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Part 7: Episode 7 - Meeting your eternal rival

First, we must find the strongest power, that'll be the one that killed Raditz.

Vegeta began scanning the area.

Strange... There's several readings over 1000! I thought this place was...

Don't panic! They'll be no match for us!

Anyway, let's move ourselves to a more appropriate place and allow them to find us!

Vegeta and Nappa took off at an incredible speed!

Don't worry! We're far stronger than we were a year ago.

With the fate of the planet resting soley on their shoulders, the Z Warriors set off!

Our first priority is to meet up with Goku, so we ignore anything on the map and move forward.

Our first destination is in sight!

Welcome back! Goku can join us here, in the fight against Nappa or in the fight against Vegeta depending on his performance in the training games. If it is the last case, not only Nappa will become extremely difficult, Goku will also lose any chance to train more.

Saiba is the only new normal enemy on this map. It has 200HP and 1200BP. With such a high HP, it will take a while to defeat 1 without Goku. It has 1 special attack only and we can also meet them in random encounters.

It is annoying that Goku is at the end of the list, making it inconvenient to use him in battle.

Now we have Goku on our team, we can go back to meet two people:

Time to challenge the Saiyans. But before that, let's look at Goku's special moves

Some of the attacks have the BE cost covered by the attack name. Kaioken Kamehameha x2 costs 70BE, Kaioken Kamehameha x3 costs 100BE and Kaioken Kamehameha x4 costs 160BE.

The team keep fighting until everyone has over 3000BP.

At this point, we stop taking damage from the weaker enemies.

Nappa has 1800HP and 4000BP. He has 3 special attacks:

Nappa is not too difficult with Goku, most of our character can deal around 20HP damage to him and Goku can easily go over 100.

It's pretty he does get to say anything after he is defeated.

With the boost of 500BP Goku is now over 10000, Piccolo is around 4000 and others are around 3500.

But first I have some business to resolve! I'll show you the true power of a Saiyan elite!!

The huge power of Vegeta shook the Earth to its very core!

Vegeta has 1200HP and 18000BP. He has 6 special attacks, 4 of them are used normally:

When his HP is low, he will use another one:

The Garlic Cannon can easily one-shot one of the weaker characters. So it is best to beat him before he use it. Before putting defense down on Vegeta, Goku is the only one who can deal more than 10 damage without using special attack. On the other hand Vegeta can easily deal over 80 damage to one of our characters with a 1 star normal attack except Goku. So I recommand having a few Shenron cards in the inventory.

Shall I tell you the Z Warriors passwords? With power of this magnitude, you can pummel the world's best easily!

However, they can feel it too... The terrible danger still lurking in the vast unknown of space...

...skipping ahead...

Just one more episode and we are done!

See you in the next episode of DBZ LP!