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Part 17

Update 17

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We're starting out today with an annoyingly persistent boss who will soon become a regular enemy, and then holy plot dumps batman! Evil Zorro has a LOT to talk about and he's going to get the better of us this time, but we're just going to have to pick up the pieces and move on. Meanwhile, there's some questing afoot in Sylvia to kill a bit of time so we'd better get started on that.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Xu Huang is late game and used different weapons. He served under Cao Pi at the time everyone important was tired and dying from all the fighting.

Nera is now incarnate.

Seriously, SO much fighting and dying and backstabbing.

"Our general, Dong Wang, has just won a great victory over the villain Wang Chung!"
"This is indeed troubling. Dong Wang might decide to overthrow us at some unspecified point in the future. Let us immediately send an army to kill him!"

It's glorious insanity from a modern perspective, full of giant battles that get settled by single combat between generals unless Lu Bu's around and then it's more like 3 on 1 so that you can get a stalemate. My favorite exchange so far has been, very loosely paraphrased:

"The prime minister is an infamously wicked villain and you are the greatest warrior in the land. Help us overthrow him!"
"I cannot, for he is my foster father and I would be a shockingly un-dutiful son if I overthrew him."
"Did you not just tell me that he threw a halberd at you? I'm pretty sure those rules don't apply at this point."
"I hadn't thought of it that way, but you make a good point. Down with the prime minister!"

Edvarius posted:

OK, um, I'm only 5 minutes into the update at this point, but was Luceus' advice to Kyril for getting over heights seriously for him to join the mile high club?

...I've heard worse advice?

Glazius posted:

What happens when somebody takes lethal damage, anyhow? Do they just take a knee for a bit or are they out for the map?

This'll come up in a bit, but they basically keel over and a little coffin with a cross appears over them. You can bring them back with a Yggdrasil leaf, but you only get four of those per battle although you can also find them in pots occasionally.