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Part 4: Update 03b: Taking Stock.

Update 03b: Taking Stock.

Hello again! This is just going to be a quick bonus update giving a rundown on the ammo we have at the moment, and what I’ll be filling the Schleiman’s ammo racks with. The game’s description of each item is included in italics.

A fruit so red and tasty-looking, people die for it, dye with it, and die because of it… if it’s used as ammo.

Shooting an apple at a tank is about as effective as you’d think. We will have a few more reasons to collect items coming up, but the Pompom won’t get much use until then.

This treasure chest may hold great wonders, but once emptied, it’s just a plain old box.

Another item that’s not much use as ammo, but at least it’s better than nothing.

Jailcats love these. Pick one up and watch those cats go crazy over you!

I suppose you could go and throw these into tanks crewed by Jailcats, see if they get too distracted to fight? They aren’t really called for.

Handle with care! Explodes when thrown. It counts as an item, but it’s really a monster.

Rockbombs deal a fair bit of damage at this stage in the game, but the problem is that ammo coming out of the chutes bumps any left on the floor, meaning that rockbombs will often end up doing more harm than good as they’re launched all over.

Your basic bit of ammo with a damage rating of 8. Should come in very handy in the early stages.

As the game itself said, bombshells are the most reliably potent source of damage we have at present.

It’s already broken, so if you drop it on the ground, you’d better say your goodbyes!

The Obelisk has the same problem as the Rockbomb, but at least it won’t hurt Rocket. It’s usable for now, but needs to be replaced ASAP.

This arrow’s made of wood. (Never!) It soars through the air faster than other ammo when fired from a cannon.

Indeed, while most ammo have the same travel time to an enemy tank, arrows are considerably speedier than most. It’s not strong, but it’s still useful.

Only inflicts 3 points of damage, and can’t be sold in the shop, either. Pretty useless, all in all!

We don’t have access to the shop yet. This is what goes in the ammo racks when you leave them empty.

They carve these clubs out o’ tree trunks, guv. An’ they don’t ‘alf ‘urt!

The second most powerful item we have at the moment, and a great addition to our arsenal. There’s a place where you can farm these up without too much trouble coming up soon, in fact…

Metal harder than iron and steel. Sure this would make a great alchemy item.

Yep, the game’s just spoiling itself like crazy today. This precious metal is by far our strongest piece of ammo, so I’ll be trying to make it connect at all costs.

Anyway, this loadout will suffice for now. See you next time!