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Part 10: Update 08b: Prepare to Vote.

Update 08b: Prepare to Vote.

Alright, let’s take a look at what we’ve got! Each enemy’s recruitment dialogue, tactics and description in the swag menu will be included.

Blublic enemy no. 1. They treat slime-napping as a sport. Beware of their nasty tailspin attack.

As you may expect from the game’s basic enemy, the Platypunk is not particularly exciting, nor is he very good at either of his roles. Still very much fodder.

Don’t be fooled by their lazy, playful appearance. These pussies pack a pretty mean scratch!

Jailcats still have their special ability to leap over doors, and will typically break the control panel to let other infiltrators in. If you want to invade the enemy tank, a Jailcat isn’t a bad option to bring along.

On the ground and in the air, drackies attack from everywhere!

Aside from his low health making him a bit of a target, the Dracky is alright. He can actually attack, so at least he’s better than Swotsy.

They just chill on the surface, but they make a mean fighting machine when they get on down below. Hurgh!

The Mischievous Mole is the first crew member we’ve seen who can ‘bring ammo’; this makes him deliver the ammo to Rocket rather than firing it himself. This means that you can have better control over the order in which things are fired, so it can be handy when you need to make every shot count.

Boing, boing, boing. If they spot you, you’re gonna get horned! Just remember, you’ve been warned!

Aside from having one less hit point, the Bunicorn serves as a second Hooly. I suppose that you could combine Hooly, a Bunicorn and a Jailcat if you wanted to be incredibly focused on invading enemy tanks.

They’ll pick up anything if they think they can chuck it at you! What will they pick up next?

The Picksy is really quite speedy, so he’s not a bad choice if you want someone loading either cannon. Just remember, if something invades the Schleiman, he’s going to throw ammo at them. Better hope it wasn’t something fragile!

Bam! Look out for that mallet! But they can only ever take one swing before it slips out of their hands.

A burly beastie with the rare ability to carry two items at once, the Hammerhood is also an excellent infiltrator. While he prioritises the enemy leader, he’ll smack other enemies about once his target’s dealt with. And of course, if he loses that hammer and starts flailing about, panels will get smashed and ammo sent flying everywhere!

Moving into the back room of the museum now, we’ve still got plenty more crew members to recruit and review.

- ‘Yes! A chest!’ - No, a mimic! They leap out at you when you least expect it. Don’t be fooled!

A bit of an odd choice, the mimic will sneak into the enemy tank and pretend to be a chest, only attacking those who come near his hiding place. You’re probably better off using someone else to infiltrate the enemy.

When they get in a huff, watch out for their puff! You could get caught in a real spinefield.

Despite his prickliness, the Cactiball is sadly only average at both of his roles. There’s plenty of better options out there.

Oh, hang on. Let’s fix this…

[Some grinding later…]

What’s the deal with these whizzing shells? It’d take a heck of an Elasto Blast to defeat one.

The Wyrtle has one decent tactic and one lousy one. Don’t rely on him to load the cannons, as he’s quite sluggish. Using him as a projectile, however… Well, he deals 30 damage and takes three hits to knock out of the air. That’s pretty damn nice.

Okay, one more room to look through.

These scary spooks sneak up unseen and steal a slime’s items. Watch out when you’re carrying things.

The entire point of having a Ghost around is to steal the enemy’s ammo. Changing his role just makes him steal it from the enemy commander instead of taking random pieces. Naturally, this is pretty awesome if the enemy has good stuff to steal; there is one monster that does this job better, but we don’t have them available quite yet.

Whoa! Did that statue just move? Yup, and it’s heading your way! You should see them when they run…

While most enemies have no way of hurting the Living Statue, he’s honestly a bit too slow to actually fight off the bad guys. And of course, that also makes him a lousy cannon user.

Mathterth of magic. Except they don’t always quite get it right.

The goofy Imp is decent at what he does, but you’ll have to live with his random tripping if you want him on your crew.


Alright, that’s thirteen out of fourteen monsters we’ve seen ready to help out with our tank battles. Including the five slimes we already had, that means you can all choose three out of the eighteen crew members to help us out for a while. As for the missing monster…

A rare but valuable discovery, these precious monsters drop treasure when attacked.

Soon… Very soon.