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Part 2

Update 2

Update 2

You're not seeing things, the game goes right into the intro movie after you complete the tutorial. But it's nice enough that I'm happy to see it again. Today we're off to Caliburgh to flesh out the mechanics of the game a little bit, including addition of a town segment, and once we're in the gate we have a new party member. Caliburgh is the home of inventors and scientists, and that's where our next party member comes in:

Isla is another original character for the game, and she's kind of terrifyingly predatory at times. She's also inexplicably Scottish or Irish (there's some argument about this) and a boomerang/wind magic user. She can be a bit tricky to use in battle, but I tend to like her because she livens up every scene she's in. She also has some applicability when it comes to using technological set pieces, so that's a bonus in some battles.

Tuxedo Ted posted:

So I missed the first half of the stream and never saw the opening cinematic, and I gotta say it's pretty great how Alena does a kick flip off Kiryl.

Also are alternate outfits a thing in this game? The football padding armor the two MCs have have yet to grow on me.

The alternate outfits are basically recolors of the prime outfit. The football padding armor is pretty much here to stay. There were some costumes available for DLC, but I think that was only specifically through the Square-Enix Store.

Charlett posted:

I'm sorry I missed most of the stream. I got on and managed to say one thing before real life kicked me in the gut and I had to do *other* things. It was really fun from what I saw so far though! I just wish I had the money to actually pick this game up. I guess the problem is that I've only ever played computer games and don't actually have a controller that can play games that were meant for console. How does a keyboard hold up?

We'll hope to see you in the future, but in the meantime at least you can catch up on what you missed. I think a keyboard would probably not hold up very well just because there's a lot of button mashing going on in combat.