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Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

by Yapping Eevee

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Original Thread: It's Payback Slime! Let's Play Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime!



Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime was developed by TOSE and published by Square Enix for the DS back in December 2005, then given an English release in September of the following year. It’s the second game in a trilogy and the only one available in English, but thankfully requires no knowledge of its GBA predecessor.

The gameplay is a mix of overhead action and a certain battle mode I’d like to leave as a surprise for the unspoiled. Plenty of familiar monsters and the usual array of puns will be present along with a few other nods to the main series, VIII in particular. (OFS is doing a great LP of that game right now. I recommend checking it out.)

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