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Part 4

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Today our generator guarding shenanigans get a trio of interruptions, comprised of a giant blue cyclops and two random Russians. The latter two are on our side, so the whole thing turns into a running fight to try and take down the cyclops before it crushes our generator. Oh, and we can use the mounted weapons to shoot him in the eye for massive damage. It's actually kind of required if you want to win. In the end we have two new characters and we finally get to use the generator to create our own airship base for future operations. It's literally a floating town. Now that we have six characters we need to start picking and choosing our battle party, and these are our two newest contenders:

Here comes Tsarevna! Alena was described as a “Russian punch wizard” by someone in the stream and that’s a pretty fair description. Her entire schtick is fisticuffs and critical hits, but she also gets a cool duplication ability and is a lot of fun to use in battle. I find that she works best on smaller groups of large enemies, and she’s a pretty good choice for boss battles. She comes from Dragon Quest IV, where her initial solution to an escape puzzle is “apply foot to wall.” She’s also right up there with King Doric as the best character in the game and I will fight you if you say otherwise. Inward, to combat!

Kiryl is also from Dragon Quest IV, and is Alena’s long suffering guard. He’s also got a huge thing for her, which she couldn’t care less about. As a spear user he’s pretty linear, but he also gets instant death spells and some buffs. He doesn’t even get the dignity of being an “elite lancer” having to settle for just being “advanced." His high tension attack is one of the more entertaining ones, and is a pretty good callback for anyone who’s tried to use instant death magic in prior games. Not my favorite character, but occasionally useful.