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Part 11

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No sooner do we get started tonight than we're in a boss battle with not one, but two bosses. This is a gimmick fight where one boss heals the other, but if you know the trick it's actually not really all that complicated. After the battle Jessica and Yangus are officially with us, and we're off to the final town that's under siege. It's Grannet, and if you guessed that it's where the dwarves live then.. well, you're on the same wave length as the writers here.

As a note, we're going on vacation next week so there won't be a stream. All of the videos from last nights stream, however, will be posted before we go.

EponymousMrYar posted:

Luceus needs to learn the power of brevity.

But that would make Aurora redundant. Alas.

You can see why we went with Aurora out of the two choices.

Scalding Coffee posted:

A shame we left the ero bandit to get brutally murdered by Golem and Hunter Robots, while we chat up a vampire slaying woman. I am sure those Elves can defend themselves.

And now I'm imagining Castlevania with Jessica as the main protagonist. Now I'm a bit curious, but I don't know that this game is robust enough to have actually changed things based on who you followed. Might have ended up with Jessica regardless.

Rabbi Raccoon posted:

You know, I'd really like a Dragon Quest VI LP. Either version. Tendales did a great one of V, but VI doesn't seem to get much love

That is kind of weird. I'd have expected someone to have gotten around to it by now.

Edvarius posted:

Magic Burst? I guess Jessica maxed out her Fisticuffs stat. Which makes it a bit odd she's using a whip in battle. Also, they weren't sent in by a friend specifically to help? I'm guessing that friend had feathers, though this does make me wonder what Empyrea's interest in this particular world is. Or I suppose it's possible she's just being nice. Still, this makes the placement of their being here odd. Once you've dealt with Empyrea's quest you're (supposedly) racing the clock to stop the villain (in the JRPG sense, so you know, hours of sidequests and grinding). Which would make the most logical time for this to take place after that game is over. Or at the very least between beating the villain and the epilogue.

Although if Empyrea is the one doing the gathering of heroes it makes me kinda wish that we'd get somebody from 3 here... but that seems extremely unlikely as the only unique PC from that one is the hero, and it seems pretty unlikely they're gonna bring in mains here. They'd have to give the silent protagonists lines for one thing. And names. Which is unfortunate, as I'd love to see "the guv" show everybody else what a proper super-high tension beatdown looks like. Or have Rocket show Healix how a real slime fights.

If this is post-endgame Jessica, I suppose it makes sense that she could have maxed a couple of skill trees. There's a bit more about how the plucking of people works, but it would definitely have to be very late in the Dragon Quest VIII timeline since you don't find out about Empyrea until right before the last couple of dungeons.

Sadly 3 has the problem of not having many characters with actual personalities. That was pretty much from DQ4 on. I'm going to be interested in who DQ8 introduces.