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Part 23

Update 23

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Today we're bringing our adventures in the Shrine of Scales to a close with an epic one-on-one battle with the Shrine's Guardian, mostly testing your ability to dodge, and then a battle by proxy with Evil Zorro. The good news is that in the end we're victorious, and the other news is that Luceus is back. Yay?

Scalding Coffee posted:

Do the remakes ever change the personalities of characters? I only played the originals.

In some cases it might be fair to say that they actually give the characters personalities, since they weren't exactly in strong evidence early on.

Glazius posted:

Yeah, it does make sense. If there was ever any other predictable thing than Cristo dipping into the ol' Useless Purple Flash it was Maya Being Dragon.

Actually was pretty handy grinding metal babbles since dragon breath didn't have a miss chance there.

Truth. It'd be nice to know if that were actually the case here, but short of carrying around a high tension attack and waiting for babbles to show up it's kind of hard to check in this game.