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Today we're headed back into Caliburgh, but instead of a brawl we get a cut scene. A dark-robed figure, almost immediately given the name "Badfic" because he looks and acts like a fanfic villain, is taunting a swordsman who looks like an off-brand version of Link. He's not pleased at the interruption and fails to kill us with his magic, resulting in some dialogue about "Children of Light" that will make more sense later. Maybe. Anyway, he teleports off to parts unknown and leaves us to fight three killer robots. When it's all said and done we have a new party member thanks to King Doric's diplomacy:


There's no way to really be nice about this... Terry's kind of an asshole, and not in an entertaining way. He's got a whole complex about being the best and how everyone should stay out of his way, but he doesn't really back it up in practice. He also doesn't improve as a character over time. Terry evidently comes from Dragon Quest 6 so I'm not too familiar with him, but his role in this game is lightning-elemental clone of the main characters. He's got a few neat tricks like learning Miracle Slash, and lighting can hit robotic weak points, but since our main character also has Zap that really doesn't make him valuable enough to keep around.

Edvarius posted:

Right, caught up on this thread now. The game seems... interesting, though I'm not sure I'd actually be any good at it. Still, I'm enjoying the characters, though I feel a little bad for Luceus. He tries to approach problems in a rational manner, but both his boss and coworker are have a strong preference for CHARGE! and nothing else. And then Alena joins, who's pretty much that only somehow moreso. I can't imagine the frustration that guy must be feeling.

Also, story wise I find it interesting that Alena and Kiryl were chasing a thief when they crossed worlds. And Alena at least seems to think that the thief is on this world somewhere. I admit it's been a while since I've played DQ4, but wasn't the only thief the Tsarevna had to deal with in her chapter the ones that kidnapped her imposter to trade for the bracelet? And wasn't that bracelet connected to the Secret of Evolution? I dunno if trying to obtain that was why there was a portal in the first place, but if it wasn't then Mr. Malevolent Mustachioed Mage might find himself with something a bit more monstrous than he was prepared to control.

Don't worry, I'm not sure I'm that good at it either but I'm having fun. The worst thing for Luceus is that so often it turns out that his boss and coworker actually turn out to be right when they just charge in. It works out for them, despite all of his careful planning going to waste. It makes me think of Frank Grimes in the Simpsons as he watches Homer blunder to success. Although I will note that on a number of occasions Aurora actually agrees with Luceus's plan, she just wants him to hurry up and get to the point.

That's a good point about why Alena and Kiryl were here. It's not covered until later, but all of the characters are essentially being plucked from their individual games at a specific point in time. So there's something to what you're talking about what the villain and what he might have ended up with.

AltaBrown posted:

I did a lot of grinding. So much grinding.

The game doesn't really require a lot of skill, just persistence.

The genuine Dragon Quest experience! I will say that skill does play a role, as I'm having a much easier time this playthrough than the first time I played.