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Part 16

Update 16

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Now that we're finished with Grannet it's back to Arba, including a cutscene that reveals that Kiryl is terrified of heights while Alena is apparently trying to get herself killed. So everything's normal, except that there's evidently monsters attacking the World Tree and so we have to fight them among the branches. There's a lot of callbacks to Dragon Quest II, III, and IV along the way including the mighty King Slime.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Bianca plays like a Huang Zhong I used to know. He fired arrows like a shotgun.

I finally got around to reading the source material, so that sounds about right. Although it's entirely possible that I'm getting Huang Zhong confused with one of the other similarly named characters.

Glazius posted:

The stone guardian actually kind of made "hop on one foot" work. I'm surprised.

That's probably one of the more challenging conversions that occurs with sprite artwork versus full motion.