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Part 9

Update 9

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Today we're opening the gates of Sylvea, but first we have to clear out the rabble hanging around outside. This includes our first encounter with a metal slime, which does not go as planned. When it's all said and done we can afford some new gear, and then there's a quest for a new ability for our main character that we'll get to... next time. In addition to two more characters.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Those birds were called Wyverns on the NES, right? Fire monsters were not bad in the first game, but the second game was not balanced at all for them. It was like 7th Saga for most of that game.

I'd almost forgotten that, but you're right. I can't remember if they kept the prefixes for the later versions so it'll be interesting to see. I think the second game the main issue was having a squishy mage character and not really having any great multi-heal options. The real thing I remember from that one is the late-game enemies who had party-wipe instant death spells.

Glazius posted:

Hm. Yeah, DQ's never really been big on archer characters, so nobody's going to knock those Chimeras out of the sky.

We do have an archer character coming, but I don't know if they're actually any better at knocking them out of the sky. Luckily magic and jumping will usually do the trick pretty well.