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Part 48: The Endgame Begins!!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back to Attack of the Saiyans! Last time, Goku arrived on the scene and fought Nappa, but then Nappa met his end at the hands of Vegeta. Today, we'll be ignoring the final boss (it's only about two minutes away), and going to do some endgame, sidequesty things, so let's head out.

This is the final chapter, so this is the last episode title screen thingy that we're going to see. I gotta admit, I think I like theirs better than the ones I did, but they also only had fifteen to work out. I'll have done over fifty by the time I'm done.

Anywho, Nappa was just blasted into smithereens by Vegeta. Oh, yeah, before we get to the sidequesty things, we've got a little more dialog to go through.

: He killed his own ally...

: Go back to the Kame House now, you two!

: Huh?!

: ......You're right....Gohan! You heard him! Let's get outta here!

: Huh? But...

: That Saiyan is beyond us! We'd only be in Goku's way!

: Sorry. He's much stronger than I thought.

: OK...I understand.

: Oh yeah, Goku! Could you take the battle to somewhere a little farther away from here?

There won't be too many more updates after this; the two bonus areas can be done in one update, the bonus boss will have his own update, then we'll go fight Vegeta. That might take two. It's just about as fucking wordy as the World Martial Arts Tournament fight was with Piccolo at the beginning.

Not to mention, it's not just fighting Vegeta; he's got all the shit he does, bigass monkey form, hurting his eye, Yajirobe--there's a lot of shit to that fight.

Depending on how much transcription I don't want to do, maybe that shit will become three updates.

: There's no way to bring them back now.

Oh, but our little bald buddy has himself an idea.

Oh, yeah, Goku wouldn't know about it. He hadn't arrived yet.

: If you beat him, that is...

: Yeah, if I beat him...I gotta beat him. No matter what it takes.

And then we're dropped back in control. Our current party is the only people left alive after the initial attack by the Saiyans.

Thankfully, there is a convenient, "Hey, bro, shit's gon' end after this." moment right here.

And I do not yet feel confident in my ability to break Vegeta's spine using my kegel muscles.

Just outside, Bulma calls us up on the Codec for a little chat.

Popo? Maybe he just needs a buddy.

When we can? That shit's coming up right the fuck now!

What indeed.

Spoken in the same tone of voice you have when someone asks you to attend the intervention of a person you were friendsly with.

'sup, Popo?

You should be apologizing to Kam--Ohh....

Sorry, Popo. My bad.

If Kami could create objects out of nowhere, could he have made a bunch of rocks in the atmosphere to try and disrupt the Saiyan's ships?

Or is that stupid? It was a long day at work, and I'm not sure.

Essentially, Kami was happy because Piccolo was no longer a massive dick, just a huge one.

...Seriously, Popo? Kami is dead, Piccolo is dead, Tien's dead, Yamcha's dead (and Chiaotzu, too, I guess), and you're asking why we seem sad?

And no mention of your friends. Krillin, in addition to looking like one, you are a dick.

: Kami wouldn't want me to mope around. You should try looking ahead too.

: ...Mr. Popo...

: Anyway, I called you all here for a reason!

: Oh yeah! What is it, Mr. Popo?

: The Dragon Balls disappeared with Kami. But I always watched when he made them. That's why I tried to copy him and make my own...But they aren't as good as Kami's. The wish that can be granted is limited...

I'm questioning the "always watched when he made them" line; didn't Kami make them just one time? He fixed them once, but I don't think Kami made multiple sets of the Balls.

But, yes, there is a set of Dragon Balls out there for us to hunt down.

Well, kinda, but still.

This is part of what we can do in the endgame.

: Go and find them together! They should be of some use...

: All right! Let's get going! Thanks, Mr. Popo!

: One more thing!

: Huh?

Oh, what the hell does she want?

And, once again, I should look ahead at what they're going to say before I start commentating.

: Go and see her if you want to find out.

And off we go!

Let's just imagine that Goku and crew jumped straight from the Lookout to Baba's Palace.

With the options at my disposal, Earth is going to be just fine.

And I mean that in the most sense possible.

Not quite yet, Pink Ghost. There is an important reason to go there, though. But first...

That's right, folks, our party is back together! We can't go to the final battle with these guys, because of story and canon and shit, but they are available for our sidequesty stuff. For those of you who were sad about Yamcha becoming so powerful, then being taken away, wipe your tears, because the third of our resident shit-stompers has returned!

Anyways, let's get to East City. It's pretty fucked up.

Most of the dialog is some flavor of "Man, this shit sucks!"

Notice I said "most".

Beyond this guy lies one of our bonus areas, but we don't have written permission. I wonder where we'll get that from...

Anyways, this city is depressing me.

In West City, things are bright and cheery!

And it features (at least one) carrot addict, who we need to keep pumping full of product.

Anyways, we're pretty close to our 1,000 carrot mark. I recorded this a couple of days ago, but about twenty minutes after finishing up the recording, I had around 150 more. Gathering carrots isn't that hard.

Okay, this update is pretty disjointed, but these are the highlights of what's going on in the endgame.

It's just a few things, nothing too expansive.

Speaking of King Kai, we're going to his planet. I think it's neater than hell that we actually get a little map of the Otherworld; we can also go visit Snake Way and Princess Snake's place, if we felt like it. I don't. Unless there's a really good reason to do so.

King Kai only serves as a way to get off his planet.

There's still the shop in his house, but apparently it wasn't Gregory running it, just some random sprite.

Sometimes, but good things happen there, too. Like Gohan being born, gaining ultimate power, and trouncing a Saiyan General like he wasn't shit.

Anyways, Bubbles is the one we came here to see. He has something special for us.

He has nothing interesting for Goku.

But for Gohan and the others...

This is an item that anyone but Goku can equipped. When they have it equipped, whether they're in the active party or not, the power of Goku's Spirit Bomb goes up. And since we'll have three inactive people, we can kit out our fighters and boost Goku's Spirit Bomb with no repercussions!

And let's finish with the Dragon Ball hunt; this is the last Ball I had to find, and you might notice it was in Muscle Tower. The Dragon Balls are randomly scattered through some of the old dungeons, including Mt. Five Element, Yunzabit Heights, Hermit Springs, Devil's Toilet, Muscle Tower, the Desert, Holly Plains, Pilaf's Castle, Mutaito's Training Grounds, the Divine Crossing, and another few I'm probably forgetting at the moment. They're usually around where the boss was fought, if not on the screen before that. This is how I got carrots so quickly, since you have to tool around these areas, fighting piss-easy enemies all the way.

When you find all six, you'll be taken to this screen, which offers you one of five wishes. As for what the wishes do, let's take a look at that:

Tons of Experience Points: Each character gains 30,000 EXP, usually netting two levels or so.
Tons of AP: Each character gains 5,000 AP, which, holy balls, that is a lot of fuckin' AP.
Make Me Filthy Rich: Instantly grants you 100,000 Zeni. I'm...Not sure why you'd use this wish, since you shouldn't have many money troubles, even if you've been wearing the Carrot Glove the entire game; you find enough extra equipment to be able to sell off enough to get all the items you need. Or you could be like me and cheat yourself infinite money.
To Go Somewhere New: This is how we get our written permission to go to the real fucked up part of East City. Shenron has connections, man, and can get you all sorts of papers.
To Fight The Ultimate Enemy: This unlocks the bonus boss; we'll be doing that soon enough.

I'm thinking that the next update will be us covering the two bonus areas, which won't take too long. They're not overly long, but have some very nice items inside of them, and some powerful monsters. The update after that, I'll be fighting the bonus boss, and when that's done, we'll go stomp Vegeta so far into the dirt, he'll be coming out in China.

Stay tuned!