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Part 18

Update 18

Update 18 Video

We're back today in mid-battle, since the one we were on last time took a bit longer to finish than planned. After that we've got to go talk to the Goddess about getting Luceus back (why?) and she lives on top of a giant tower because of course she does. The upside of the design is that we're not climbing an endless series of steps, but the downside is that we instead got a teleportation maze. Oh, and a lot of new monsters because Evil Zorro evidently got his forces here first and they're waiting for us.

bman in 2288 posted:

I would have joined the stream the other day, but the twitch app isn't working anymore for me.

Sorry to hear that, hopefully the technical end gets ironed out.

Scalding Coffee posted:

The graphics quality in the videos are bad, but I can't stand the quality in Twitch. Like a worse compression than YT.

I was hoping the coffins would follow you around like they did in the other games.

I think that it's a case of the sheer amount of motion overwhelming the stream. On the other hand, reducing the resolution any further would probably be even worse.

And having the coffins follow us around would be great, because it's actually a pain in the ass sometimes to get back to where one of your idiot companions got themselves killed.

Edvarius posted:

Well I suppose it would give him a positive memory associated with heights, at least.

Anyway, I'm guessing that If you choose Luceus as your PC it's Aurora who sacrifices herself? Also, it's too bad Doric never talked to Jessica and Yangus at length about their adventures. I'm sure they could have told them all about how well the secret defender thing tends to work out with Dominico and David.

As I understand it, it does reverse if you choose Luceus as your PCS but I can't say I've ever actually done that. And I'm sure you can understand why. Doric probably should have said something to them about the time that they became adults and he appointed them as his body guards when it was literally his job to protect them.

Glazius posted:

Emperor Banderas probably figures it's "balance" to have darkness take over the world for as long as light did. He seems the type.

"You know what'll make the world better? A plague of hostile monsters eating everyone. It'll be great."