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Part 47: Goku Arrives!! But Is He Powerful Enough To Stop The Monstrous Nappa?!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we started our fight against Nappa. Today, let's hope Goku arrives, and let's head out.

...Well, this is a great goddamned start.

There's a thin line between bravery and stupidity, and Goku dances across that line all the time.

He does have to come back from the dead to make it, Krillin. Cut the guy some slack; you've been dead, you know how it goes.

Oh, yeah, Nappa has stripped out of his armor for better mobility. We're now being fought by a giant man in his underpants.

Like I said, you've been there before, Krillin. At least it's nothing new to you.

: That's if it goes to plan...Krillin, first you do all you can to get their attention...Then I'll take that opening and grab the Saiyan's tail...That's their weakness.

: ...Oh yeah!

: That'll take his power down and make him helpless...When that happens, Gohan, you hit him with all you've got! Got it?

In the Z series, we find out that grabbing Nappa's tail doesn't do anything, since he's trained that out of himself. In this game, we never find that out, since nobody grabs his tail. Did they mention it in Kai?

...I should probably watch Kai so I can answer these questions myself.

Oh, great job, Piccolo. Yell at the already scared kid, because that won't scare him at all.

And then pile on the pressure; good job, Piccolo. You're fucking fantastic at this.

: We might just have a chance!)

: Gohan, believe in yourself. If you really try, your power could even surpass mine...

: OK! Let's do it!

All right, let's fight Nappa yet again!

I kind of wish I'd realized I could do characters running at their opponent into them entering battle sooner. It looks a lot better than flashing that red star up.

We start Gohan off with some Anger; he's Full Moon'd up, immune to status effects, and ready to kick some ass.

And then Krillin punches Nappa right in the dick.

Nappa has 14,000 HP in this fight, so we've got some work to do.

This is an attack of Nappa's I haven't shown off yet. It's his Arm Break, the one he used to blow Tien's arm off, and it does a shitload of damage.

And there's roughly 30% of his max HP gone. Goddamn, Gohan kicks ass.

And Goku is on his way! But we still need to hold Nappa off for a little longer...

I do like how individual Kis have their own feeling to them, like each person has their own, like a fingerprint of a different sort.

Would you like us to go back to kicking your ass?

: Daddy's coming for us!

: Vegeta! Are they being serious?! Heh heh heh! Is Kakarot actually coming this way?!

You might think it's a goof that Vegeta's scouter is back on, but there's a good reason for it.

Personally, I thought it was a very good detail that they bothered to use the portrait with the Scouter on.

Oh, yes, Nappa, he's stronger than you are.

: W-what about the Dragon Balls?!

: Forget about them! I've got an idea! We can just go to Planet Namek, home of the Namekians. There's got to be an even stronger set of Dragon Balls on that planet! If Kakarot's really alive, that means the legend's been true all along!

: Piccolo, run! I'll hold him off until Daddy makes it here! If you die, then Kami's gonna die too...And then there won't be any more Dragon Balls!

: Heh...Why do you have to be so stupid? You know there's no way you can defend yourself against him.

: You? Hold me off?

: You stupid brat! Don't make me laugh!

And then Nappa gets the shit kicked out of him by a five year old who could easily defend himself against him and hold him off for a while.

Oh, hey, this attack!

Nappa's mouth blast was one of his big things. Recoome can do it, too, and presumably, so can anyone else who can manipulate their Ki.

And it hurts like a son of a bitch.

But, let's skip to the end of this fight. I figured it'd been a while since we had seen the Special Beam Cannon, and I'm a big fan of it.

Which prompts Nappa to try and kill Gohan.

Who, as the story dictates, freaks the fuck out. Understandable.


That green son of a bitch, he took the blast.

And don't die, since we won't be able to wish you back! Or anyone else!

: That fool! I didn't mean to kill him just yet...Oh well...It was gonna happen sooner or later anyway.

Then you best be haulin' ass over there with those Senzu beans!

And let's not forget that Kami is going down, too.

At least you managed to bring Goku back from Otherworld before Piccolo died.

: He did well...

: ...Were spent protecting a kid...What a joke...Heh heh heh...It's all Goku's fault...His weakness spread into me through you...Gohan...Y-you were the only one who ever...Talked to me like I was someone...

...Damn, man.

Nappa, you motherfucker.

Well, Nappa, you just signed up for an ass kicking.

Good goddamn, Gohan's power level just tripled!

Alright, another fight against Nappa. He's only got 8,000 HP this go 'round.

By himself, Gohan did 7,217 damage to Nappa. Krillin was certainly there, but Gohan was certainly the MVP of this fight.

If our in-game strength was reflected in the story, he would have made your goddamned head explode when he walked up.

: They're...too strong...Way too strong...

: Piccolo...I'm sorry...I couldn't avenge you...I don't even have enough energy to run...

: Just great!

That's how I felt during that entire fight, Nappa.

Goddamn, these guys are evil.

Thank goodness, he's arrived!

Little late, Goku, but it's good to see you all the same.

Well, it's not like he could have gotten here any quicker.

: Dad!

: What is it you came for, Kakarot?

: Piccolo...

: Piccolo died protecting me...

: Are you upset that all your stupid friends are dead? No need to be sad. You'll be joining them soon. It's too bad you just now came back to life...

: (His power level keeps rising!)

: Hey! What's wrong with you? You wanna die already? Well?! Let me give you a proper greeting!

Way to go, you silly shithead.

Or maybe Nappa is just slow.

Well, it only got Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Tien and Piccolo killed, but it's okay, Goku. You apologized.

: Huh? Senzu beans...Korin still had some left...?

: This is the last one.

: In that case, you eat it, Goku!

: I already had one.

: Then...Hold on to it just in case! We wouldn't be able to help even if we ate these!

: Don't worry, Krillin. If you don't want it, I'll just toss it!

: OK...Thanks Goku...

: You too, Gohan.

: OK...

: Krillin, you've really improved. I can tell from your Ki...

: I thought I had too, but it was no use...Nothing worked against them.

: Gohan, you really have come a long way too! You must have trained hard!

: Yeah...Thanks to Piccolo...But...I couldn't even do anything...

: Piccolo's dead...That means the Dragon Balls are gone...We can't wish anyone back to life now...

: Those damn Saiyans...Let's all three of us teach them a lesson! Now that Goku's here, we might just be able to take one of them down! You trained with some really strong guy called King Kai, right?

: Yeah. But let me fight them alone. You two step back and try not to get caught in the fight.

: You're gonna fight them alone?! Not even you could do it alone! Those guys are way stronger than you imagine!

: He's right! Dad!

: Let's do what he says, Gohan. Goku knows what he's doing.

But nothing, Gohan! Let them get to a fight! I'm tired of transcribing dialog!

: Dad!

: (I've never seen Goku so angry...We'd never be able to come between him...)

At this point, we're actually given control and can chat with the others and check Piccolo's dead ass before heading into the fight. I take this opportunity to give Goku the Model Full Moon and the HEAD-CHA-LA.

It'll be a long time before Goku gets killed again, Krillin.

And we finish off with riveting dialog from Gohan. Fantastic stuff; I'm glad these two are so close.

Leaving to fight Nappa. I don't know why this question is phrased like it is. It seems like something more appropriate for if you were leaving the map, but you're just going to fight Nappa. Maybe he's asking if you're leaving them to go fight. I'm not sure.

I can't attest to the exact look on Goku's face, but I'm pretty sure it's one you give somebody before you kick the everliving shit out of them.

Relax, Nappa. You'll get wasted soon enough.

Goku is powering up. Let's see how high his power level goes!

8,000? That's twice what Nappa's is!

Aww, hell--



Well, Vegeta crushes it in his hand, so it'll end up broken.

Goku, you don't control what I do in battle.

Hey, are you guys satisfied with how often we've fought Nappa?

No? Good, because we're doing it fucking again!

This first bit, it doesn't really matter what we do. It's one of those scripted fights.

Yeah, I got these two text boxes out of the way before the portrait fully showed up.

In essence, Nappa, he said you're a bitch.

If it had been like this when he fought Raditz, he could have killed the guy by shoving his pinkies up his ass.

At this point, you pretty much are.

Not screencapped, because it was boring.

Oh, there's some differences between the shots I have here and what's in the video. I have a recording and a half of this fight.

It's because if you're not careful here, Nappa will beat the living shit out of Goku like it ain't shit.

Yamcha gets a Meteor Combination, because Yamcha is the shit.

Tien gets a Kamehameha, because Tien is alright.

Unfortunately, we don't get to do an attack for Piccolo, because the fight ends here.

Shut up, bitch, we haven't even fought for real yet.

Oh, yeah, that video up there covers the two Nappa fights and the dialog in between.

Nappa is also General of the Saiyan Army. Or he was, before Freiza blew up Planet Vegeta and wiped out most of the Saiyans.

There was a class system and alla that, and your value was determined by your station at birth; Nappa here would have been more highly regarded than people like Goku, and generally more powerful.

And coming up, we'll see one of Nappa's biggest flaws in combat.

He tends to get a little hot in battle and he'll let that consume him.

Thankfully, Vegeta is usually around to calm him down and keep him in line.

And Nappa tends to listen to him, since Vegeta could kick his ass so hard, Nappa would grow hair and then go bald again.

Also, take note that one of the few times that Nappa doesn't act like a complete asshole is when Vegeta is barking orders at him; he's pretty brash and cocky, unless faced with someone clearly more powerful than he is.

At that point, he gets a little scared, little angry, and it combines into a mixture of nothing good for Nappa.

But, give him a minute to compose himself, and he's back to normal.

Have you seen his stats, Nappa?

Vegeta has.

Alright, this is a real fight against Nappa. 16,000 HP this time, so this might take a minute.

But the Kaioken will cut down on the time needed to finish this fight.

Something interesting to note about the Kaioken is that it'll always only last a couple of turns, no matter how much you level it up. At the first level, it doubles Goku's stats. At every level beyond that, it increases the stat boost further, meaning that leveling up the Kaioken is a great way to ensure Goku can spend a little while as an unstoppable hellbeast, bent on destroying all in his path.

Hey, he's kicking your ass.

Good luck with that, Nappa.

This hit one time, for 60 whole damage.

: How pathetic...I never thought I'd even have to lift a finger against you, Kakarot...

: He...He's finally serious...Even that giant is a huge coward when faced with him...

Hey, just a year ago, he was pretty much nothing. Your data is faulty, Nappster.

: I've got my orders, so I'll leave the rest for Vegeta. But don't think I'm gonna just leave without settling this...

And Nappa is back to wanting to kill children and midgets.

And then Goku automatically Kaiokens.

And saves Gohan and Krillin, by breaking Nappa's back. Goku is fucking metal.

Probably?! Goku, he probably can't even walk!

It's weird that we have sprites of Yamcha, Tien and Piccolo lying around, fucked up, but not one for Nappa.

Aww, Vegeta does care.


And this might be the least dignified death in the entire series. However, that face never fails to amuse me.

And thus ends this chapter.

Stay tuned, folks.