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Part 13

Update 13

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Today we're finishing up our mission guarding young Beryl, and after that we can finally get a bit on information about what's going on with our two new friends. Their story is starting to sound pretty familiar, but there's still some details to be fleshed out. Meanwhile, we've still got to find Beryl's father and fiance if we want to solve the problems in Grannet so we're heading into the tunnels and through the halls to see if we can't find them.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Are metal enemies subject to leaving the battle after a while?

They are. It's not entirely predictable, but you only get so many chances to attack them and they've evasive as anything. The best way to get them is with a high tension attack, but even that's not entirely reliable since they're fast enough to get around you in the time between triggering tension and executing the attack.

Edvarius posted:

So, Bianca and Nera? This is... odd. I mean, going by DQ5 canon, while both of them have the potential to get married to the hero, only one of them does, but they both say they're going to get married soon. And only Nera was expecting that, as the contest was for her hand specifically. And neither of them had the extensive adventuring experience claimed here at that point. OK, Bianca had a bit, but Nera has none whatsoever before the hero potentially marries her. So this is evidently taking them from some alternate timeline. One where polygamy is apparently legal. Well, I suppose the more mundane explanation would be that Nera got engaged to that one guy whose name I forget after the hero turned down the chance to marry her to ask Bianca instead, and really the writers were probably just trying to make it ambiguous as to who it was going to be here, but I find it more amusing to imagine that the hero was subjected to harem anime shenanigans even after tying the knot.

Crystalgate posted:

There is actually a one night window for both Nera and Bianca to think they may get married. Hero V was participating in a contest for Nera's hand (or rather the Zenithian Shield), but upon completing the contest, Nera discovered that Bianca was in love with Hero V, announced that discovery out loud and more or less suggested a hero V/Bianca marriage instead. At this point Nera's father gave Hero V one night to sleep on it and decide on who to marry. Bianca and Nera has to be spirited away into this world at that very night in order for it to make sense and we also need to assume that time spent this world moves much quicker than time in world V.

That said, Nera's attitude towards marrying Hero V was more along the line of accepting than enthusiastic. Unless the ROM translation I used made shit up, she was actually supporting that Hero V marries Bianca instead of her. This one night window also doesn't solve the problem of Nera having no combat or adventuring experience whatsoever.

And with that, you've pretty much got the situation sorted out. In this update it confirms that they were plucked out of their own world that night while both out for a walk. The writers just like to be very coy about what's going on, and I don't recall if or when they really explain that one of the two of them is getting married.

Rabbi Raccoon posted:

Yeah but I find Nera more useful in battle. Plus blue hair is always better. And free Water Flying Cloths are great too

Not sure if you're talking in DQ5 or here. I think I'm finding Bianca more useful, but Nera in this game has some very unique abilities and can actually affect a wide area on the battlefield.

Scalding Coffee posted:

When you get the two, you would have to allocate their points, which is a big deal for making them strong. We all played games where level does not match the fighting skills of characters, so most game plots really don't care about character levels. You always have villages filled with people who are surrounded by shitkicker monsters, yet they manage to stay alive, despite what merchants are selling. The plot doesn't care about that, but it is centered around the hero.

In addition, just in this update they've participated in the killing of literally hundreds of monsters. That'll help boost anybody up a few levels.