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Part 6: Episode 6 - Meeting your new life

Listen up! We go in together! Who knows what tricks Garlic will try, so be ready for anything!

I think the story is getting one step ahead and I'm not sure if this is a problem with the translation patch or not.

We can finally move the whole team as one unit!

First, we need to recover our HP and BE.

Korin is our host from now on.

That is better! Hm, I think Gohan's BP is too low. Let's put Gohan into a training mini-game.

Now we are good to move on!

This is the first map which throws groups of 6 enemies at us. We have 5 cards so we can only send 5 members at them. This means it is impossible to beat them within 1 round and they have one more attack than us. How unfair!

Another side effect of having over 5 members is that we have to use all 5 cards every round, so we can't keep the good cards for later use even when there is just one enemy.

Since we don't need to fear of the team members getting separated, we can move at full speed and the map becomes a short walk. We see our first target already!

Nothing we haven't already seen.

At this point of the game, 100BP doesn't take too long to earn.

We also have a story update, but it is still one step ahead of the actual plot. From now on I'll defer the story updates.

Garlic Jr is our next target. Let's see our final status before fighting him:

What is Gohan doing? Over 500HP!

(In the movie, he did get his wish and obtained eternal life)

Garlic Jr has 2500BP and 500HP. He also has three special attacks:

When fighting him, he usually attacks Gohan, so it is important for Gohan to have a high defense card.


Garlic Jr second form has 3500BP and 950HP. His BP is pretty high so unless we use Psychic Attack to give him a defense down status, only Piccolo can deal decent damage. So this is a very long fight and we will use many recovery item cards.

He has 2 special attacks:

It seems he only use his Black Hole attack when he has low HP. Sometimes he does not attack Gohan and attacks the character with lowest HP instead.


Before doing anything, we go to our inventory as this is the only time we have all 7 dragon balls!

1, 2


Here we have another session of mini-game, but this time it is more interesting...

We get to fight Kaio!

He is very strong and we can't use item cards or special attacks. So it is pretty much impossible to beat. But like the previous maps, Kaio's HP does not recover between each fight so we will beat him sooner or later. (In the SNES version, Gohan has the same training mini-game with Piccolo.)

This is what he says when we fail.

5600BP! His only has around 3000 before!

Hm, another bug with the translation patch?


If you have someone died during the dragon ball hunt and didn't reload from save then they will be revived too!

These new foes are more vile than you can imagine! Don't drop your guard for a second!

Thanks for everything, Kaio!

Let's celebrate by unloading our BE on Garlic Jr!
(Warning lot's of animated gifs ahead!)







See you in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z LP!