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Part 12

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Now that I actually remembered to put some points into Jessica and Yangus's skills it's time to actually show them off while defending one of the roots of the World Tree. After that, our next mission finally gets down to the main storyline for Grannet: a lost princess and her two new friends. We'll talk about them more later, but fans of Dragon Quest V will probably recognize them. There's still a long road ahead before they'll actually be joining our party.

Scalding Coffee posted:

I remember my poor merchant building a town and then going to jail in it and an old man looking to promote into a little girl.
Can all your attacks and magic only hit level 3?

Those would have been far more memorable than most of the main player characters. Level 3 is indeed the maximum for any ability. This game front-loads a lot of your abilities if you go that way, and the key to victory is acquiring those skills and mastering them earlier.