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Part 3: Episode 3 - Meeting your end

We finally go to the west as Kame suggested.

See the house near the top edge of the screen? If we let Piccolo in first...

That's better.

Now that we have a few items, let's see what they do:
Radar (Assist)
Shows where the Dragonballs are!

We can use this one the map to see the direction of the dragon ball, i.e. the boss of the map.

The only way to heal during a battle is to use item cards. Here are the healing item cards:
Bulma (Eat)
Partly heals one character's HP!

Kame (Breath)
Heals most of on character's HP!

Kami (Life)
Fully heals one character's HP!

Puar (Art)
Partially heal's one character's BE!

Mr.Popo (Strength)
Fully heals one character's BE!

Korin (Immortal)
Fully heals one character's BE and HP!

Shenron (Dragon)
Fully heals everyone's BE and HP!

Since item space is limited, it is more helpful to use Bulma and Puar cards during random encounters than save them for boss battles.

Here are the other cards:

Bubbles (Void)
Hides your aura so enemies can't find you!

Flight (Assist)
Use within the cloud area to fly over obstacles!
There is a map that this card is very useful. So use them all on that map! Otherwise they take up space and there is no way to get rid of them after a certain point in game.

Oolong (Transform)
Exchanges all cards for new ones!
Pretty useful with a save state.

Baba (Defend)
Increases one card's defense power to the maximum!

Enma (Attack)
Increases one card's attack power to the maximum!

Scouter (Assist)
Shows the enemy's battle power! Or on map screen, shows the locations of enemies!

Here are the battle only cards:
Chi-Chi (Anger)
Changes one card to a KI card!

Grandpa (Seal)
Stops one enemy's attack for one turn!

Yajirobe (Assist)
Yajirobe attacks the enemy during battle!

Not too powerful, useful for weak enemies only.

Kaio (Battle)
Boosts one character's BP for this battle!

Moon (Transform)
Creates a full moon!

Tail (Transform)
The Saiyan tail! what does it do?

We will see what the last two items do in the future. We grab a few Ooolong and Flight cards on our way and we are ready to save Gohan. We also have a story update:

With the radar, the path is now clear. Time to face Raditz!

Raditz has 300HP and 1500BP, around 50% more powerful than our characters.

It is common to deal single digit damage to him.

Our main source of dealing damage is Piccolo's Makanko Sappo. It is very expensive to use, so only use it with strong special attack cards.

Raditz has two special attacks:

In both cases, Goku is using a card with Z defense. It can be devastating without it:

It is important to use Taiyoken with weak special attack cards or use the Grandpa card instead to stop his attacks. Otherwise, we will quickly run out of healing items.

In this fight, losing one character does not mean instant game over but we don't have any item that can revive him. Here is a few screen from a eariler attempt which demonstrates this:

We finally beat him with Makanko Sappo after a long fight:

1 year! You've got 1 year to live! HAHAHA! Your... luck will do you no good!! You worms are nothng... NOTHING to us...

Gohan was saved and the 4 Star ball was recovered! That makes three Dragonballs - the 3, 4, and 6 Star balls! It seemed that the Dragonballs would be the center of something huge once again...

For starters, we'll exterminate the vermin, and make Earth our new planet Vegeta!

Goku, I'm going to take you to train with Kaio! Kaio is the ruler of all of the gods in space. It's our only hope of beating the Saiyans!

However, there's a catch. You must die, Goku! Only the dead can train with Kaio.

So, Goku chose death and made his way to the afterlife alongside Kami.

Yes. I agree. If you really must go there, then go! I'll call for a guide to escort you. You two wait over there.

Thank you very much, sir!

But it's not my problem if you fall off snake way.

And so, Goku was granted passage to Kaio's planet.

Goku's arduous training is about to begin! How much stronger will he become?! The fate of the planet is depending on you, Goku!

See you in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z LP!