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Part 21

Update 21

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We're starting off this week by going into the Shrine of Scales, which introduces a new mechanic of switching gates to allow us to control traffic and add a bit of strategy to the battle. There's some new monsters as well, but it's pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. Our next dive into the Shrine introduces us to a new party member, who's going to be a guest for the level that we start in this one and then a regular party member shortly thereafter. No complications here, folks, just an immediate sign up for:


Hailing from DQ4, Maya's can be viewed as something of a precursor in terms of "scantily-clad person of mass destruction." She specializes in fire magic and fan attacks, and her High Tension attack is awe-inspiring. In DQ4 Maya's a greedy and cunning sort, and they've dialed that up to eleven in this one along with giving her a British voice actor's best attempt at what appears to be an Indian accent. She might just be putting on a bit of a show, however, as her speaking patterns occasionally slip. Maya's a solid choice as a party member, and can wreak a considerable amount of havoc on the battlefield.

Scalding Coffee posted:

When you have cutscenes of the whole party, I noticed that some characters emote differently according to the discussion. I didn't expect that sort of effort when incidental dialog is with a character saying one word grunts when you talk to them.

Might well be a case of different teams putting different amounts of effort into their areas. Still, it's a nice touch.

Glazius posted:

It feels kind of like they're setting Emperor Banderas up to get betrayed by his own god at the end, for all that he seems to be having fun monstering it up.

That is a job risk when you're dealing with evil deities. I'm loving that nobody remembers or uses his real name.

Reinbach posted:

Bjorn holds an especially horrid place in my memory, because you can fight him in the game he initially appeared in way too early, as such I had this absurd roadblock followed by the rest of the game being a cakewalk.

Also part and parcel of the RPG experience. "But what if I go do this plot event and the optional boss suddenly vanishes? I better do this now, even if I have to grind for hours." We'll be seeing him later, I'm sure.