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Part 51: The Final Battle Begins!! Vegeta Has A Trick Up His Sleeve!!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we took on the bonus boss, Broly, and won Broly's Necklace, which ups all stats by 50 points. Today, we're going to start the final boss fight of the game; it'll be a loooong one; considering this game's love of dialog, I'm sure none of you are surprised. In any case, it'll be in two parts, but we're damned near done with this LP. With that said, let's head out.

Before I forget, you all remember how the general consensus was that you wanted Vegeta fucking annihilated? I've done all I can to prepare for that, in that everyone is at level 99 and has all of their Skills maxed out.

Goku is our main fighter for this final battle; he has over 4,000 HP and over 1,000 Ki, and is going to be wearing the Model Full Moon and the HEAD-CHA-LA. We know plenty about Goku already, since we've seen him in the party so much. Meteor Combination is one of his best skills, dealing out tons of damage consistently; the Combination is good for boosting up his Rage Gauge, while the Kamehameha is just a nice source of fuck-off damage. The After-Image Technique makes him nearly invincible, since hardly anything can hit him through it. His two Ultimates are incredibly powerful; the Kaioken only lasts two turns, sure, but it will only double his stats at its first level; beyond that first level, the Kaioken boosts stats more and more, which can lead to hilarious amounts of damage and rendering certain fights into absolute jokes. The Spirit Bomb has some charge time, but with the High Spirits equipped on the other party members, it goes from stupidly powerful to insanely powerful, and it also hits all enemies.

Krillin, barring his Luck, has really shitty stats. One of his best things is his ability to increase the effectiveness of Items that he uses, which makes him a pretty good healer. Other than that, he doesn't have much to make him shine compared to Goku or Gohan; Destructo Disk can instantly kill an opponent, sure, and does good damage, but for less Ki, you'll get roughly the same damage with the Kamehameha. The Rengeki isn't anything special, much like the Solar Flare. His Ultimates are kind of neat; Destructo Disk Barrage hits an opponent multiple times, for good damage, and still has the chance of instant death. Y-Yajirobe?! is the only other party-healing skill in the game, but its downside is that instead of damaging an opponent, it can only potentially inflict Instant Death; it's kind of like Odin, but with some healing attached to it.

Remember, Gohan's stats have a +50 boost right now, but they're pretty good in their natural level. Gohan is one of our best characters, rivaled only by Goku. All of his stats are really good, as are his Ki skills. Rush has a ton of hits to it, which will boost his Rage Gauge like no other; Masenko hits a lot and pretty hard, while the Energy Blast Barrage hits all enemies for good damage. Anger is invaluable when Gohan is in the party, since not only does it boost his Attack nicely, but it also expands the Rage Gauge, giving him a boost to Attack when you'd want it most. Gohan also has one of two party-healing Skill in the game with Icarus; the amount healed is nothing fantastic, but it's there. His Ultimates are pretty good, too; Burst Rush has a ton of hits to it, and does pretty good damage with them all. Miracle Full Force, though, is the better one, if you ask me; it doesn't have nearly as many hits, but the hits it does have are incredibly powerful.

Tien is an alright character; his Ki skills are strong, but costly. Multi-Form Attack is good, but one of the more expensive skills in the game. The Tri-Beam is powerful, but the HP cost, in addition to the Ki cost, can be a little overwhelming. Tien's got solid battle stats, with good Skill and Power, but his Fierce Attack doesn't seem to have the "oomph" behind it that you'd want. His Solar Flare can be useful, but generally speaking, it's more useful to just blow a bad guy's face off. He also has the Evil Containment Wave, which is really only useful if you're doing that monster capture sidequest, which I didn't do. As for his Ultimates, the Neo Tri-Beam is powerful, but with each Tri-Beam he fires, he loses some health, which gives it the same problem as his regular Tri-Beam. The Final Solar Flare is strong (I never showed it off) and can also Blind enemies, so it's not a bad skill overall.

Piccolo is a very solid character; before this LP, I wasn't a big fan of the guy, but using him here has warmed me to him. His lack of multi-hitting attacks is ultimately what made me dislike him; I still don't like that, but his attacks are quite powerful. His stats are pretty good in all departments, which makes him a good choice for any party. The Special Beam Cannon may take some time to charge up, but the amount of damage it pumps out is pretty well worth the wait. The Hellzone Grenade isn't quite as strong as the Special Beam Cannon, but it doesn't have a charge time.

Yamcha is good at two things; being fast as fuck and hitting like a son of a bitch. In the beginning, nobody believed me when I told them that he was going to be one of my big powerhouses, and I don't blame them. Yamcha doesn't even really come into his own until you get the Perfume, and then his usefulness just skyrockets. If you plan on playing this game, don't ignore Yamcha just because he's Yamcha. He's useful all around, as his Speed makes him an efficient healer, Wolf Fang Fist has a ton of hits to it to help raise his Rage Gauge, the Neo Wolf Fang Fist is pretty strong, while the Super Spirit Bomb is not only powerful, but also hits all enemies.

Holy shit, that was a lot of fucking words. And I still have transcription to do? Son of a bitch. Alright, let's get this started.

And there's Vegeta.

Oh, Krillin, even you could wipe the floor with Vegeta right now.

Oh, yeah, we still have to deal with all this story stuff. No matter how strong we are, Vegeta is still going to be a huge shit-talker, and we'll still have to act like we can't do anything about it.

Goku, we can win this entire fight using nothing but regular physicals. Relax; it'll be okay.

My biggest regret is that we can't take any of the others to this fight; I'd love to see Yamcha completely devastate Vegeta with some fancy punchin'.

You shouldn't be; Goku is going to fuck him up.

You'll regret that later, Krillin. Frieza is going to explode you because of that.

This next line makes me think Goku is just trying to make some sort of connection with Gohan.

Like he knows he hasn't been the best father, but that he's trying, dammit.

I can't avoid kicking your ass much longer, Vegeta.

Oh, right, because this barren waste isn't nearly as good as the barren waste we'll go and fight in.

And those two fly off to fight. Or Vegeta does; Goku decides to walk through the cave to make it there.

I'm not even kidding. He just goes and jumps into the cave.

But this is our last dungeon before the final battle. It's very short and full of endgame, powerful enemies.

If you're not max level, it's a good place to gain a level or two before taking on Vegeta. Though, honestly, if you've already taken on Broly and won, then you have this fight in the bag. I could have easily destroyed Vegeta before.

But you guys granted me the opportunity to finally grind for the final boss and get as strong as I possibly could.

That's right; Goku deals over 7,000 damage with a regular ol' physical attack.

At this point, we are personified.

This maxes out a character's Rage Gauge, if you forgot.

There's some other nice treasures around here, too.

The other chest also has a Ki Drink Z.

I only encountered five enemy types here, and two of them are in the same battle.

This boosts your chances of getting a critical hit, which could be very handy. I don't use it, but it's certainly there.

The enemies here are just about the same ones you can encounter on the path to Broly.

That fight ended just about as you think it did; I attacked twice and utterly annihilated those poor bastards.


Saibamen are around here, too. I'm not sure if the other types are, too. I've not seen them around here, but it's entirely possible I've just never seen them.

Hey, something to boost all of our stats; with the Kaioken, we don't really need this, but at least when this wears off, it won't deal damage and Stun to Goku. The HEAD-CHA-LA prevents the Stun, but not the health loss.

But, that's our last treasure chest for this game. Isn't that exciting!

I'm not sure what makes this expanse of dirt and rock better than the one we were just at, but hey, whatever.

: Not many low-class warriors like you get to lock horns with a super elite...Saiyans are tested at birth on their potential as warriors. Those whose tests reveals a low value like you will be sent to planets of weak resistance. In other words, you're the bottom of the barrel.

: Thanks to that, I was sent to Earth. I should be grateful. But who knows, with enough hard work, even a low-class warrior might surpass a super elite.

: Heh. That's a laugh. Now how about I show you the wall that no amount of hard work can overcome?

To see a gigantic ass kicking, click here!

The Prince of all Saiyans has 24,000 HP to his name right now.

He has a few different attacks he can use, but we won't see many of them.

And the ones he does get off don't hit Goku. It's just beautiful.

I'm almost feeling guilty about this, but who am I to argue with what the voters demanded?


We've dealt plenty of damage to Vegeta, and when you do, he busts out this move.

It raises all of his stats, which would normally be a little intimidating.

You really don't want me to.

Had I done this to go and fight Nappa, I would have been boo'd off the subforum.

Alright, I'll get schwifty.

Ugh. More gameplay and plot segregation coming right up.

Even if he did, Goku, it wouldn't really matter.

If it'll make you happy, Goku, we'll "even the odds."

Vegeta can throw out a ton of energy blasts, which I'm sure would do some sort of damage if they hit.

Now, if Vegeta scaled according to your stats, maybe this dialog would work a lot better, but right now, it's just so silly.

Then again, it's Dragon Ball. The entire thing is just kind of silly.

Oh, Vegeta, you have no idea what's about to hit you.

Goku, that just about sums up how I feel right now.

: You didn't even shit on the floor!

: The full, overwhelming power of an elite Saiyan warrior!

: Show me!

: I'll wipe that grin off your face! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Didn't you just do that? C'mon, Fajita--

Goku, at least let me finish talking shit!

Never mind. Sorry I raised my voice.


Finally, we're acknowledged!

Dammit, Goku, why you gotta ruin my moment?

: I am an elite warrior! There's no way a lower-class Saiyan could defeat me! (I am the greatest fighter in the universe!)

That's probably the last emotion bubble you'll see this LP.

I thought you might want one since we haven't seen many. Be glad I haven't shown them all; updates with a lot of dialog would have been twice as goddamned long if I had shown them.

Blah blah blah hard work blah blah blah training

Vegeta is freaking out a little bit.

Well, you were.

Before some of you get excited, no, we don't get to use Giant Monkey Gohan in battle. I'm sorry.

It would have been hilariously awesome, yes, but it's not happening.

Oooh. I've got some bad news for you.

Never mind that you're talking to yourself about becoming a giant monkey. That's not embarrassing at all.

Then again, I work in a gas station. I hear weird shit on a daily basis.

It's the middle of the goddamn day, Vegeta!

That you forgot the difference between night and day?

What, fooled you by leaving the dayball out? Get the fuck outta here.

Nah, he was dead when that happened. Piccolo blew it up.

How much can one jackass talk to himself? Seriously, Jesus Christ, shut up.

And Goku has stripped down. Jesus, this last fight is getting weird.

Yeah, I don't use the Spirit Bomb. Sorry to break canon, but it would have just been plain-ass unfair.

Oh, God, are you back on the moon thing? It's gone; fucking deal with it!

Ah, shit, I've gotta do some transcription. Somebody remind me; for the next LP I do, make sure it has a script available somewhere so I don't have to go through this shit again.

: Do you wanna know why we transform when we see a full moon?

: Transform...?

: Everyone knows that moon light is just reflected sun light...But only when that sun light hits the moon does it create Blutz waves. During a full moon, those Blutz waves exceed 17 million zenos. Absorbing Blutz waves through the eyes at over 17 million zenos causes the tail to react and the transformation to begin! There are many moons of different sizes in the universe, yet no matter what the size, only a full moon reaches the requires 17 million.

Who the fuck was honestly curious about this shit? I'm pretty sure nobody wanted the explanation for how someone can transform into a giant monkey.

But what about the moon and the reflected sunlight? What does oxygen have to do with that?

Ah, Christ, what am I even asking for?

I regret finding the Blutz Wave page on the DB Wiki and learning that a zeno is the measurement of celestial light.

...You truly are an evil bastard.

I'm not sure why Goku doesn't have a portrait here. There's a wide variety of options to choose from.

However, that does give me an excuse not to transcribe this dialog.

Don't look at me like that. Doing this LP has taught me that a career in transcription is something I do not want to have.

This is how Vegeta's relationship with his previous divorcee wife broke down.

I'm including this one for the typo. It's glaring, only because the game has been pretty good about it up until now.

Vegeta, you should thank your God that I can't have Oozaru Goku in this game.

Man, Vegeta got ugly in a hurry.

But enough of that shit! Gohan and Krillin are getting the hell outta there.

Not a bad place to go hide out; Roshi will have plenty of porn and booze to help you forget about this incident.

Gohan, you are a child. You do not get any of the pornography.

Unfortunately not.

In all fairness, in the series, it was pretty damned scary when Vegeta turned into a Giant Ape. Since it comes with a ten times multiplier to power, it boosted his power level to 180,000, which is just absolutely insane at this point in the series.

Goku would have to do a Kaioken times twenty-five to stand up to Great Ape Vegeta and win, and that would certainly not be good for him. While he could potentially do it, it would also reduce him to a greasy smear pretty much immediately.

Don't worry, Gohan. Goku is not the only over there who's being made into something resembling tomato paste.

Now you're just being unfair.

No, back to that rest stop you passed a mile back; he's gotta drop a wicked deuce.

Gohan, sending you back to help Goku fight Vegeta is like sending a flamethrower to deal with a pair of moths hovering around your desk lamp.

Oh, you might be surprised...

His planet needs him.

Eh, how bad could it--

Well, that would certainly make me shit my pants. And probably yours, too.

Unfortunately, there's no giant monkey portraits. Sorry to dash your hopes.

Blutz waves, zenos, moons, and something about being full.

You've been there before, Goku. I don't think you remember it, though.

Guess I mentioned that a little too early.

Revelation coming up!

Unfortunately, yes.

Eh, that could have been worse.

If he could come back again, I bet Grandpa Gohan would kick your ass for talking like that.

Please, we've got like 1,000 Ki points left.

I'm not even sure how you begin to apologize for that kind of thing.

"Sorry I became a huge monkey and fucked what was left of your life up. I totes didn't mean to."

Hey, Yajirobe is here! That's funny, I didn't think there was a buffet in the area...

Nothing good, I assure you. For Vegeta.

Well, it kind of is. See, it involves the moon and reflected sun light---

Good time to mention that the Saiyan armor is stretchy, just for this kind of occasion. Becoming giant monkeys is a key strategy of the Saiyans when they're committing genocide on whatever planet they're on.

There's no video of this one; the Giant Ape fight, unfortunately, just isn't that interesting.

You don't have to win this part, either; Vegeta can whup Goku and you'll still progress on, which makes sense. Giant Ape Vegeta wrecks Goku's shit in the series, understandably.

In fact, in this fight, he's pretty well less dangerous than before.

He loses most of his energy attacks, having just one to use here, in addition to a punching attack. Before, he had his own energy blast barrage, the Ki attack we saw, the Galick Gun, and a super explosive wave knock-off. Here, he just has an energy breath attack.

But, yes, Goku gets stomped by a giant ape and it does 38 damage.

Ki manipulation is weird and can do some very odd things.

That has far too many syllables for Goku to know what it means.

Says the man who was forced into a transformation.

Kamehameha in the dick, Goku!

And it probably will be, since the Dragon Balls aren't here any more.

Even if you go to this fight immediately, it's still not very hard to defeat the Great Ape.

: I didn't think he'd be this strong...It was exciting fighting someone this strong...But...I hate...Having to...Die again...

Well, I suppose this is the end of Goku. He had a good run.

Oh, never mind. Goku is blowing Vegeta's eye out. That's much more horrifying.

He even snickers about it afterward.

Next time Vegeta goes to pick his, he might poke his other eye out.

I can barely stand having an eyelash in my eye. I can only imagine what an energy blast would feel like.

This is probably the most articulate statement any of us could manage.

No shit.

In fairness to Yajirobe, he's not wrong here.

I don't think Goku is expecting much of anything from anyone.

Tone is down a bit, Vegeta. Cobra Commander thinks you're getting a little out of hand.

These two show back up, and it's not a bad thing.

Krillin, Destructo Disc him right in the ass! Nobody can fight when they're missing a butt cheek!

One of our heroes, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh, yeah, Krillin does know that. Why hasn't he Destructo Disc'd Vegeta in the ass, cutting off his tail?

: Yeah, now listen! You and Gohan get in front of him and get his attention! Then I'll pop in from behind and cut his tail! Hurry! Goku's gonna die!!

Gohan's on board for this plan.

Do you have a better plan?

I'll take that as a no. And once again, Yajirobe isn't wrong here.

Still, let's get this over with. How bad can it go?

Despite Krillin just laying out the plan, he and Gohan go to fight the giant monkey man.

Being able to sense Ki has to be nice, since you can also act as a sort of human life detector.

Maybe you could fix that if you moved your ass, Krillin.


Maybe I'm being too harsh; he only has one eye.

Be glad he doesn't have his tail, Vegeta. Things would be really bad for you then.

And then the fight starts right from the anime screen!

No video for this, either, since it's just an ass-kicking of epic proportions.

We pretty much just have to survive during this fight.

Not that it's difficult, mind you; I'm mostly boosting Rage Gauges up out of habit.

On the upside, we get to see Great Ape Vegeta's energy attack.

It's, uh, it's more impressive if you're around level 50.

Let's show Vegeta what a real energy attack looks like.

That's pretty much the end of it; Vegeta doesn't have an HP value to deplete to get here, far as I can tell. You just have to survive for so long to get there.

Oh, shaddup already. We're nearly at 32,000 characters. I'm sure nobody is still reading at this point.

The screen begins to fade to black...What will happen? What will our intrepid heroes do? Is there anything that can be done?

Well, well, well, looks like the odds just got evened.

Next time, we'll finish this fight. Stay tuned.