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Part 6

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Today we're taking a slight detour to show off treasure maps, and then it's into the city of Colissea. The mayor has been holding off the monsters while the rest of the population has been escaping, and he needs a little help here at the end. It's also a chance to see both Kiryl and Alena's high tension attacks, the former of which is particularly noteworthy. After that we've got to defend a tree root, which I promise will make sense in the fullness of time.

EponymousMrYar posted:

I really want to check this out but holy moly Gooly took my enthusiasm out behind the shed and left it a tired-pun riddled pile of ~shlurp~

Perfect for blaming the egregious handholdy-ness of that tutorial on. If only he wasn't a useful healslime...

His enthusiasm for puns came up in this stream, and I suppose people vary in how they handle it. It's honestly not that bad to me, but I've been knee deep in puns multiple times so I'm hard to phase. He's kind of central to the game, however, so he and his puns aren't going anywhere.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Before Grandma's Maine Coon withered away, he reached under 4 feet. Just stretch yourself into my arms so I can pick you up. Had another digit as well.
Was that Golem doing all the damage, as your summons died quickly that time?

That's about the size of it. You don't set a cat like that down, you pour him out.

It was the golem. They can do a LOT of damage in a fairly short order, and smaller summons are definitely less durable. You want the bigger ones for really successful blocking.

Nissin Cup Nudist posted:

How many cats do you people have?

Four, although in the way of cats they often seem to be more numerous than they are.