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Part 17: Noble Goals.

Update 15: Noble Goals.

Continuing on where we left off last time, our next room is a small platforming segment leading toward this Golem, so we can steal it and smash the crates blocking our way.

There’s also a slime chest tucked away just south of the Golem’s position, so don’t miss it!

Thank-you-for-assisting-me. Let-us-digest-burger-in-bun-together.

I think this might be the first time we’ve gotten an iron shield in a letter… Sliborg’s a pretty cool slime, given that his entire motivation is

Some punching later…

We arrive at the other side of the room and find an entirely extraneous healing pad. It’s unnecessary because of the next room being…

I am Hollow Kitty, of the Plob Enforcers. I warn you, I’m not as tame as the others. En garde!

Yep, the last of the Plob Enforcers. And one with a rather odd name, even by this game’s standards. Although the Kitty Shield is certainly a thing in this series…

Keep your wits about you, and don’t disappoint me. I have high expectations.

The Kaboomamite is the last item that the Imps of the necropolis can drop, and now we’re going to get a little demonstration of how it works. Let’s see how to handle high explosives.

If this bundle of boomsticks collides with something in midair, it will take out any ammo in that airspace for a few seconds. It’s a good way to deal with a lot of incoming ammo at once, but improper positioning might mean that you can’t really fire anything until it’s done.

Aside from the explosives, Hollow Kitty has a host of other nice items like Meteorites and Special Medicine, as well as some Hell Scythes for bypassing the Schleiman’s shots.

Just stay on your toes, and you’ll be fine. Oh, and here’s a shot of how Kaboomamite works if it actually connects with a tank; it does a series of 10-25 damage blasts! I should probably also mention that when you’re carrying it, its fuse is burning down… So get it to the cannons on the double!

Hey, I did that item-catching thing. Think I’ll still stick to blasting the barriers away though.

But I’m all right. Oh, yes. There’s life in this old dog yet!

Oooh, some Kaboomamite to call our own. Nifty!

Now then, I’m sending you a special recipe of mine. I hope it comes in useful.

Obvious jokes about why Flopsy had this aside, we’ve just seen how effective a bit of Kaboomamite can be in battle. It’s also necessary for one of the last few alchemy recipes, so if you want any more of these, you’ll either need third-tier vulcan ammo or to go farm some Imps.

Wait, the third teleporter’s here already? It’s only been two rooms since the last one!

Guess what that means, folks.

Maybe I ain’t made myself clear. Take a hike, pal!

...Oh, hi there.

So long, slimeball! Lemme know when you’ve finished cleanin’ up, huh? Heh heh!

Hmm. This could go poorly.

What ensues can only rightly be described as a clusterfuck.

Look at this chaos. Revel in it.

The door opens once all of the Killing Machines have been defeated, but you want to know the fun part? These guys respawn. Farming them is super easy with the teleporter right below us.

Looks like the decor’s changing up. Combined with the platypunk door, it’s pretty clear we’re almost at the end here.

And of course, we can’t go fight the final boss without one more clash against Slival.

And d’you know who’s got the key? That’s right. Me! Bring back any memories? We’ve been here before, right? But that doesn’t mean it’s gonna end the same way, Flute Warrior.

Rocket’s always ready to take on the slime with the 10St helmet.

Time to take this outside.

Just what is it that drives you? You’re gonna say you’re fighting for something you believe in, right? Okay, then. Let’s see how strong your belief really is. Gimme everything you’ve got! But I’ve gotta warn you: it’s coming right back at ya!

Okay, Flute Warrior. Let’s settle this once and for all!

Alright, this is it! Time to show Slival the strength of our conviction!

The Schwarzman is as well-stocked as ever and fires unusually quickly for only being staffed by one slime, so it’s time to take the fight to Slival once again.

Because in the short time it takes to break in and distract him, about a third of the Schleiman’s health just gets ripped right off. Also pictured: Changing some orders around. Hooly’s help isn’t needed over this side, so he can chip away at the Schwarzman for now. And since Rocket won’t be needing ammo, Bo can just hang around.

Damn, Slival can do a number on you if you’re not careful. And here’s Hooly doing his superslime thing.

The Hero Sword’ll cut you down to size!

No way am I letting that thing spawn. The Hero Sword is the game’s best piece of ammo, taking three hits to knock down and dealing a mighty 120 damage.

...Huh. Did Bo just throw something at Slival? I thought she didn’t attack.

Well, I guess Bo does attack if you set her to follow Rocket! I was completely wrong about that.

...This gives me an idea.

Go for the eyes, Bo! Go for the eyes!

And so that’s how Bo made Rocket the proudest big brother in all of Slimenia.

On the way to the engine room after giving Slival his brother-and-sister beating, this piece of ammo appears that I actually don’t recognise… which means it must be the dangerous and deadly Kafrizzle! This thing does a nice 90 damage and rains down fireballs on the enemy’s cannon room, preventing them from firing back for a while.

After that long slugfest, Slival coughs up our very first Orichalslime! This is the last thing Killing Machines can drop, and they’re used in making some of the best alchemy recipes.

But I was sweating so much, I’m sure I lost a considerabubble amount of weight!


One word of advice: Don Clawleone’s a jerk, but don’t think that means he’s soft.

You got it, Slival. Thanks for the key.


So this is it. On the other side of this door is a healing pad and the point of no return. We have a few loose ends to tie up before we take on Don Clawleone, though. First of all, our latest letter.

I lost a whole 0.1St! So every cloud has a silver lining!

While some of the other top-tier ammo that requires Orichalcum or an Orichalslime can be farmed from tank re-fights, I think you might need this recipe to get any of these shields at all! So save your orichalcums for this one if you can.

Next up is farming up the new monsters, during which I discover that the Jinkster’s Frizz can allow a Slime Knight to use Flame Slash and get some extra range.

Alright, let’s check up on the nine slimes we saved. That’s 99/100, with Princess Gluttonella being the only one who’s still slimenapped.

I can’t tell you why, but I need 20 catnips and 20 medicinal herbs to do it. Do you have these items? If so, you couldn’t possibly let me have them could you? Please!

Okay, the joke is just staring me in the face here. I’m fairly sure being high as a kite would help immensely with sorting out this huge mess of books though, so…

Marvellous! Thanks so much, Rocket. I knew you were the person to ask! Now I can put all my precious books in order. Here. This is just a little something to say thank you.

But there’s no point just making this tablet on its own. They say you only see its true power when you combine it with other similar tablets. I don’t know anything else about them. Try asking around in here. You might learn more.

Well, that wasn’t really worth the hassle. Did I mention the POW tablets take crazy amounts of good items to make? The Power tablet is the easiest at nine oaken clubs and nine bastard swords, and this one wants three pompoms… and three orichalslimes.

Ah, Rocket. Looking for a good book are you, you young bookworm? What? You’re not interested? It can be good to read sometimes, you know.

Studying is quite a passion of mine. I could teach you bubbags of stuff.

If only people would put them back properly when they’ve finished with them.

Flagslimes no like be beaten. Unga-ga-ga! Clawrence more better than Rocket!

Hello, boyo. Good to see you well as usual. Keep the noise down ‘round here, though, eh?

Need-20-steel-broadswords-to-repair-digestive-system. You-will-be-rewarded-if-you-collect-them-for-me. Will-you-assist?

Sure thing, pal! I have a ton of these thanks to all those Restless Armours.

Good. This-is-for-you.

Digestive-system-defective. Burger-in-bun-stuck-inside. The-steel-broadswords-you-acquired-will-assist-repairs.

Truly, Rocket has helped with the noblest of causes.

on, Sliborg.

I have a magical canvas that helps you diet. Would you like to buy it for 500 gold coins?

Sure, let’s add it to the gallery.

Apparently you can lose weight just by hanging it on your wall. I didn’t shrink an inch, though! Maybe you’ll have more luck.

Once again Rocket has been ripped off. Still, at least we’re still funding the arts.

Diet is a four letter word, friend.

I over a......bookshelf jump, you know. Amazing, isn’

Memo: do-not-climb-ladder-again.

Aw, poor Roboglop. That’s our nine slimes, so there’s just the matter of our monsters to attend to.

...Okay, so they don’t have the most personality in the world. Let’s just go to the museum and wrap things up.

With its incredible bulk and mighty punch, this monster’s the pick of the bunch! But what’s inside?

The Golem’s only good for going out invading on your own, since nobody else will bother to use it. If you want to let your other two crew members man the cannons while you bust up the enemy, this might just be the thing for you.

Dangerous droids with a powerful beam that fries anything that happens to be around.

With high HP, high speed and a sweeping laser that ensures widespread destruction, the Killing Machine is fully capable of performing either of its roles well. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

That big shield gives attacks from the front a hollow ring, but a strike from the back is just the thing!

The Restless Armour is a little bit clunky and slow, though his shield helps him serve as an effective bodyguard and distraction. Not the best of the best, but a solid choice.

And with all that taken care of, I believe it’s time we end this… Next time, we take down the Don.