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Part 52: Vegeta's Trick Has Been Defeated!! But Will That Stop The Prince Of The Saiyans!?

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we started the final fight against Vegeta. When we last left our heroes, Vegeta had transformed into a Giant Ape and dealt serious damage to Goku. He was preparing to finish off Gohan and Krillin when Yajirobe interfered and sliced off Vegeta's tail. Today, we're going to finish the game, so let's head out one last time.

Before we get started, there are some images in this update that could be considered NSFW. Be careful if you're browsing at work.

Yajirobe, you son of a bitch. I knew you were going to be useful.

Well, Vegeta, I suppose this just goes and fucks all of your plans, doesn't it?

You're not lookin' so hot, chief.

It was enough, Yajirobe.

Not like he was doing any better as a giant monkey, but, canon is canon.

Well, at these stats, I think Death is the only thing that would present any kind of a challenge to me.

I know pride can be a right motherfucker when it comes to making good choices, but I would think that an ass-beating of epic proportions would make you rethink a couple of things.

C'mon, Vegeta, don't make me do this. You still have a chance to not have your spine reconfigured to look like a drunk's drawing on an Etch-A-Sketch.

Oh, hey, an attack we haven't seen before.

Yes, yes, very impressive, Vegeta. This is one of his more dangerous attacks, especially if you didn't bother with Gohan or Krillin; if they die here, it's rather unpleasant for whoever is playing.

But if you've reached this point, your Gohan and Krillin should have few problems getting past Vegeta.

That signals the end of the fight.

Lord only knows where Gohan and Vegeta are at right now, but I think it's safe to assume the Prince is getting punked by a five year old.

As for what Krillin expects Goku to do here, I dunno. Goku currently has more broken bones than not and probably only enough energy left to maybe fart.

Oh? What do you have for our little bald friend, Goku?

...Oh. Well, that was a good thing to be working on, Goku.

: What'd you say you were gonna give me?!

: A...Spirit Bomb...It holds a bit of the energy from...all over the Earth...About half of it escaped...It might work against him in the shape he's in...

: Wh-What?!

: Krillin...Take my hand...

: I don't understand, Goku...

: Hurry!

: So I just need to take your hand, right...?

: Please...!

: Like...This?

: Ow!

: Your bones are broken...!

Now that is some goddamned resolve.

Well, lookee that, Krillin has himself a Spirit Bomb.

Spirit Bomb, Krillin. Try and keep the fuck up.

Alright, Krillin, no pressure. It's either you hit him, or else he'll kill everyone you've ever known and loved. No pressure.

And Krillin leaps off to battle!

No, seriously, there's no dialog with Gohan or anything. We're just back to fighting Vegeta.

This is essentially second verse, same as the first.

But let's have some fun with it.

As if it wasn't enough to know that we could punk the Prince of the Saiyans, the strongest fighter they've ever met, with Krillin.

We're going to punk his ass with Gohan, just like we did when Vegeta was a Giant Ape.

Anywho, after causing around 12,000 damage or so, Krillin is ready to throw the Spirit Bomb.

C'mon, Vegeta, you just got hit with three times your max health in damage. Just give it up, bud.


Alright, this next little bit is pretty badass.

Instead of simply fading out and showing this on the field, we actually get to see this next bit play out in the battle engine.

It's in the video above, if you want to see it in motion.

Vegeta, appropriately, shits his pants upon seeing the Spirit Bomb flying towards him.

However, that doesn't weigh him down; he still gets the hell out of the way.

...This could end poorly. I've seen what the Spirit Bomb can do.

Gohan was in the party for that, too. He knows what's coming his way.

Goku, too beat up to even move, still has the strength to shout at his child.

Thankfully, Gohan inherited not only his father's strength, but his will and kind, caring heart.

And Vegeta is completely unaware he's about to get an asshole full of Spirit Bomb.

Well, looks like he's dead. Or the next best thing to it.

Goddamned right we did.

I would love some alternate dialog that acknowledged the savage beating we gave Vegeta.

Look who's talking; even Evel Knievel would find your injuries a touch excessive.

And then freeze-frame, everyone laughs, and we're--

Well, that's one way to make an entrance.

I suppose he had to come down some time.

Let's get a stick and poke it!

May as well mark the grave of the most dangerous foe to ever come to Earth. It could be a fun little tourist attraction, we'll open a gift shop, and--

Goddammit, Vegeta! Rasputin would have given up by now!

Wouldn't it have been easier to do just that?

Oh, hey, King Kai. I'm sorry to report that your ultimate technique wasn't really that ultimate.

It was only a half-power Spirit Bomb, though.

Y'know, Vegeta, thinking about it, you could have played dead for a little longer and then blown Krillin's head off when he tried putting you into the grave. Goku is down for the count and Gohan probably wouldn't react fast enough to stop you.

Then again, Vegeta loses his cool when his pride is at stake, so I can understand that he wasn't thinking about that. Plus, he had just been blasted into the air with a pure ball of destruction, and I'm going to guess falling from the clouds isn't exactly conducive to heavy thought.

: You humans...You've made me use up most of my power...Even with the numbers against me, having this done to me by trash like you has hurt my pride...Now do me a favor and die!

: (No...! No...!)


Well, that's not good.

Though, nobody was annihilated, so maybe it wasn't so bad.

Hell, Krillin's still on his feet. Vegeta, you've lost your touch.

Hey, what's going on with Gohan...?

...Is that what I think it is?

Well, fuck me runnin'.

: That's right...Goku grew his tail back once before too...!)

: If he changes, then I'm in trouble...!

Oh, what the hell is it now?!


In addition to slicing Vegeta like an Easter ham, he also found time to stick one of his fingers in a light socket.

Hey, some people shit on Yajirobe in the thread. I'm just letting him have his moment.

Which is now over. Uh-oh.

: I was just kidding around...Did that cut you? Oh yeah! I uh...I really respect you, you know! Could we be friends?

Guess not; nice try, though.

: Oh...No...

: Gohan!! Look at the sky! Look at the glowing ball in the sky!

: I won't let you! DIEEE!!!

You best commence to killin', Geetz. You don't have much time left.

: I've got to kill him now!

: (Gohan...We're counting on you!)

At the moment, it seems to be going well.

: If I can just cut off his tail...!!

Well, this could end poorly.

Vegeta retained his sense; theoretically, Gohan could, too.

Eh, I'm guessing that he doesn't.

: Now I get it...It's not that they lose reason...They probably just return to being violent Saiyans! Gohan...The Saiyan...! Go after the Saiyan!

It seems that Gohan has listened to Krillin. Or is going to kill Vegeta first, and then kill Krillin and Goku.

: He is half human, I guess!

: This can't be happening! If I hadn't taken so much damage I could easily handle one or two of these monsters! That moon I made won't burn out for another hour...Cutting off his tail is my only option!

And so, Vegeta makes with the tail slicing.

This is the point where, if you're browsing at work or in public, be careful about who is looking at your screen.

: I...I can't move...! ...Ugh...Ngh...

: What's with this guy...He just won't die...

Alright, folks, here we are. The final splash screen, or whatever you want to call it. From here on out, the gameplay is done and we're just finishing off the story.

With the fight done, Bulma, Roshi, and the others have come looking for them.

Man, they are coming pretty much right after Vegeta's defeat.

And now Chi-Chi is strangling Korin. Things have escalated.

: He's really alive right?!

: I told you they probably would be!

: That's why I said we shouldn't have brought her along...

: What do you mean "probably"?! "Probably" isn't good enough!

: Hey, no need to get upset...

: I can only feel the Ki of four of them...No, five...Their Ki is very weak...What's going on?

: Can't tell...I was only able to watch part of the battle...But the Saiyan also seems to be on the verge of death...

And there it is, the final emotion bubble of the LP. But what has Krillin noticed?

Looks like Vegeta is going to get away. Damn.

: That's...That's his space ship! C...Can't let him escape!

: Just...Great...This is an embarrassment...

: We've come this far...Now to finish it...

: I know I shouldn't play favorites, but...That Saiyan stroke fear into the whole universe. This was for the best...Although, it doesn't mean that all evil in the universe has been silenced...Not all of it...

How very ominous, King Kai.

Y'know, he doesn't look so much scared here as more like a kid who's been caught eating the dog's food.

Goddamn, Krillin is getting medieval on his ass.

I don't know what's worse in this scenario; being killed on the planet you thought you were just going to walk all over, or being killed by Krillin.

Who the hell is interrupting this?

Dammit, Goku.

: Is that you, Goku...?

: (Yeah, it's me...I can't raise my voice very well...Krillin, do me a favor...Let him go...Please...It's my last request...)

: Are you serious, Goku?! He killed all of our friends! He even tried to kill everyone on Earth! If we let him go, he'll recover and be back for sure!

: (Yeah, he might...)

: Goku...If you think that he could change for the better like Piccolo did...You're wrong! This guy's different! He's got no feelings whatsoever! You should know that, Goku!

: (I know...I know he's really strong too...I don't know how to explain it, but...Looking at him about to die...Made me think...It'd be such a waste of time to kill him...)

: A...A waste?!

: (I trained with King Kai himself...I was supposed to have reached the peak of my ability...Heh heh...But Vegeta was still...Far stronger than me...To tell you the truth, I didn't have a chance...But deep down...It made me excited...Just like with Piccolo...I guess it's because I'm a Saiyan too...Like a bad habit...I'm gonna train harder and beat him the next time, no matter what! I know it's a bad decision but...Please, Krillin! Give me the chance to fight him alone!)

: All right, Goku...You deserve to get your way. The Earth is still here because of you...But listen, Goku! Next time you better take him out with ease!

: I will!

And that statement holds true, because at basically any point from here on out in the series, Goku is strong enough to be able to chump Vegeta at each and every turn.

Oh, up yours with a twirlin' lawnmower.

Don't taunt me about possible fights in a sequel.

And there he goes, off in his pod, to rest up and then head to Namek.

Hey, what's up, Yajirobe?

: That idiot...Why didn't he finish him off?!

: Sorry Krillin...

: Heh heh...Don't worry about it...Although I feel like I shamed everyone who died..But there might be a way to bring them back...

Oh, thank goodness. Someone who can render medical attention to these guys.

...Oh, great, it's Chi-Chi.

And she doesn't give a shit about Goku. Seriously. She just jumps over him to Gohan.

Krillin, don't even try it. She doesn't hear what you're saying.

At least someone gives a shit about Goku.

: Hang in there! Mommy's here! Oh you poor thing!

: Gohan's just fine...It's Goku I think you should be worrying about...

: Poor little thing, being dragged into this mess! I won't ever let him out of my sight again!

: ...Isn't that a little much? Poor Goku...

: Goku! Are you all right?

: He's in bad shape...

...Let him get away? You told Krillin to let him go!

But, nobody is going to mention that.

: ...Oh, hi Korin...

: That guy was more than just strong...Bulma...Everyone was killed except for us...Even Yamcha...

: I had that feeling. But I'm OK! We can just bring him back with the Dragon Balls in a year!

...Oh, nobody told her. Well, this could be awkward...

: Piccolo was killed. That means Kami is gone too. Without him, the Dragon Balls are gone.

: What are you saying? Don't lie to me! Four of you survived, right? Piccolo's the fourth one, isn't he?!

: Sorry, but that would be me.

: No...It can't be...So, Yamcha will never come back?! I...Can't believe it! *Cries*

: Did you know about this?

: Well, uh...Yeah...

: Oh my...I too had thought Piccolo had survived...

: Wh-What?! You were hoping I was Piccolo?! If it wasn't for me, these guys wouldn't be alive right now! I'm not gonna take this! This isn't what I deserve!

In all fairness to you, Yajirobe, it would be a little more handy if Piccolo was alive right now.

And thus, we're off!

Bulma still isn't doing great.

And if we're not bringing them back, we probably need to bury them. Or leave 'em out here; it's a wasteland, who the hell is coming out here?

Just as long as we don't have to find Chiaotzu. We'll need a bucket for that. Or maybe just a Baggie, since there might not be enough to fill a bucket.

: I have an idea...There might not be any chance of it working and...It might not actually be possible, but...Now don't get your hopes up...I'm just saying that...There might be a way to bring everyone back...

: What?

: It may be a little far fetched, but...

: Krillin...You were saying something about that earlier...What is it...? Tell us...

: Wait! I'll tell you later! Master Roshi, this is where the bodies are! We need to get them inside...!

Well, Yamcha is still in one piece, at least. We're not finding Tien's arm.

: ...You won't find it...He...Blew himself to pieces...

: I really wish we could bring everyone back...Their sacrifice was too much...

: I feel angry about my helplessness, Korin...

: It's OK, I'll drive. I've settled down now...

Hey, look who's up.

: Gohan! You're awake!

And not worried about her husband!

I think this is how most mothers react to a child's injuries. At least the first couple times.

There you go, Roshi. Kid needs some encouragement; he's had one hell of a shitty day. Or a great day, if we saw the story told by my stats, but the canon is that he had a shitty day.

His planet needed him, Gohan.

See? Nobody is going to mention what Goku and Krillin did.

This is very true.

And this is very false.

See, he's fine.

: Thanks to you guys, I was able to stay alive!

Now, I know this is Gohan happy that his dad is still alive, but it can kind of seem like Gohan is laughing at his father's near-death.

But, it's kind of the freeze-frame moment.

Finally, we can get back to that. What's your plan, Krillin?

: The Saiyans seem to have heard about the Dragon Balls through Raditz when Goku fought him. They found out their wish could be granted. That's why they came to Earth, so they could get the Dragon Balls.

: Really?

: Yeah. But when they looked at Piccolo, they said something strange. They called him a "Namek". It seems like Piccolo and Kami were once aliens. Then he mentioned how it must be true about there being mysterious balls that granted wishes on the planet Namek. He said, even if they couldn't get them on Earth, they could just go to Namek.

Thank God that Gohan is here to back Krillin up.

They also said some were capable of magic and that some were good at kicking ass.

: We might be able to find the Dragon Balls.

: Very interesting...Then, we could wish back everyone who was killed!

Gohan is the only one here who counts Piccolo as people.

: Yeah! Piccolo and Kami too! That would make the Dragon Balls reappear!

Where could this planet "Namek" be? Could they really find new Dragon Balls? And what could be waiting for them there? Let us save the rest of the story for another time...

To be continued...

And with that, folks, Attack of the Saiyans is done. There's nothing else we'll be doing here, but there are still plenty of other fun things happening in this thread. My contribution is done, but be sure to keep tuning in for the Legacy of Goku videos, the Legend of the Super Saiyan videos, and be sure to check out the Final Bout video, and the videos from the Dragon Ball Evolution game.

This was a hell of a lot of fun to do. I'm glad I chose to do this game; I had a great time with it, and had a better time reading people's replies to the thread and what they thought of Dragon Ball and the various events we encountered. This game covers a lot more than the title implies, but it's all pretty good; this is a solid Dragon Ball RPG and covers plenty of stuff from and relating to the show. If you like the series, I recommend checking this game out. It doesn't have much replay value, true, but it's long enough that you'll probably get what you want out of a Dragon Ball RPG.

Thanks for reading, folks. You've all been great, and I hope to see you all in my next thread. As for what that will be, I don't have a goddamned clue right now. Give me a week or so, and I'll figure it out.