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Part 20: Tank Masters: Rank C.

Tank Masters: Rank C.

Hmm. I could upgrade those shields and medicines, but… Eh, close enough.

Alright, it’s time to show off our PASSION and enter into the first rank of Tank Masters!

Si, ragazzo, si! Tank Masters is waiting for you! Choose your rank, ragazzo.

We have the Prima Battaglia, Seconda Battaglia and Rank C Gran Finale to cover today; these updates will be fairly short, since there’s nothing but three tank battles to deal with.

You wanna fight this one, ay?

And of course, we need to get to the battlegrounds in style.

Choose a tank with +Control Pad up/down. Press the A Button when you is decided.

Along with assigning me a crew consisting of the Platypunk, Dracky and Mimic, the thread has decided that our first tank for today will be the cute Carrot Top. (As opposed to the scary redhead. )

Rank C, Prima Battaglia: Rocket and the Ragazzi vs… ...Wiseguy and Babbo, the Forewood Fledglings!

I guess these two bumblers get to make one final appearance!

And it’s just the pair of them, too. Guess they’re really easing us in, huh?

Okay, boss. Let’s stick this mug!

To make this fight a little more unique, Wiseguy and Babbo have the Plob theme playing instead of the regular tank battle music. It’s a nice touch.

Leaving aside the mishaps Rocket’s crew have with the cannons (and that great line from the Platypunk), let’s talk about the enemy’s ammo situation. In short, it’s all over the place. They have a few mirror shields and bastard swords, but they also have basic boomerangs and pompoms. So, uh… Yeah, this isn’t too difficult.

We do gain access to the gimmicks of certain tanks when we select them, so Rocket has access to the Death Carrot during this fight. Oh, and while the Dracky is pretty slow, the Mimic is okay as an ammo-fetcher. He’s a bit slower than Bo, but takes less breaks and doesn’t stop moving when he throws things at Rocket.

Quit sittin’ on your behind and shoot, Babbo!

It ain’t me sittin’ on my behind, boss…

Ah, I do love banter.

...Oh. So the Mirror Shield made the Edged Boomerang switch over and take out my ammo, including the Death Carrot. That was a bit of bad luck, wasn’t it?

This pair of punks put up a pretty good fight, lasting about as long as some of the fights on the Flying Clawtress despite being understaffed and outgunned. But eventually…

Babbo, ya useless punk! We ain’t got no HP.

Easy, boss. You’re hurtin’ my feelin’s.

This one’s for you, Babbo.

Beating a round of Tank Masters offers no reward, sadly. We’ll have to finish up with the entire rank to get anything out of this.

Ay? You’re still in the mood? You want to carry on with the Tank Masters, ragazzo?

Si! It’s time for Rank C, Seconda Battaglia…

That pun’s bad, but the reference is worse. At least it’s one that most LP goons will get!

And look at this, a tank we haven’t seen before… unless you watched the credits, which gave you a sneak peek at this one. There are actually four tanks in here that are new to Tank Masters, and the Trailblazer is the first. Time for a slugfest!

Dracken Garth has nothing special to offer us, aside from mixing some Hell Scythes and Spooklear Bombs in with his missiles. So here’s a look at the T-Rax’s lego-like interior.

It seems easy enough that I end up sending the Mimic over to try out its other tactic.

Turns out that without someone to let the Mimic inside, it just sat by the door all fight long and sometimes snapped at it. Well, that was pointless.


Rank C, Gran Finale:

Ah, it’s our old friend the Purrsecuter! And is it just me, or does Giggles feel like a reference to something? I feel like it might be, but I can’t put my finger on it… Oh well, let’s prep for the barbie.

Paws Button has got a selection of late-game ammo with second tier missiles and iron balls, third-tier arrows, miracle and metal king swords… and a few Toy Slimes as dud items. But with their Jailcat crew having a tendency to invade, the Purrsecuter doesn’t fire as fast as it could.

If you actually bring a crew member who can be put on guard duty, this is the perfect time to make use of them.

Still, our crew of misfit minions manage to take the poorly protected Purrsecuter apart with ease.

We suffer a tiny bit of systems damage, but earn another S(ub)lime victory.

I give you this present for conquering the Rank C.

And with that, we’re ready to take on Rank B… Just as soon as you vote on who’s coming, and what tanks we’re using!

Please vote for Rank B now. Three tanks, three crew members.

The Trailblazer is available now if you want to vote for it. And the tanks/crew members we’ve just used are no longer valid votes.


Short Shooter
Chrono Twigger
Carrot Top
Fort Knight
War Chest
Daemolition Man
S. Cargo


Mother Glooperior
Baron Blubba
Curate Rollo
Tokyo Tom
Flabbot Flancisco
Big Daddy
Mama Mia

Mischievous Mole
Living Statue
Walking Corpse
Dancing Flame
Restless Armour
Killing Machine