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Part 5

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Picking up right where we left off, it's time for a little bit more alchemy before we head off on a final mission to close out last week's stream. The gates of Colissea are under attack, because evidently monsters have lost their minds all over the world. Gleefully slaughtering more of our former friends we're defending a fixed point this time, with the entire process made more complicated by quicksand and multiple pathways that we have to defend. Tonight we'll pick up the stream at the regular time mentioned in the OP and see where this goes.

AltaBrown posted:

Sonuvabitch, I had no idea the spellcasters were there for the Gigantes fight. I just High Tensioned every chance I got until I (barely) managed to bring the damned thing down!

I'm just impressed that you managed to pull that off. Those spellcasters put out a lot of damage.

Sordas Volantyr posted:

And sure enough, that's DQIX's battle theme in the first battle of that video, before the Gigantes showed up.

I'll be honest, playing on a DS I mostly kept the sound off on that one so I couldn't pick it out of a lineup.

Glazius posted:

Yeah, that permanent goofy grin on the Gigantes looks really odd in a slo-mo death animation.

The secret is that he's actually a nihilist. He's delighted at the sweet embrace of death.

Rabbi Raccoon posted:

British accents? In MY AMERICA?!


And Russian, done by someone British. They could have gone the extra mile and gotten actual Russians for authenticity!