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Part 14

Update 14

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We're about ready to finish up Grannet, but before we do that we've got a session with Gragwort. Seems we've been maxing out at a measly 5 tension, so he's going to teach us how to kick it up to 20 and raise our high tension damage to around 1,000. After that we finally find the Foreman of the Dwarves and Beryl's fiance, but they're being chased around by a huge statue. The upside is that after the boss battle we've finally got our two newest party members:


Hailing from Dragon Quest V, Bianca is the main character's childhood friend and adventuring companion. She's a country sort with I believe a Cornwall accent, and tends to be a bit on the less refined side. Her specialty in this game is archery, including some great wide-area attacks and her ordinary attacks being chargeable. She's also involved in a love triangle of sorts with:


Nera is the main character from Dragon Quest V's arranged bride, but gives him an out when she discovers that he and Bianca have had a thing for literally years. Being a refined lady she doesn't have much experience as an adventurer but does have a wide array of magical abilities that can turn her into a person of mass destruction if you know how to use them.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Do the girls also have an implied backstory of having similar ancestry?

It is going to be so funny when you are controlling the bubble wand and see many slow projectiles float past everything.

Not that I'm aware of, but I imagine that's once again a case of Toriyama and the Seven Faces. I tried to Nera's abilities in tomorrow's video, but I kind of got into a bind and had to stop.


Glazius posted:

Is your party going to be stuck at 4? I realize that's DQ traditional at this point but those hordes of monsters seem like they need more bodies lined up against them.

Scalding Coffee posted:

That is what your minions are for.

The artificial stupidity of the AI controlled characters makes it so that adding more of them wouldn't really help things very much. You're still going to be responsible for about 3/4 of the carnage. That said, minions do help even things up and have the bonus of being something that you can place and leave rather than following you around all the time.