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Part 22

Update 22

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Today we're finishing up Maya's introductory guest battle and taking her into the Maze of Scales, where she gets a chance to show off her abilities. I think she might have my favorite High Tension attack, just because it's not something you'd really expect until you see it and then it's like "oh, of course." There's also some more shenanigans with levers and gates, but why bother with those when you can just kill everything?

Edvarius posted:

I am finding it a bit funny as I’m playing catch-up here. Mostly because of the commentary towards the beginning of update 20. The reason I fell behind update watching was that I was finding it very hard to get the motivation to do anything due to the pain of an abscessed tooth. I still don’t think I’d join the forces of Darkness for dental coverage… but I can see the temptation.

I am also finding Kyril’s approach to ally recruitment funny. Though yes, there was more to Maya’s character than liking money. Still, this world’s dark lord hasn’t done anything to her or her family, nor does she have the weight of destiny to say she should be taking this quest, so I could see her wanting at least something for her trouble.

"Join the Dark Side... we have company insurance, paid dental, and three weeks of paid vacation a year."

Fair point on Maya. She was in mid-dance and just got yanked out and thrown in. She doesn't even have a sympathetic side character to save and give her motivation.

Scalding Coffee posted:

The reason why people explored new places, is to get new treasure. Not like you can expect super markets a millennium ago when you decide to settle.
Being able to heal the objective sure takes a ton of heat off the battle.

It definitely makes life easier... it'd be a nice bonus to be able to fix up the inanimate objects as a special bonus if you met a secondary objective.