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Original Thread: Decide Who Will Unite Legendra - Let's Play Dragon Force



Dragon Force for the Sega Saturn mixes RPG elements, as well as real time tactics and strategy to create a fairly unique style of game, all with a story interwoven between battles to tie things together. Released in the US in 1996, it was developed by J-Force and Sega, and translated by Working Designs. The power of an ancient demon is on the rise, and a powerful nation has declared open war on all other kingdoms. The world is divided, and it's up to us as one of six kingdoms to unite Legendra, as well as track down the eight members of the legendary Dragon Force to quell the rising tide of evil. To do that we'll have to deploy a varied array of officers commanding one of many troop types and conquer the land castle by castle. On top of that each nation has its own story events and starting conditions to navigate in order to survive in this war torn land.

About the Playthrough
This playthrough will be done with my physical copy of the game on a real Sega Saturn. I'll be upscaling the image 5x which will cut off a little bit at the top and bottom edges, but we won't be missing anything important.

I've fully played through the game 3 times, I think. I've at least dabbled for a few battles with every kingdom over the years. However, that was a long, long time ago, so replaying the game as any kingdom should be interesting. To that end, I'm going to let you guys decide which kingdom we play as.

If you want to vote for a kingdom you'll need to click the link below and vote in the straw poll. If you want to leave a reply as well that's cool. I'm curious why people might choose one kingdom over the other. Again, just make sure you vote in the poll.

Voting ended Wednesday Oct 3, 2018 at 11PM US Eastern Time. Results:


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I really like the sprite aesthetic in this game.

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