He gives the party the finger so hard, they begin to explode. However, you'll notice that the screen is fading out.

That's because it's a scripted end; we fight Nappa more than once.

Oh, no, he was killed?

Oh, darn.

Tien, you have three eyes. How did Cueball over there see your best friend was gone before you did?

Oh, Chiaotzu is just floating for his ass. This isn't weird.

So, Chiaotzu has attached himself to Nappa.

Which, while probably distressing, isn't much to worry about. Can't someone take this time to blow his head off?

No, nobody is going to take advantage of this opportunity?

Sure, he can.

See, there he is, planted on Nappa's ass.

And then Chiaotzu explodes.

Suicide attacks are pretty popular around this point in time. And by that, I mean, we see them twice in short order, and then not again.

I've gotta say, the next two lines are some of my favorite in the game.

They come from Piccolo.

Krillin recognizes the sick burn.

And Nappa is no worse for the wear.

I do. And I'm betting they're getting a good idea of what they're up against.

But, it's okay, Goku is on his way! He's coming ever closer!

Calm down, Han. It was only Chiaotzu.

And, back on Earth, Nappa is planning to kill Tien next. Followed by the others, in a random order.

Well, he's probably going to do it through a combination of Ki attacks, hard punches, and possibly biting your throats out.

Eh, what can you do?


Well, guess who we're not seeing again!

I'm not sure if that's something people will thank you for, Nappa. Murder generally isn't a thankful action. Even if you're reunited with a friend.

Now, calm down, Tien. No use in you getting your ass killed, too.

: That's where we'll aim for...

Well, thank you, Vege--Wait, what?

Is he giving us tips on how to kill his buddy? Vegeta, you are fucked up.

: Keep smiling while you have the chance. Goku will change all of that when he gets here.

: Oh really? Just who is this Goku? Someone special?

And then we start the second fight against Nappa.

He's back to 8,000 HP, so we've gotta tear it all down again.

And Tien gets some chances to shine. Even if Piccolo and Krillin can out-damage him pretty easily.

Nappa also has this attack, which I'm not sure if he can use in the first fight, aside from when he's scripted to use it.

And, holy balls, does it hurt. This is his only full-party attack, and he doesn't bust it out all that often, so it's easy to keep your health high.

Anywho, let's finish out this fight. It's not too different from the first go 'round.

And now we have a different scripted ending to this fight.

And Tien uses his own suicide attack to finish this off.

You'd think that Tien would have blown his own arm off with the force of that Tri-Beam, but it was actually Nappa who took it off. He charged up a big, fuck-off power punch to do it, too. Here's a video of it.

And yes, Chiaotzu is around in that video; he does his suicide attack after Tien loses his arm. Unless it's different in Kai, which it very well could be. Having not seen Kai (I'm hoping for some of the series for Christmas), I can't say for certain.

Eh, it was just a Tri-Beam.

He also has a mustache that Hulk Hogan would approve of.

Well, it definitely could have gone better.

...Especially considering he just face planted into the dirt.

: It can't be...Can nothing kill this guy?!

: No...Not Tien...This is...a nightmare...We keep dying one after the other...GOKU! Hurry up and get here! PLEASE!

: Goku...? That name again...Wait a sec...

: Gwah hah hah...That's another one down for the count...You guys are next...I'll just leave the Namek alive and breathing enough to tell us where the Dragon Balls are. We'd like to ask you more about them.

: Lucky for you, Piccolo...They think only you know about the Dragon Balls...

: Doesn't make a difference...They'll kill us all in the end anyway.

: It sure is good to have you on our side in a situation like this...Who'd of thought, you know? So, you think we have at least a little chance at winning?

: None! I didn't think they'd be monsters of this magnitude. They far surpass the Saiyan that came before them.

: Looks like I might end up dying again...

Back on the Lookout, Kami is aware of how shitty things are going down there.

Popo, c'mon man, if he could, don't you think he would have gone and gotten Goku?

: Hurry...I have but little time left...Death draws ever closer...

It's this point that I just realized that I never made a Popo portrait.

Your faith in...Yourself? Your "evil" side? Whatever, your faith in Piccolo is a little lacking.

Piccolo looks ready for action, but Krillin looks like he's had a little too much cheese lately.

Tien kept his guard up and you blew his arm off. I don't think that's going to matter much, Napps.

Alright, Gohan, you're in; guys, get--

Excellent question. It seems like if you let him kill us now, things would be much easier for you two.

Thankfully, they don't know what we do, in that when Piccolo dies, the Dragon Balls will disappear.

Just wait until he finds out that Goku looks like this:

When did carrots enter this equation?!

Oh, right, that's Goku's real name.

: So, what we heard on the scouters is true. He's been brought back to life. Hah hah hah! Who'd have thought that your savior was that weakling, Kakarot! What do you expect him to do? He couldn't even stand up to Raditz!

: He should be a lot stronger now...No, he will be for sure! Stronger than beyond belief!

: Don't underestimate Goku!

: Dah hah hah! Then where is he? You sure he didn't run off scared?!

: He'll be here! My dad will be here, you'll see! He'll take you down!

: Heh heh...That's a lot of faith you've got there. Interesting. Very well then. We'll wait until he arrives.

: What?! Are you kidding, Vegeta? Don't be so boring! Kakarot won't show! Let's just take care of these guys right now!

: Just for three hours. No longer.

: Three hours?! What're we gonna do for three hours? I can't just stay still after sleeping all the way here! There's no point in waiting! This is stupid! I wanna play now!!

This provides a good idea of how much stronger Vegeta is than Nappa. Vegeta's power level is 18,000, so he's more than four times stronger than Nappa.

: Well, you heard me. I've extended your lives for a little bit longer. Be grateful.

Well, they've talked him up a lot. It'd probably be worthwhile to see how strong he really is.

Or that. That's good too.

Basically, Vegeta wants him around so he can kick his ass.

Or something even worse.

Jesus, Vegeta, you are fucked up.

I guess I don't have a portrait of that Nappa face. I have it with the scouter, but not without; I'm also too lazy to go make one real quick.

Three hours? Sounds like plenty of time to rest up before getting our asses kicked.

: Whatever you want. But after we get the information about the Dragon Balls out of the Namek.

: I hope that Kakarot shows up...

And with that, we're given control back over our characters. We can go gear up real quick, which brings me to something interesting I discovered when recording.

You can leave the Paprika Wasteland and go anywhere, which means you can go destroy the Level 3 obstacles. This is hidden behind one of them, and it does what it says; it makes whoever has it equipped immune to all status effects. And the Model Full Moon is supposed to Confuse whichever Saiyan has it equipped, but with the HEAD-CHA-LA, that effect doesn't kick in.

Which means that Gohan is not only immune to all status effects, but he's also gotten a Perfume-esque boost. And Goku can do it, too.

This sounds like a point of no return to the end game, but it's not. It's the point of no return to the end of this chapter, and the next chapter is the endgame. Which includes letting us visit around anywhere, then going to the final area to fight the final boss.

Which reminds me of something I'd like to ask you all. Would you prefer, when we left this chapter, if we just went and fought the final boss and then did the bonus boss and some other sidequesty stuff, or do you want me to do the bonus boss and that other stuff, then just go and completely fucking annihilate Vegeta?

So, here's the vote:

Beat The Game First?


Annihilate Vegeta Like He's A Huge Bitch?

You'll have until we finish this chapter to vote.

Oh, thank goodness. With Goku around, our chances of getting our shit wrecked have gone down drastically.

Kami's gotta go pick him up, though.

Quit talking and keep moving!

I'd like to point out that King Yemma does not give a shit about what's going on behind him.

And with that, they disappear, back to Earth. Hopefully before Nappa has killed Gohan, broken Krillin's skull in six places, and made Piccolo look like a Stretch-Armstrong before you accidentally tear the arms off.

He does not give a shit. He's just kind of surprised he made it back.

Then quit fuckin' yapping and get moving!

Thanks, Popo! If we all die, I hope you manage to not be horrifically killed!

And with that, Goku dives off the Lookout.

And there's Korin! 'sup, cat-bro?

I'm not sure how this conversation is taking place, but it works out pretty well.

We might be needing them.

: Don't let us down, Goku!

: I'll have one right now...All right! Back to 100%!

: There's a lot of huge Ki all in one place! Over there! Here we go!!

But we'll see how his arrival pans out next update.

Stay tuned!