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Part 5: Episode 5 - Meeting your team members

We switch back to Goku on Kaio's planet.

That is what I just said!

On this map, Goku can only move clockwise around the planet. This time he must end his move on the training tiles to enter the training mini-game and he must repeatedly play the mini-game until he beats it.

(I updated the emulator and used cheat to quickly return to this place to capture this and other animated gifs.)

If Goku can't finish it after all 5 cards are used, he will exit the game. The progress carries over to the next time he enters, so he will eventually beat it. Once again, Oolong card is very useful here.

With the training session done, we are back to dragon ball gathering.

Stop repeating already!

Let's have a look at our new team:

Pretty odd that their Kamehameha attacks cost 10BE instead of Goku's 15. Krillin's Energy Disc has a special use which we'll see on the last map. Otherwise, they are as generic as you can get.

The boss is on the west side of the map and we need to zigzag around the mountains to reach him. This is also the last map where we can use the Flight card to by pass the mountains.

Half way through, we meet Oolong and receive a card.

It doesn't take long to reach the boss, but we stay away from him until our characters has over 900BP:

Nikki has 1200BP and 300HP, making him a lot weaker than the previous boss. On the other hand, he has three special attacks.

Where does he get that katana?

It takes a bit longer to beat him without Piccolo.

This one runs off as well.

Another one! Two to go!

This map is a copy of the last Goku map with different graphics, the gameplay is exactly the same.

Goku's BP jumps by 100%!

We switches to the last team.

Our team members:

Ten is a very good character. He has Taiyoken to stop the enemy and many different special attacks for different situations. Currently he does not have enough BE to use his two most powerful attacks.

Chaozu is pretty weak and has only one damage dealing special attack. His redeeming feature is the Psychic Attack which stops the enemy like Taiyoken and it also adds defense down to the enemy indefinitely. This is one of the most useful attack in the game.

If we don't want to use the default team arrangement, we can switch Gohan with Chaozu. This way, team 1 and 3 can utilize 2 fighting styles and also have access to special attacks that can stop the enemy. Piccolo's high BP and Chaozu's Psychic Attack will also help fighting the first boss, who has the highest HP.

Back to our journey. We starts on the north west corner of the map and the boss is located at the centre of the map. That place is surrounded by a large ring of mountains with an openning on the east side like a giant "C". We can either go north or south to reach the openning, but since we need to train our characters, we will go round the whole map once before going inside the ring.

On the north east region of the map, we meet Ox King.

And just a few steps to the south of our beginning position, we meet Baba again.

We also have a story update:

We set off again and go to the openning:

Here we find the boss at the centre of an oasis.

Ginger has 1500BP and 400HP, making him the strongest of the three.

He has the two standard special attacks:

We give him a good beating:

And a taste of our best:

Yes, you better remember!

We are now ready to challenge Garlic Jr!

See you in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z LP!