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Part 1

Update 1

Update 1

Our first update begins an epic adventure starting in Arba, where man and monster live in Harmony... until the events of the first ten minutes of the game. Now all the monsters have gone crazy, and the royal bodyguards have to find the royal to guard his body and figure out what happened. And that means tutorials. Sorry folks, no way to turn those off. We steamroll through the first couple of maps and the first boss fight of the game, and along the way we meet a couple of new characters:

Healix is our little heal-slime buddy, and evidently king of the Slimes judging by the crown. He’s also the tutorial NPC, and he accompanies us in battle and occasionally lends a healing tentacle. He also makes terrible slime-based puns, because this is a Dragon Quest game.

Doric is the king of Arba, a former colosseum fighter, and pretty much a pro-wrestler who happens to be king. If that sounds awesome you’re completely right, and Doric is right up there was one of the best characters in the game and I’ll go ahead and say pretty much the best original character to show up in the game. We’re supposed to be his bodyguards, but that’s a glaringly unnecessary job.