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Part 23: Tank Masters: Rank S.

Tank Masters: Rank S.

Rank S, Prima Battaglia:

Rocket’s family are back to help him through the mighty foes of Rank S, so it’s time to say nighty-night to these knights.

Helmut and their crew manage to make this fight quite a hassle with how much stuff they throw at us, hurling Metal King Shields and Swords by the bucketful.

They even have a few Mirror Shields tucked away to turn our own shots back at us.

Big Daddy and Mama Mia both have a rough time in this fight, what with the Living Armour’s shields and their surprisingly good timing with some of their shots.

Helmut makes for a tough enough foe to properly welcome us to Rank S, but there’s not a lot more I can say about this one. A solid fight for being just a shootout.

Rank S, Seconda Battaglia:

I said there would be four new tanks in Tank Masters, and since only the Trailblazer has appeared before this… Yes, that means all of our remaining opponents will have new tanks to show off! Let’s massacre this mammoth!

Paulie is pretty annoying due to his stock of Kaboomamite, managing to take out whole volleys of ammo if you’re not careful. His trio of Killing Machines also make life pretty difficult for any invaders, so Big Daddy has another rough day.

Mama Mia’s mighty Mum Missile makes mincemeat out of mammoths.

He does have a desperation drill attack like the Carrot Top, though. It’s exactly the same, so the damage is pretty meh, but it’s still a pretty good hinderance.

The Killing Machines occasionally end up coming over here in the cannons, but Bo and Mama Mia are actually pretty good at taking care of themselves against single opponents.

All in all, this is a good fight! And I like the icy architecture in here. made it to the decider, ay? This is the last battle! Rank S, Gran Finale:

Ooh, the Carnivale’s in town! Time to try out the rides.

Butcher Bill talks a good game, but… Well, to be honest… He’s kind of a chump.

His main plan of attack is to have his Ghosts steal our ammo to supplement his own, which is already high quality as it is. However… Well, you know what that does to his ammo-loading.

And on top of that, Mama Mia and Bo seem to have a decent idea where Ghosts happen to be, and will handle them with more reliability than I can muster. So it’s honestly not as difficult as the two fights before this.

...Do Banjo and Kazooie know you have these, Bill? I’m so psyched for Yooka-Laylee, you guys have no idea

I knew you were the one to become the champione. I hear it on the wind. And now, I give you this present. From the bottoms of my heart!

Ah, this is the very last of our forty alchemy recipes. With just an Orichalcum and some Toy Slimes, Krak Pot can cook up as many Orichalslimes as you like.

So, ragazzo, now you are champione. But this is not the end!

Only when you defeat him will you be the true Master of Tanks!

The final battaglia of the Tank Masters! The ultimate rank!

This is it, folks! The final challenge that Dragon Quest Heroes has to offer us, the Ultimate Rank of Tank Masters! And who will be our opponent?

This battle’ll decide who’s the real hero among us. So we fight alone, okay? A fight to the finish.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Hooly. It’s time to stretch, spring and shoot our way to success!

So Hooly has decided to go for some samurai style, huh? Figures… Alright, let’s do this! Once more… With GUSTO!

Our buddy Hooly has borrowed Slival’s battle music, and that’s really quite telling of how this fight works. It’s basically the one-on-one fight that Slival never got.

His ammo selection is a bit more varied, including Holly’s very own Hero Sword. Guess he got up a bit of adventuring behind our back.

Kafrizzles will make the Schleiman’s cannon room a dangerous place to be, so take care.

Plenty of high-powered ammo flying back and forth in this one! You have to use your shields and boomerangs well to be able to whittle down the Shogun’s 3000 HP without getting destroyed.

Okay, that was silly.

Oh gosh, this could be painful…

Or not. And so, eventually…

Ha, it even looks like Hooly does when he gets hurt! Bawling Boo Hooly.

Oh, somebody’s wise to our tricks! If you actually try to Elasto Blast our buddy, Hooly will attempt to jump out of the way.

He can’t cancel out of his tentacle punches though.

Hang on, this looks like the healing pads. That makes me wonder… Is it supposed to look like Empyrea/Ramia? (Spoilers are for games in the main series.)

Of course, Hooly revives pretty much immediately when he’s slain. But it doesn’t matter… We’ve got him beat now!

A damn fine fight you put up there, Hooly.

Now you have climbed to the very top of the Tank Masters arena. You are the true Master of Tanks! My congratulazioni, champione! This is for you…

But the arena is still waiting for you anytimes, ragazzo. Waiting for your PASSION!

And with the game’s second and final Hero Sword as our reward, we have conquered every challenge DQH: Rocket Slime can throw at us. I could go farm up one hundred of every monsters for some shiny statues, or show off all the item descriptions… But I think we’re done here.

I’d like to say a big thank-you to everybody who posted in the thread, or even just read along. And of course, an extra-large thanks to Dr. Fetus for pointing out some things I’d missed.

So, tanks for reading! Goo-bye!